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    This is why we need the skins to lose out. That would be a worst case scenario with BA and Callahan heading in to next year. Ugh, gives me hives just thinking about it.
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    Please. Snyder might get others to fall for this (again), but not me. Getting rid of Allan is just the start. Gonna take a **** ton more than that.
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    Beal saw the sheer joy on Ovechkin and Zimmerman's faces when they won championships by sticking it out with their original clubs. He wants the same. A cheap ring KD style just isn't the same.
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    You can't be serious. When we "transfer embryos" it is in the setting of IVF, when the embryos are still microscopic, usually 1-2 days after fertilization. They are, at most, at blastocyst stage. This is the developmental stage when embryos typically implant into the uterine wall. Fertilization typically happens in the fallopian tubes and then the fertilized egg travels down the tubes, undergoes a few rounds of cell division, reach the uterus hours to days later, and then implant. Then, over the next few days, the placenta begins to develop. The embryos in an ectopic pregnancy are weeks past this stage, already implanted somewhere other than a uterus, many orders of magnitude larger, and not possible to be removed and re-implanted. What happens in an untreated ectopic pregnancy is that as the embryo/placenta develops and enlarges (in a tissue that can't support it) to the point where the fallopian tube ruptures. This leads to massive bleeding, and is acutely life threatening. It is one of the most common causes for pregnancy-related death in women. The only treatment is immediate removal of the non-viable embryo. Are you ignorant of these basic facts or intellectually dishonest? Or both?
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    The run game is hardly a threat, and the playaction will not be a threat until the TE position is fixed. Haskins could sell it better for sure. But If the result of the play is a 3 yard run or 4 yard button curl by sprinkle at best, i would stay home on defense every down. Ideally I would like to see this franchise come out with a plan on offense next year and build a roster around that philosophy. Are we a ball control team? West coast? Run and gun? 4-wide blitzkrieg? Air Raid? RPO? Last year it seemed we were going to be a ball control team. It was boring, but it’s effective. Gruden’s offense this year was nothing like last year. I’m not entirely sure Haskins is the best fit for that offense, and that may be a good thing as it only works if you have an elite defense. He takes chances, and that’s something I like to see in a young qb. I think an air raid style would best suit his skill set.
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    yeah, who would do something so dumb??? I got a Hershey Bears jersey with my last name on it....which is Hershey.
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    Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you guys! I hope you had a great day.
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    I hated the deal too and anyone who was fine with his play based on the 6-3 record and his lack of turnovers is not being honest and probably holding this opinion based on their opinion of Kirk. Smith was not nearly good enough based on the price they paid in terms of salary a pick, and a very good young player. As you said another Mark Brunell. They won despite his game management style, he simply did not make enough plays for his performances to be sustainable. That's kind of what happens when you trade for 34 year old QB who 2 contending teams determined was not good enough. When you look at his career it only contains a few good seasons.
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    Not to budge in on your convo, but just to add a little side dish; The above statement was exactly the same scenario that Bruce was in while with Tampa Bay. Bruce didn't want to pay vets more money when it was time, and he single-handedly broke up the Bucs team before being thrown in the dumpster himself. He tried the negative approach with some players to try and use that as leverage, and they became pissed at him and left via FA., and soon after the Bucs were a shell of what they once were. He was playing the Scrooge part better than Scrooge could have. ok I'm leaving now...lol
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    I think Panthers are still like that where some growl comes out everytime they do something cool. I'm going to look for that tomorrow, my dad went to one of their games back in the day and couldnt stop laughing about it. "Second down!!" **raraow "Theres a squirrel on the field!" *double raraow Jesus, hes going to go through their re-education program and become the actual Kobra Kai.
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    I've always liked the guy, and sad to see this. If I made a list of veteran contracts that we should get rid of as part of a true rebuild, hed be on it. I do get mad at him, but he's one if the few players I want to get rid of that I sincerely hope gets picked up by a winning team to fill his new role elsewhere.
