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    Nate won over a lot of fans today with his strong presence collapsing the passing pocket and running game. In the NFL, he's been a bit of a journeyman, but maybe he's a late bloomer, especially if utilized correctly. But here's the backstory that will make you root for him even more. He was on the verge of homelessness. And Orchard isn't even his "real" name. His given surname was "Fakahafua", however, to honor the Orchard family who "adopted" him at 13 and inspired him, he took on their name. Fun fact : Nate once intercepted an Alex Smith pass when Alex was at KC, and Nate at Cleveland. Video of that is in the 2nd link below. Get 'em Nate ! https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/video/can-t-miss-play-orchard-makes-a-pick-16582287
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    Alright, right to it: Dwayne Haskins - The Good: Rocket arm, generally has been throwing in spots that are tough for the defensive backs to get to as of late, isn't making critical mistakes, has shown minor improvement mechanically (when I say minor, I mean minor... but it's there. I haven't seen him jump throwing), he made it into the victory formation, he's great throwing outside the numbers on out routes, actually progressing through reads. The Bad: I'm not sure I've seen him hit a receiver in stride, he throws the ball in spots that are tough for the receiver to get to, still has mechanical issues, pre-determines what he's going to do too often. That's all I'm saying on Haskins. This is one of the first games of the season where I can honestly say there was enough good to outweigh the bad. I had more than 1-2 candidates for stud, too. Which was beautiful. Studs: Nate Orchard - *** - Now, I could have given the three star spot to Guice. But I went with Orchard. Here's why: Kerrigan out, Sweat was banged up, Anderson was ejected... The team was down to Orchard and Odom. And this guy was playing out of his mind. Even before that all went down, Orchard was a total disruptor out on the field. Whoever saw Orchard and wanted to sign him deserves a raise. This guy is all motor, all intensity. He's in the backfield disrupting everything. How can you not love a guy who plays like that? He put himself in positions to disrupt Allen and the running game and it helped the defense. Significantly. One game does not make an organization, but if he plays like this the rest of the way, I won't feel so bad about missing out on Chase Young (but I'll still feel bad, because Young is ridiculous and Orchard is not him ). Oh, by the way, that other guy I named? Odom? He had two sacks. I like Montez Sweat, and I think he will develop. But seeing these guys come in and out produce both Sweat and Kerrigan is alarming. I'd like to see more of Orchard/Odom and less of Kerrigan/Sweat/Anderson. Still work Sweat in, for sure, but The OOs need some PT so the team can see if this game was a product of a bad Panthers' OL or if these guys are actually studs. Derrius Guice - ** - I don't have a ton to say on Guice. We all knew what he was capable of when he was drafted. And this is it. His key moving forward is his health. If he can stay healthy, we have our franchise back. If he can't, we're in trouble. The last stud came down to being between: Adrian Peterson, Chris Odom, Fabian Moreau, Landon Collins and Matt Ioannidis. Ultimately, I'm going with Ioannidis here... - * - Why? We all know how good he is, he's been doing this all season long. But he is often not mentioned as the best DL on the team. That goes to Payne or Allen. As of this moment, I'd rank them, in order, as: Ioan, Payne, Allen. And having three guys who are young and aggressive is a good problem to have. Moreau has had a few blunders in coverage that make all of us shake our heads. But I'll tell you what, unlike Norman, he has been making up for it by just finding the football and making plays. His interceptions have all been timely and much needed. Can't hate on that. Mistakes happen, it's how you make up for them that matters. Landon Collins is the leading tackler and has been an absolute machine for this team. He's not a ballhawk, he's not all over the field in coverage... but he's downhill and aggressive and the defense, as the season goes on, seems to really gravitate towards that. I truly believe this team is going to need offensive line help (Geron Christian looked slow out there from the few times I watched him and we have several free agents), but I think middle linebacker is becoming more and more of a first round possibility. And I am more than okay with that. A good MLB to go with a (hopefully) healed Foster and Holcomb/Bostic when the hopefully healed Foster inevitably goes down makes this defense dangerous. Adrian Peterson... you know why he was considered. 