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    No part of me thinks we will beat the Packers. And while it's kinda fun to run with the idea of the Skins actually winning the division after such a horrendous start to the season, I'm expecting that to come to a crashing halt Thursday night when the Cowboys beat the Bears. But until then, we got 2 more days of stress-free delusion lol...so: Skins 23 Packers 21
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    Didn't he do this a couple weeks ago and immediately claim he was joking and that of course he's not for Russia? Vladi must not have liked his joking comment and told him to get it right. What a ****ing traitor.
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    This is what our teams identity should be the rest of the way, after the Carolina game.. Need a reminder fans?? Am I the only person who was thinking about this when Guice and AP was running all over Carolina on Sunday??? Meteorologists all over America could only agree on 1 thing on Jan. 22nd 1983. Randy Its coming at you!!!!
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    These ratings #s are hard to make sense of without some context - I wish the local media folks would put some effort into explaining just how "major" and "shocking" a problem they represent. Finlay elaborated a bit and mentioned the overall 11.7 rating the Skins garnered but again, without some averages or other benchmarks to compare these ratings #s with it's hard to realize how poor they really were. FWIW, here's a snippet from Steinberg's Dec. 2017 column where he starts ringing the alarm bells about cratering local ratings... The local television ratings for Washington’s blowout loss to the Chargers on Sunday afternoon were shockingly low, certainly among the lowest for any game in the Daniel Snyder era. Washington’s 30-13 defeat earned an 11.8 household rating in the D.C. market. Within that column, he reported a weekly average of 26.6 in 2013, and 22.7 in 2014, which were both, as he noted, VERY poopy seasons. For some more context, CNBC reported the Nats garnered a 23.3 average rating during the World freakin' Series in the D.C market. Different sport but the comp goes to show how large a viewing audience the Skins have traditionally had locally. This link below provides sampled NFL ratings data in select markets by week during the 2019 season. The highest local rating I could find for a Skins game was for the season opener: 19.0. Based on the additional data in there and from other sources, I'd guesstimate the average is somewhere in the 15-17 range. https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/nfl-tv-ratings-viewership-nbc-cbs-fox-espn-nfln-regular-season-playoffs/ So all said, I'd say yeah the dropoff for the Skins is pretty bad. Again, would love some deeper dives from the folks whose job it is to report on this stuff but to be fair I'm parsing a tweet. At any rate, the decline in viewership is certainly no surprise to anyone who follows the team. And that's what boggles my freaking mind - what the hell are Dan and Bruce looking at?!?!?!?!?! What more does Dan need to see that this organization is ruined and does, in fact, require a wholesale evaluation of how it operates? How the **** can the 2nd in command not be held accountable for what's going on here? What are Dan and/or Bruce looking at to gauge their success or failures? I guess they think the fanbase is "close" - just as they believed the football team was "close". All we needed was another season where we barely snatched a playoff spot from the jaws of mediocrity and the fans would be hootin' and hollerin' like it was 1991. And if they really believe that, then they're just incapable of seeing the forest through the trees. The one and only way to mitigate this whirlwind of **** is to make sure this thread reaches its logical conclusion in the offseason. If Bruce is around the org in ANY capacity next year, the Mystics will get better local ratings than the Skins.
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    I'm so happy. Let me tell you how happy I am. I love it. So happy!
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    The fraud being perpetrated on republican voters by their own representatives is despicable and tragic.
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    Fans saw Cerrato as Snyder’s pawn, a powerless empty suit who merely carried out the owner’s bidding. He was a buffoon and didn’t deserve any title that might associate him with running a football team, but it wasn’t necessarily his fault that he took the job he was offered and did what he was told. Allen’s reputation is more sinister...
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    It's not about blaming Kirk at this point...it's about acknowledging the reality that if a team is QB'd by Cousins they're not gonna win too many games against teams with winning records, no matter whether he plays well or poorly. He's almost never gonna will his team to victory in those situations and will definitely have more than his share of games where he sabotages any chance of winning. Which means advancing in the playoffs is probably out of the question...winning the division is probably out of the question as well, unless the division is full of losing teams like the 2015 version of the NFC East. There's nothing exactly wrong with this, of course...but it starts to lean towards his ceiling being far lower than many of his supporters--among both fans and media members--would like us to believe.
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    Vikings' forums apparently don't have a "Please use descriptive thread title" rule http://purplepainforums.com/thread/2521/hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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    Just going to assume this guy's corrupt until shown otherwise.
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    About as thin as the ones who are doing the same thing only in a negative wY... wouldn't you say?
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    Why do people still go to "Are you saying Cousins is a bad QB? Absurd!" any time others point out why his attributes point not to him being a bad QB, but to him having a ceiling lower than the great QBs in the league? No one is claiming Cousins had a bad game last night, he had the typical Cousins game. Stat line will look good, but in crunch time when the opportunity was there, he came up short. Again.
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    We definitely need to be aggressive for a TE in FA and Hunter might be it.
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    They are a one man band at receiver (until Thielen returns) with Diggs who basically cost them the game yesterday. Bad O line. Kirk is very good this season. Cook is killer good but he got hurt yesterday. The defense is pedestrian which surprises me for a Zimmer coached team. In spite of all of that, I do think they make the post season. Beating the 10-2 Seattle team on the road isn't easy, they almost did it though, good game. I think Seattle is a sneaky SB threat.
