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    Dan has to be the dumbest owner in sports and it’s not even close.
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    Lets not go crazy on Shanahan's impression. This is the same guy that swore his reputation on John freaking Beck.
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    They should ask him to describe why he so vigorously supported Bill Clinton's impeachment, stating: But now opposes the same standard. https://jonathanturley.org/2007/08/20/clinton-impeachment-testimony-house-judiciary-committee/
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    Even before reading Sheehan's thoughts, my opinion already was that this weekend is a "must lose" scenario if we have any chance of getting rid of the Bruce Virus. I haven't been watching much this season but I will this Sunday and I will be openly cheering for the Pack.
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    Hilarious. (As always) We've had a raging dumpster fire going on for most of 2 decades but hey, we just beat 2 floundering teams who are starting 2nd or 3rd string rookie level QBs so actually: WE ARE SO ****ING CLOSE!!!
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    It doesn't matter how this season ends--if Allen/Callahan is the combo they try to sell to this apathetic fanbase this offseason, they are going to be astounded to discover the further depths that attendance and local attention can still sink to.
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    Damn, Dr. Pamela Karlan coming with some heat.
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    Can we rebrand this site to EXTREMEPACK this week? GO PACK GO!!!!!
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    Trumps craziness obscures that we have a crazy and likely unlawful PoS AG.
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    It would fit what their owner seems to express he's looking for. How weird it would be for us to have an owner who could communicate to the fans? Heck the Giants co-owner did the same yesterday. Dan seems too scared to talk, or doesn't care what the fans think or is too embarrassed to say publicly what he might be really thinking which might be something like he wants a go along to get along coach because he still thinks he has the Midas touch in spite of the results and can't help trying to put his stamp on everything going on with the organization.
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    I think you are overrating the quality of his rosters. Keep in mind that he had backwards people like Gettleman and Marty Hurney building his rosters in a 1990s style. Always thought it was idiotic they spent so much money on DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, neither of whom was an elite back. Because of that, Cam never really had great receivers to go to outside Olsen. You can argue that this season is arguably the best skill talent they have had between CMC and their young receivers - unfortunately, no QB to take advantage of it. On top of this, while Carolina has always seemed to have a good to great front 7, their secondary never really matched up in terms of talent (except maybe 2015 when Norman balled out). Another reason to like Rivera is the guy has experience running both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. Give him a better chef and let's see how he does
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    Love Professor Karlan. Just blasted Rep Collins. She is ****ing pissed.
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    Just saw where we will have approx 70 mil in cap space this off-season...very exciting. Given the young talent on the roster, tons of money to spend and a high draft pick with a "damn good culture" we should be able to coax just about any coach we want to come to DC. Just fire Bruce and let's roll. Looking forward to next season already.
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    it seemed to me that rivera would get a lot of positive attention here when the news broke, and i think he'd be a better get for us than i've been expecting otoh, given the kind of character guy ron is widely reputed to be, i think it'd be fitting if he was offered the job and declined it
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    Shanny on the radio touting Kyle Smith big time. But said you have to let him do his thing and get out of the way. He made it clear as heck that he wonders if they would get out of his way. He also likes Schaffer in the FO for the role he performs. He said Kyle was with him for 2 years and was blown away. He works his tail off. He thinks he's special at what he does. I've heard him before make inferences that he's sort of like a Sean McVay type but as a GM.
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    Anybody want to bet those hogs crossed over from Mexico? ~Bang
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    Big Ben, Russell Wilson & Tom Brady all averaged under 195 yards per game in their first year as starter. Obviously Haskins is way below that but only 4 starts, my point is that even elite QBs don't always come blasting into the league, you often learn to walk before you can run
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    This kids ability to learn from his mistakes is far and away his best attribute. I mean it’s actually visible to me how he just keeps trimming the fat from his game. Maybe that’s cause his game has a lot of fat but still you can almost see him learning play by play. May I also say my other favorite part of his game is how tall he stands in the pocket he is showing really good pocket shuffle. Once we get him a Oline that he trusts that ability to slide around to the open parts of the pocket you either have or you don’t and it looks ( to me anyway) he has it. Dude reminds me of Big Ben so much especially the younger Ben.
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    By all accounts Gruden essentially told Haskins to **** Off this fall as Gruden didn't want to go with a rookie QB and Haskins got that impression immediately (hence a lack of trying when you know you have no chance). It seems now that Haskins has some support he is working his tail off and it shows. I say this knowing full well his next game could be horrendous, but there are many things to his game you can't teach, and the things you can, he seems to be improving upon. The next HC or OC is going to be vital for where this team goes.
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