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    Option 3: Win the division, win the Super Bowl, Allen gets fired or he retires anyways, we are given the #1 overall pick because the league feels bad for the franchise for having to deal with Bruce Allen for so long. Any other answer is wrong.
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    I'd prefer #1. If trades are made, we'd be giving up picks to get to the top 2. With Chase Young in the market, that's a lot of picks. No thank you. I'd much rather spoiling the Cowboys season, since our chances at a good draft pick are probably spoiled anyway.
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    I gotta say, waking up this AM to another Cowboys loss has really put a spring in my step and got my mind wandering ..... I can only imagine that it’s done the same to the staff and players. LONG way to go and a LOT of things need to align and go in our favour, so I’m tempering any excitement in regards to paloffs. But as I type, as utterly mad as it sounds, we are still hanging in there. Which is all you can ask for. Take care of our own business the last four and let’s see where this winds up. Hail.
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    While I don't want Callahan to be the guy, i'd easily take him over Bowles.
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    Bold statement: If Guice stays healthy, Skins win the East this year.
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    I think many are not answering the actual question the OP posed - hear me out. The position of the OP is that we would have already won enough games to get to the win and you are in scenario. So when answering the question, it's not from where we are now do you want to win enough to be in contention then win or lose. The assumption is you are already there. So the record has to already be 6-9. So it's do you want 6-10 or 7-9 and PO game. I say this because people are talking these big drops in draft position and Bruce Allen being kept or fired. If the team gets to a divisional game chance with dallast, bruce is going no where win or lose that game. So you can take that out of the equation. If the team wins the next 3 games he is locked in for next year, period. Next is draft position. At 6-9, a loss puts you maybe in the top 15, like 13 to 15. So you have already played yourself out of a top 5 pick. A win does automatically put you at 20 at best (likely 20 unless you win a PO game since we would be the only team with a losing record). Really pushing the potential spread - 12 to 20. This is the consequence of winning or losing. Sure, there is a talent difference, and it applies throughout the draft. But a win against dallast knocking them out of the POs to me is worth 6 to 8 spots in the middle of the draft. Once you get past the first 5 or so, the talent really levels out. I get the alternative argument i just have a hard time rooting for a loss of any kind, much less a loss to dallast!
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    If Snyder were to trade away draft picks to get a HC it would be the last nail in the coffin. Just box up your Redskins memorabilia and put it away in the attic.
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    The Bears will have a better record than Dallas and will miss the playoffs.
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    Bruce Allen will be fired snyder will be talked to from someone who sheds a little light and snyder finally listens getting a decent manager who hires a good coach..the skins take back the division like its the 80's
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    My wife & I rode the elevator in the Ritz Carlton Central Park South with Edgar Winter. Not a musician but I met Mohammad Ali in the Cincinnati Airport. He was walking on the moving walker headed towards his gate. His wife was about 10 paces behind him. I turned around & followed him. He had a group of 5-6 peeps around him shaking his hand. I pushed through them, reached out my hand and said "Hi, Champ, I'm a huge fan." He was seated, looked up at me, pointed at my well coiffed 'do and said "Pretty boy." I said, "Not me Champ. You are!" He started laughing. This was before cellphones so I didn't get any pics.
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    The narrative that Haskins is playing great but his receivers are screwing him is exhausting. He's not playing great. His receivers have dropped balls. Those are pretty much facts. Haskins wasn't bad last week by any means. I also don't think he was good. But his performance last week is more than passable in the grand scheme of things. But let's talk about trust. There is a reason so many receivers are dropping balls that hit them in the hands from Haskins: They don't trust that the ball is going to be where they need it to be. And, to be honest, it's probably a similar situation from Haskins eyes to the receivers. There is not a ton of trust there. Those guys need to be on the same page, they need to be able to move on from the mistakes in-game. I'm not sure all of the guys involved can do that. People make the mistake of thinking playing quarterback only has to do with mechanics/arm strength/reads/accuracy. They're wrong. There's a reason Peyton Manning can have an absolutely abysmal season and win the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos. There's a reason why Trent Dilfer can win a Super Bowl with the Ravens. Trust. No matter what happened, those guys had teammates who believed they'd come through when it mattered. Having said all of that, this is all a part of development of a quarterback. It's not JUST about the quarterback. It's about the quarterback and their relationship with the people that surround them: players, coaches, media, fans. Haskins' story is not etched in stone. He's improved week to week in some areas, and not in others. But this is a process. And whether he's the starter next year or not, I think it's important that the Skins keep him on the roster, as long as he's not a distraction. Relationships take time to develop. And the beginnings can be bumpy sometimes. And as much as those wide receivers and tight ends literally and metaphorically dropped the ball last week, there is more at play than just them dropping the ball.
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    4 in a row, or we don't go!!! Nuts.
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    I don’t give a **** about the cowboys. Fix our own house first and actually field a professional caliber team and then we can worry about what other teams in the division are doing. A meaningless win against Dallas would only hurt us in the long run.
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    Option #1 And it’s not even open to debate. Any other answer is wrong. Dead wrong! NO draft pick is guaranteed to work out in the pros. We need ALL the picks we can get to continue to fill all the holes we have on this roster. You NEVER turn down the chance to not only get to the playoffs, but win the division as tough as the NFL is each and every season to succeed in. This is the 88th season of Redskins football. In that time, we’ve won the Division a whopping FIFTEEN times. With only THREE NFC East titles in the 28 years since the las Lombardi. These things are EXCESSIVELY hard to win. And that’s before you even get to the Redskins/ Cowboys scenario and what would be one of the best and sweetest finishes to a regular season in our entire, storied history. Anyone saying otherwise, for whatever reason, be it to get rid of Allen et al, give your heads a SERIOUS wobble! if you don’t want exciting success like in that scenario, not least after the year we’ve had, I honestly don’t understand what you get out of being a football fan? Hal.
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    You know, through all this impeachment process thus far, I’ve heard little or nothing about “the squad”. What the hell is that old moron talking about?
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    Couldn't ask for a better b day!! Goooo bears!!!
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    You can chuckle all you want. When Schiff and his "whistleblower" , who is a KNOWN Dem operative. are pleading the 5th under oath just like EIGHT Obama officials did, You wont be chuckling anymore.
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    https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/john-keim-report/dwayne-haskins-has-a-mentor-Zyz1FbiX-qS/ That's the John Keim Report. There's a REALLY good interview with Haskins here. He talks about blocking out some of the negatives and its really interesting to hear how his mind works.
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    He is absolutely pushing the ball down field. So far down field it's missing receivers by 8 yards. For the improvements he's made, this is a strange hill to plant your flag.
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