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    Not a game winning TD drive.... ANY touchdown drive. Hell, ANY meaningful drive. Here are all of our scores with Haskins in. vs Giants: 3 points after an INT where we started at the Giants 38 vs Vikings: 3 points on a drive where Adrian Peterson took a 3 yard pass 21 yards (should have been tackled right away but defender went for the ball only & not the tackle) + a 25 yard run. vs Bills: 9 points. First field goal drive was 5 runs to start and get us into scoring range. Then Haskins threw a screen and got sacked on the last two plays. Next FG came on a drive where Haskins threw two passes. One was incomplete & the other was a screen that AP took around 20 yards. Last one was off a 14 yard drive. vs Jets: For the first 3 quarters we had 3 points which came off a negative ten yard drive after and INT. In the 4th quarter after we're down 34-3 to that ****ty, ****ty team we finally score a garbage time TD on a 45 yard pass that was thrown 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. We get another TD with less than a minute left, still down by 4 scores, after Haskins lobs a pass right into the hands of a Jets defender that McLaurin rips away. vs Lions: Our one TD was on a kickoff return. One FG came after an INT, another after a fumble. Two of them were actual drives... two field goal drives. He's not good. He actually sucks.
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    Just a few random points. Slowly rewatching the Lions game, I think Haskins is good at looking the safety away and avoiding starring at his targeted receiver with some exceptions. I don't think he's good at selling play action. I know its a polarizing statement to say but both RG3 and Kirk were IMO really good at selling the run in play action in terms of their body language, Haskins IMO isn't that good at it. But he's good at misdirection in terms of shuffling one way to get defenders to follow and they repositioning himself back in the other direction to run a boot. He reminds of Prescott some on that front though Prescott seems to shift faster. The interesting thing to me is Geron Christian doesn't look that bad. He doesn't lock down the pass rusher in the same way Trent does or push them around but he mirrors pretty well and if the pass rusher gets by him, he doesn't give up and tries to catch up (Moses sometimes does at times give up once the rusher slips by him when I study him). Haskins had his share of really clean pockets in the game. It looked to me that he had time to throw. Granted Christian wasn't playing against a killer pass rusher. But I'd be interested to see him play some against Carolina which does have a good pass rush. Clip 1 had Haskins looking right. Clip 2 a total shift left. He ended up missing McLaurin who was wide open but it was a well designed play and he did a nice job with his eyes albeit the throw wasn't hot.
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    Teams like the Colts and Steelers can run off 10 winning seasons, have one terrible year and draft a Franchise QB. We win two games and were in competition with a quarter of the freaking league. Bull****. We cant even suck correctly.
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    I feel like this is a schematic flaw. We seem to always be asking our LBs, inside and outside, to be in coverage. A lot of time setting them up to fail.
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    I've really come to hate the lefts messaging on race and class. I think two things are happening at the moment. Poor whites are fleeing the party because they are attracted to a message of racial grievance championed by the very awful cast of the current GOP. And that this environment is partially possible because left wing commentators on racial issues use the concept of white privilege in a way that really does a disservice on class and racial issues. I think there was once a time when class and race were very deeply intertwined in the US but I think we are at the point where race is no longer a particularly unique identifier of privilege. I wish we talked more about privilege in a way that highlights how class is beginning to transcend racial hierarchies in our politics. Right now in Howard County (Maryland), one of the richest parts of the country, a group of rich parents is blocking a set of policies that would desegregate schools along economic lines. And some of the staunchest opponents of these policies are Indian American and Chinese American parents, along with white parents, who are blocking a set of rules that would mostly benefit poor black and Latino students. So is Mayor Pete's past statements on education indicative of his whiteness or his sheltered, upper-middle class upbringing? While the two are intertwined to some extent, his class privilege to me is far more indicative of his views than his racial identity. His statements are universally brought up as facts in the Asian American community.
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    He has been a great Redskin. A high character guy that has been easy to root for. He has also made some clutch plays over the years. I hope they can make a trade that sends him to a place he wants to go and he gets his ring (colts maybe). I doubt we get much in return for him due to size of his contract and his age, but I just hope he leaves on good terms and is put in a good situation moving forward.
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    I do not regret letting Cousins go, because I never, ever once in my entire life let Cousins go.
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    I currently root for anything that will embarrass/enrage Snyder and Allen: Niners (K. Shanahan) Rams (McVay) Packers (Lafleur) Ravens Vikings Feel free to add to the list.
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