99 yards and a touchdown. And he played like a man. And I think he is rubbing off on Guice. Duds: Not going to spend too much time on these. It's nice to be able to be mostly positive for once... Special Teams - - Blocked field goal, poor execution. Just not a good game for this unit. They need to be better. Jeremy Sprinkle - - It wasn't all bad. He was getting open, which was nice to see. He was almost trying too hard. I actually think he needs to be kept around. A focus on his pass catching and concentration in the offseason would do him some good. But he can't be the #1 TE. I don't want to **** on him too bad here. I was happy he was open and he's not bad in the blocking aspecct of being a TE. Definitely needs to improve the hands if he wants to be a TE on this team moving forward, though. Bruce Allen - - You only get one this week, Bruce. The win doesn't distract me from the fact that you being removed likely means this team improves even quicker. Notes: Callahan needs to work on his clock management. It's abysmal. I haven't been all that impressed with O'Connell and I hope the team looks outside the organization for its next HC. Manusky was on my hit list for most of this year and last. But credit where it's due - The offense hasn't been great. In fact, at times, it's been really bad... But the defense has given the team a chance. Whoever Manusky is putting more trust in, or Callahan is empowering deserves some credit where its due. I'm going to assume it's Manusky, but... you know... it may not be. Josh Norman not being on the field is the biggest boon to the defense. They seem a lot more cohesive as a unit. Nicholson, as usual, was in consideration as a dud. But I had to get Bruce in there. The Redskins are 3 games back from Dallas, 2 back from Philly. There are four games left... And they play Philly and Dallas. It's not realistic. It's not rational... But... The team's draft position is starting to look rough, so at this point its time to pin the ears back and go after the division. The Cowboys have the Bears, Rams, Eagles and Redskins left. I'm not confident with their schedule either way. The Eagles are only two games up on us, so if we beat them it's likely we can pass them (as the assumption has to be the Skins win out... One more loss and they're out of contention). Paloffs is now. Season Totals: Terry McLaurin - 18x* Tress Way - 7x* Adrian Peterson - 6x* Daron Payne - 5x* Derrius Guice - 5x* Steven Simms - 5x* Ioan - 3x* Quinton Dunbar - 2x* Fabian Moreau - 2x* Nate Orchard - 2x* Inside LBs - 2x* Jonathan Allen - 2x* Paul Richardson - 2x* Ryan Kerrigan - 1x* Kelvin Harmon - 1x* Vernon Davis, fans who left - 1x* Case Keenum - Push Jeremy Sprinkle - 2x Injuries - 2x Nicholson - 2x Special Teams - 3x Right Side of OL - 3x Dwayne Haskins - 4x :( Greg Manusky - 7x Bill Callahan - 9x :( Jay Gruden -8x Josh Norman - 11x Bruce Allen -22x
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    I'd add that Tress Way once again was absolutely stellar. Had a 79 yards punt if I recall correctly. He is the most consistent player on this team and should make the pro bowl.
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    Man is he fun to watch. Oof. Even his carries for little to no gain... he’s just a straight up threat as soon as he touches the ball. Love it. What a massive difference having him back and in an increased role has made. Really hope he can stay healthy (and we can keep him healthy) for the duration of his career, because he’s a game changer in my mind. His style of angry running is more prone to injury, but AP has shown you CAN last with it. I’m glad he gets to learn from him. Hopefully that’s the biggest thing he takes away.
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    The Panthers do have a bad run defense. That's true. But IMO if Guice stays healthy, he's going to be rock star level good. I explained why I believe that many times earlier in this thread. The cliff notes version is he's a complete back. He has insane contact balance. Vision. He has a great stiff arm and can play with power. He also has decent albeit not elite breakaway speed. Good hands. Good pass blocker. If Bryce Love recovers well from his injury, I think this combination duo will be the best in the league. Love is a different kind of back from Guice but he has insane breakaway speed, mega home run hitter. He was developing as a pass catcher but isn't as good on that front IMO as Guice and he isn't as good a pass blocker. But Bryce is explosive. If both can stay healthy, it will be fun to watch.
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    Draft slotting: see NE Patriots... Then see Clevland Browns. These two teams should be reversed after the last decade... I'll be happy with the progress from all the youngsters and the DUBS!! Worry about the draft in April!!
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    Perhaps, but here are the top rushing performances against their run defense so far this season: Derrius Guice - 129 yds, 12.9 ypc Leonard Fournette - 108 yds, 4.7 ypc Tevin Coleman - 105 yds, 9.5 ypc Adrian Peterson - 99 yds, 7.6 ypc Todd Gurley - 97 yds, 6.9 ypc Aaron Jones - 93 yds, 7.2 ypc Latavius Murray - 64 yds, 9.1 ypc Peyton Barber - 82 yds, 3.6 ypc Two RBs in the top 4...it was a good showing by Guice and AP--no other team has done it so far.
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    Both. I want them to lose so another guy can build around the youth.
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    The general public is a bunch of dip****s then. This IS the issue. The GOP and it’s propaganda machine is the greatest threat facing our country today.
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    Again Flowers was excellent. Resign him, he has resurrected his career. We’ve figured something out!!!!
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    You can be as optimistic as you want. Go to dairy queen and celebrate 3-9 after starting 1-9, with a double banana split or an XL Royal Blizzard. Me personally? I'd prefer my 20 years of disfunctional incompetent buffoonery to also include the first pick in the draft at least one single mother****ing time.