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    'But that's just archaic, dinosaur football that will NEVER work in today's NFL!' ..... Hasn't that been the common narrative on here the past couple of months? Thanks greatly for that man. Rekindled a lot of childhood memories from my first season as a fan when a life-long love affair was sealed. Hail.
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    Christian did well at RT. If we have trouble finding a decent LT, I'd at least try Moses at LT to see if he's better suited there. Flowers HAS to re-sign, out of gratitude. The rest of the league pretty much, gave up on him, and Callahan sure as heck resurrected his career.
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    Saw the game early this morning. He looked a lot better. I can work with this.
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    The Flowers signing was a joke. I thought a complete disaster at the time. Somehow, he has been a very pleasant surprise. I don't know what his 'grades' are, but I can't remember many times when I absolutely thought he ruined a play or a game. Granted, he had low expectations and that may help the narrative but I have few complaints. He is always one of the first to pick up a fallen running back off the ground. I like that kind of stuff.
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    Its might work against a non-playoff team. But we saw this run game, zero turnover, solid defense team last year. Everytime they ran into a team that could score 30 points walking backwards, they did, and we had no answer. It's not that I dont like this plan, there jus needs to be an answer for a league that has gone all in to allow dominant passing games. We need to get better at pass defense and turnovers, even scoring in defense. Look at what Denver and Seattle did the years they won, if that's what yall want, which I'm down for, that's what you need. Trying to keep people in front of you isnt good enough.
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    Nate won over a lot of fans today with his strong presence collapsing the passing pocket and running game. In the NFL, he's been a bit of a journeyman, but maybe he's a late bloomer, especially if utilized correctly. But here's the backstory that will make you root for him even more. He was on the verge of homelessness. And Orchard isn't even his "real" name. His given surname was "Fakahafua", however, to honor the Orchard family who "adopted" him at 13 and inspired him, he took on their name. Fun fact : Nate once intercepted an Alex Smith pass when Alex was at KC, and Nate at Cleveland. Video of that is in the 2nd link below. Get 'em Nate ! https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/video/can-t-miss-play-orchard-makes-a-pick-16582287
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    Josh Brolin Tried “Perineum Sunning” and It Completely Ruined His Day Josh Brolin, the Academy-Award nominated actor who turned in bravura performances in No Country for Old Men, Hail, Caesar!, and Inherent Vice, to say nothing of his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has sustained what he described as “#severeperineumburns” after trying out “perineum sunning,” the latest in Instagram wellness trends. Click on the link for more
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    It's a shame the Trent situation went down the way it did because while Penn is performing better than I could have predicted, what is missing on the left side right now is the athleticism that Trent brings on every play. His movement and how he can get downfield and steamroll would-be tacklers is something a guy like Penn just can't do. I would have been very interested to see the combo of Trent & Flowers playing side by side. As far as Flowers remaining a member of this team? I'd like to keep him around, but if his agent thinks his resurgence means he can go out and look for a big money contract? Sorry, our priority right now is keeping Scherff around.
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    Scherff was a stud this game - walling off his man to create creases, stoning or pushing his rusher past the qb, pulling on runs - he did it all. It’s a shame Hentges hasn’t been able to contribute in the pass game, because I love watching him run blocking. Roullier looked solid as usual. Our RT play was pretty bad I thought. Not abysmal, but not good.
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    Damn, I got my years wrong. Yeah, he might leave or they might tag him. I bet they tag him unless they don't have a better option. And I really hope it's not Bruce making the pick. IF they stay healthy, and IF they are used properly THEN they could be great. I agree but I just don't see that as likely. I would also try and trade Kerrigan as part of a package to move up to get Young if possible. Kerrigan + Trent + 1st to move up high enough to get Young would be a deal I would do in a heartbeat, and maybe get something back depending on how far up you had to move... He's got to stay healthy eventually, right? And I think they have enough players where they could fill MLB without having to go spend big money on one. It worries me more too, because if they have the same FO, then they will have a mediocre coach. Unless you think Callahan is a good fit and a good coach, and you roll with the staff you've got. But if Bruce is still here, and it's not Callahan, it's a Bowles, Gregg Williams (maybe, though possibly not), Rex Ryan, Mike McCarthy, Marvin Lewis, yadda yadda yadda. While I might argue (and you would disagree ) that any of those would be an upgrade from Jay, none of them are top 10 coaches in the league. Though I do give Marvin Lewis more credit than most because he took over a bungling Bengal's franchise and got them to the playoffs 7 times. Ok, he lost all 7 playoff games. But before Lewis they were awful and after Lewis they've been awful, so that says something about him as a coach. Rex somehow got butt fumble to 2 AFC Championship games. The Jets were terrible before and after him. McCarthy I think is the worst of the lot. If you have Aaron Rodgers, you need to win ringS, plural. And that team perennial under-performed it's talent and was bailed out by a HOF QB. If Rodgers was on the Patriots, and Brady was on the Packers, I firmly believe that the GOAT conversation would be reversed. Both are HOFers in their own right, but the success Brady has had also has something to do with the situation he's in, while the "lack of success" Rodgers (if you can call a SB and perennial playoff team lack of success) has had has something to do with the situation he is in. And McCarthy has something to do with that.
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