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    Total ****ing domination. I know some of you guys are worrying about draft position, but this has got to make you smile.
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    I dont care what anyone says. If you arent seeing progress with Haskins over the past three weeks. You are blind. I am NOT saying he is the next coming of Joe Montana here. But progress is what we SHOULD be seeing. And we ARE.
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    Also, Haskins is in there for the kneel. He may get a stud vote for that.
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    Because one of you bumped last week's thread & confused a few hundred peeps.
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    I'm sorry the QB experts on ES have seen enough. 5 starts is enough to know he sucks and will always suck.
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    It hit BOTH of his hands. Your agenda is laughable at this point.
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    Which would look better if Terry caught the deep ball and Sprinkle had, you know, skills...
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    Most of the fans wouldn't have even made the trade for him in the first place. I know that I wouldn't have done it for just the draft pick because Alex is and has always been average at best. What was the point? Sneak into the playoffs and lose?
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    Congratulations... you have won this week’s John Madden Dumbest Take Award.
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    Stats dont show it but I think he played a strong game today. He ist growing from week to week
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    I don't care what your views on homosexuality are. If your reaction to a kid being thankful for being adopted is that, then you shouldn't be teaching. That's the epitome of failing the empathy test. Good grief.
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    Oh and he gave it to Flowers to spike it. I FREAKING LOVE THAT!!!!
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    I have been on ES for years. i really don’t get attacking our players. i have seen improvements in Haskins and every thing he does wrong it comes out by many here that omg he is not an nfl qb. sorry but he is an nfl qb .
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    I agree that a priority needs to be getting Haskins a TE he can trust. @TryTheBeal! hit the nail the nail on the head with Cousins and Reed, Reed saved Cousins career in that Tampa comeback game.
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