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    Say "**** Mara" and you'll receive a complimentary set of steak knives...
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    Thanks for all the love, gang! I got really sick, had to spend 3 weeks in the hospital, and an entire team of doctors ran every test they could, and I had a really bad liver infection. Got that under control and then they told me that the mass on the liver was NOT cancer, but severe cirrhosis, and really bad...just not bad enough for the transplant list. I didn't even have the energy to scroll on a phone, so it took a couple days for me to catch up on some 70 pages of RTT ...I'm getting some strength back & can do some stuff now, but I can't drive yet. Some friends took me to lunch yesterday (Mexican)...only the 3rd time I've been out of the house since I got home on the 3rd. I missed you all.
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    Sorry it took so long, got busy today with other stuff. My take on what I saw Sunday at camp and camp in general -- if I repeat something from before, sorry. I am too lazy to reread my prior posts on this. And again it's just my 2 cents. I'll try to organize it in categories: The QBs: Haskins as I mentioned looked shaky on Friday, didn't really stand out on Saturday but was on fire Sunday. As for the other 2 QBs, they didn't strike me that good or bad and frankly I paid more attention to Haskins. For Haskins looks like he's running RPOs in the mix of things -- hard to see from where I was whether it was an RPO play but whatever was driving the plays it resulted in Haskins taking off more than I expected. Some plays Haskins just took off right from the get go. I saw that every practice. So that was a bit of a surprise to me. I read before going to camp some say that Haskins looks faster than advertised. To me I think it's yes and no. Yes in that he seems quicker than you'd think when he's running for a gain. No in that he doesn't look to my eyes that fast moving laterally in the pocket -- that's noticeable when you watch Keenum who to me is the opposite on that front. Keenum isn't fast just taking the ball and running for a gain but he seems like he has quick feet moving laterally in the pocket. Haskins kills it for the most part in QB drills -- rocket arm, quick release and is fairly accurate. When you switch it up to 7 on 7 or 11 on 11, his accuracy isn't the same and his release slows down. His accuracy is much stronger inside the numbers than outside the numbers. I didn't think his feet were quick in the pocket -- not scary slow either but nothing special -- his lateral movement was to my eyes average to below average as to quickness. But when he did QB keeps and just ran forward for a gain, he seemed quicker than what you'd expect. He's not fast but his speed comes off in that context at least average. Haskins though was in another orbit on Sunday and in a good way. He was on and off in the first red zone drill. For all of those who hate the fade then you will be disappointed because it was a key pass they practiced in the red zone -- and all three QBs were hit and miss with it. Keenum's attempts at it were often flat and wild and he didn't have much arc on the ball. Colt's balls also needed more arc. Haskins would under throw some of them and didn't have great touch on them. But after those red zone drills, Haskins caught fire and was completing pass after pass including some nice intermediate out routes and even a nice fade pass -- and those weren't easy throws. My take on him is his accuracy is consistently good on short in routes -- slants, curls, shallow crossers, etc. His deep ball is on and off -- his issue is under throwing them. He had the same issue in college. He can throw intermediate type passes with nice touch and can throw them hard if he wants to in tight windows and that's where IMO he shines when he's on. Haskins would run down the field after a nice completion and congratulate receivers who made big catches -- that was fun to watch. I gather that's how he will roll when he plays in games, too. Alex Smith was around the QBs a lot. I saw all 4 QBs travel in the bus together. They had multiple buses for players. So all the players didn't travel in just 1 or 2 buses like you see on game day. I arrived at the hotel one time and on one bus arriving at the same time -- was all the QBs including Alex traveling together. When they were running the red zone plays, Alex was on the field just feet away from the play -- observing. O line: They didn't look that hot but I wasn't paying much attention to it player to player. I never saw the media watch practice with the fans on the sidelines (they are typically in their own spot removed from the fans) but Trevor Matich on Sunday was watching from the sidelines among the fans. I was right next to him and he was citing his notes out-loud into his tape recorder right in front of me. Matich knows the O line position because he played it. He also talked to some fans nearby and was giving his take to them when they asked him what he thought: among what he said -- he thought Flowers was a disaster. His thing was he's not only playing poorly and had bad technique but he's so nonchalant and sloppy from play to play that it came off to him that he doesn't play with enough oomph and passion to play well. His thought was you can't practice in that style and then just turn it on when the real games begin. He didn't comment on Martin's play