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    Following the narratives on the hires, Bruce's stamp certainly looks to be everywhere. Even on the defensive coordinator front, there was a narrative that Bruce-Dan don't like to eat dead money especially on assistants. And if anyone questions that, if Haz was all Jay then why was Haz retained when Shanny was fired (before Jay even arrived)? Manusky also was on staff already when he was hired. I'd assume that Jay was cool with the hires but there is little question in my mind that Bruce-Dan were more than on board with it. And as Michael Phillips likes to say Jay's longevity over there was in part because he was a go along to get along type of dude. Probably not. But I do think Bruce has at worst brought his own brand to the dysfunction and at best validates Dan that he's got it cooking right. Removing Bruce at the very least IMO would remove Dan's security blanket and make him much more naked with the fan base. That's how it looks.
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    I like that we are progressing. I think it was a great coaches call to bench Norman. Overall I think it's heading in the right direction but still have a long ways to go. While I am sad that we will probably not get Chase Young, I am happy for the win. HTTR
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    I think they got a young nucleus moving forward with McLaurin, Harmon, Guice, Love. In the off season, with hopefully changes across the board in the FO and coaching. You add a TE. A corner. LT. And hopefully Haskins develops. Then you are cooking with oil IMO. They have more things to fix than just that but I think it will take them a long way. I know some here think wanting Chase Young is loser talk, let the Giants get him, they'd rather have a win. Not me. The defense's performance yesterday if anything doubled down on that for me -- imagine if we add the next Strahan type to our defense as opposed to him wearing Giant blue and tormenting us instead? It wasn't that crazy during the time Guice was drafted to compare him to Barkley. Some (albeit not most) respected draft geeks types did. Heck there were youtube videos that would juxtapose the two running backs and showcase them as two of a kind albeit with different styles. There was some talk leading into the 2017 college season as to who was the better back. Barkley certainly had the better 2017 season (Guice was better the year before IMO) but it wasn't a crazy comparison. After Guice's injuries, when the same topic has been brought up from time to time on the board the notion that the two are comparable was regarded by some as absurd. And I do get the injury concerns and the fact that he's lost some luster for being on the shelf for this long. But yeah I recall the Guice-Barkley comparisons well. Guice was a major draft crush of mine in 2017 (Bryce Love ironically too) and if you watch his LSU games, you can see a lot of what you saw yesterday. Contact balance, vision, explosiveness. If the dude can stay healthy I think he's a superstar, one of the top 5 backs in the league. Will see.
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    That's probably the only way I can enjoy it, be stoned out of my mind.
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    You enjoy it while YOU can debbie downer weirdo comment
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    Coincidentally everybody Gruden hired had a Bruce Tampa connection or a Redskins connection with no connection to Gruden at all. All just a coincidence.
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    I want to tank on one hand because my concern is because of the Bromance between Danny and Bruce, if the Skins put together say another three wins, Allen can pull the "see I told you we were close" with Dan and he gets a reprieve. On the other hand it is unbelievable that I am actively rooting against a team I have followed almost my whole life, supposedly for the greater good, and hopefully long term success. But my main struggling point which I have always had is this difficulty of extricating or extracting Dan from Bruce. I have always believed Dan has played a large role in the overall "key" decisions in this organization and in Bruce he has a found a guy who is happy to do his bidding. So who is the puppet here? It is like two independent toxic entities came together and created an absolutely abysmal environment and circumstances yet are seemingly insulated against any criticism because they are so aligned. And the worse part of all is that they believe they are right. That it is all bad luck due to a rash of injuries, poor coaching and when all else fails giving the impression of selfish players. When Bruce paraded out in public the day they released Gruden, and said what he said, it was just proof to me how they had insulated themselves, and were so aligned in their toxicity that they were impervious to any information coming in therefore operating from a position that says what we believe is the truth and we know better then anybody. Any of you. The only saving grace possible here is Dan's money being impacted. Dan likes his money and likes to display it - the yacht. It says, see public, see fans and detractors I am fine financially. Jealous of my success? I am really hoping he is a wealth addict who gets off on others envy of what he has because these types will throw family members under the bus, if it messes too much with their bottom line. This is what I am hoping for ultimately. But will it change his meddling in the organization, the draft, FA player acquisitions, etc. I just don't see it.
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    MT governor Steve Bullock is suspending his campaign today.
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    You've been incessantly posting about what great bust Haskins is and now you are analyzing win the division at 7-9 scenarios.......LOL....
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    I have probably been harder than anyone on him, but I agree with you. If the running game keeps it up and the D plays anywhere close to where they did after the first 2 drives, there is a glimmer of hope there. The raw numbers are not there and statistically he probably doesn’t pan out, but there were times where he deserved some praise. He hasn’t been checking down to avoid looking bad. That was the Jason Campbell special. If he had better accuracy he actually would have made some not horrible numbers the last 2 games. .500 ball after 4 starts and 2 wins in a row deserves some props. I will be so happy to say I was completely wrong about him. I still don’t think I was wrong because it’s so difficult for any QB prospect to pan out but he did some nice things.
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    Bruce: See how the team rallied around me when they heard those ridiculous rumors of you getting rid of me? They love me and we’re getting closer and closer. Give Callahan a shot and you’ll see what I mean. Have another Crown Royal, Dan.
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