in practice but said he was impressed by Wes Martin's game tape. He said on one play Geron Christian looked he was playing with roller skates on (in other words he was unimpressed). Personally I didn't even realize Christian was practicing until he said that. RBs All seemed to look good. Guice got some early reps and then was rested for the rest of the day. But I loved what I saw in those limited snaps. I talked about Guice in prior posts. Peterson looked good, too. I oddly kept running into Peterson at the hotel (more than any other player) that at the end of my time there I think he at least recognized me by face and said hi. For a superstar-legend -- he's really cool with fans. Plenty of Redskins players come off aloof around fans or would rather not interact. But Peterson will make eye contact say hi to everyone from what I observed. They ran an exercise towards the end of practice on Sunday where they were trying to run a ball in about 3 yards from the goal line. They were some serious tackling going on in that drill which was unique because typically I didn't see much tackling. Perine carried the ball and was stuffed on the first try and the D line seemed to gloat about it. Then they tried again and that time Perine made it over the goal line and Guice ran over to help them celebrate. Guice to me by a mile is the personality on the offensive side. Otherwise a lot of guys seem quiet. Haskins has some personality and comes off like a really nice guy but he doesn't come off as naturally outgoing. The guys on defense are the ones with more personality from what I observed. TEs Flanagan was playing TE but sort of in a hybrid role where he played some FB. He was in rotation a lot in Sunday's practice. Jordan Reed looked great. He looked fast, got open, etc. He seemed nice to fans but a bit shy. He signed one day for awhile but didn't really talk much. He was staying on the same floor with me, I saw him a couple of times including he got a massage right by the elevator in my floor. It was odd -- not sure why they did it there. Vernon Davis looked decent, made some nice catches, had some drops, too. Sprinkle as I mentioned was on fire on Sunday. Aside from Haskins in my view he had the biggest day on Sunday. Wrs. I've been in the camp that the receivers will be better than expected. That take to me was confirmed from what I saw. McLaurin looked good, got open, played fast. Sims was an animal. He had one bad drop from what I recall but otherwise he was making the most highlight style catches. I was really surprised to see him practice with the 3's in walk throughs. Richardson made some plays. I didn't notice Doctson as much in part because I wasn't looking for him -- he did make one really nice catch and he also dropped an easy pass right in front of my line of sight in a red zone drill. Harmon made some nice catches. Haskins seems to have good chemistry with both McLaurin and Harmon. Harmon made one diving catch thrown by if I recall Keenum and Haskins ran down the field anyway to congratulate Harmon. Harmon also is practicing with Haskins in the walk throughs with the 3's -- so I gather they are getting used to each other. Quinn was catching everything. They put him in motion a lot. He has sticky hands and gets open. He doesn't seem particularly quick though in the open field. Harmon played a little inside and also outside. McLaurin was playing almost exclusively to the left. The left often ends up being the X spot so that's Doctson's spot. I found that interesting because beat guys keep saying he's going to play Z. if so maybe they are getting him practice at both spots. Play calling: Judging by what I saw: A. They will run a lot B. They will also use the RBs in space, wheel routes, tosses, screens C. They might throw a ton of short out routes D. They will use multiple TE sets in the mix more than they had in the past -- 12 personnel, even 13 personnel. E. red zone plays that they were mostly practicing were quick slants, fades and screens. F. If its Haskins I gather we'd see heavy RPOs, quick 3 step throws and don't be shocked if he's on the move with some designed runs G. They had Quinn and Reed in motion a lot (similar to last year with Reed and Crowder) H. Reed looks like he's back to form so I can see him being the featured guy unlike last year I. Red zone plays in particular had multiple TE sets and that was true even for 7 versus 7 where there is no need to have a TE to block. In those situations they even had Flanagan go out for a pass and he's more of a blocker than a pass catcher. And they also threw a ton to Sprinkle. So the stuff we've been saying about having multi dimensional TEs who are dual threats -- they seem at least in practice to be working to fix that. I've heard Jay complement McLaurin and Harmon multiple times as to their run blocking. i don't recall if Sims is a good run blocker. I know Doctson has become a decent run blocker. My point is I can see them considering a real heavy run driven team with receivers and TEs on the field who can block and also present enough of a pass catching threat that they can keep defenses honest. If defenses crowd the line of scrimmage to stop the run, then run an RPO to exploit that and don't be shy to have the QB run themselves in that mix to keep defenses on their toes. That's how it all felt to me watching it. I could be wrong but that's my best guess piecing it together the best I could. I got more than this but I figured my post is already too long.
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    The funniest thing I've seen in camp so far.
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    Headed soon to the walk through. My quick observations for now from my own amateur stand point A. Derrius Guice has a ridiculous low center of gravity and great contact balance, reminds me of Emmitt Smith where he just darts by guys fast and he is hard to get a grip of. He didn’t get a lot of carries but looked like a stud when he did. I was arguably the biggest Guice guy on the draft thread before we took him. My man crush is back in force. He looked great. 2. Peterson looked fast. Good dude too he signed autographs for quite some time including for my kids. Took photos. Real fan friendly. Haskins signed a ton of autographs. Guice has the rep of signing a lot but didn’t sign at all after that practice or if he did I missed it. Tim Settle was super cool, interacted with fans, thanked everyone for coming. 3. Tough to make out who the best Qb was. It wasn’t to my eyes Haskins. It was close between Colt and Keenum. Haskins though has quite the arm, it’s a rocket. But he seemed to struggle some with accuracy especially with out routes including short out routes. He had some nice moments but he was up and down. Colt probably had some of the nicest passes among the three. That’s not easy for me to say considering, I am not big on his play typically. 4. Hard to put into words but Cam Sims looks so fluid, makes tough catches, etc. He stood out to me the most among the receivers. I know it’s crazy to say about an undrafted receiver but he looked like a star. I liked him before today but after today it’s man crush territory for me. 5. McLaurin didn’t have a big day but watching him he was good at getting open. I ran into Bruce, looks like he is staying on the same floor as me, he noticed my kids wearing Guice shirts so he commented on that, we joked about keeping fingers crossed about Guice staying healthy, he asked me where we were from. I’ll have to say Bruce was a charming dude and friendly more so this time then the first time I met him. I’ll get more specific on these and other points later on, when am back at my hotel, especially as to the QBs. Edit: Reuben Foster just walked by me he has some contraption on his leg but otherwise he only had a slight limp.
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    A picture of Donald Penn is a better tackle than Ereck Flowerrs. A picture of Donald Penn's mother holding a picture of Donald Penn is a better tackle than Ereck Flowers. Sign him and don't look back, tell trent to enjoy his extended offseason. If he wants to try again next year, he's still under contract. if not, well he can try again in 2021 somewhere. ~Bang Why on earth would a grown man trust a sports training staff to diagnose anything serious at all? Of course they say it's just a bump. That is what they think it is. They are there to handle ligament and muscle strains, sprains, and fractures, not potential cancer. these aren't GPs, not oncologists.. if you have a growth, go get an opinion from a person who is trained in such things. And then go get a second opinion. Be responsible about it. May as well ask a house painter to prescribe you some glasses. ~Bang
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    My thoughts: -Trent Williams has been the best player on this team since the day he was drafted. -Trent Williams has put the team first in almost every situation. -Trent Williams is a top 3 Redskins LT of all time. -Trent Williams is getting older. -Trent Williams isn't happy. -Trent Williams played through many injuries as often as he could, sacrificing his body for his team. -Trent Williams is getting injured much more often. -Trent Williams is unhappy and doesn't like Bruce Allen. -Bruce Allen is staying here because God finds this cruelty to be hilarious. -Trent Williams being unhappy is a giant distraction to a team that needs to do what it can to replace him. -It's time for Trent Williams to go. -I will always cheer and appreciate Trent Williams. -Thank you #71.
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    Never imagined I'd feel like I'm siding with this team over one of their best players in a long time. Dude, you signed a huge deal at the time. You've been suspended a few times and missed more than your fair share of games to injury. The club stood by you through all of that. More than some fans. Speak up, already.
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    Not that shocking if you remember some of the racist stuff he was spewing when he started the "war on drugs"... Never understood why republicans tied themselves to Reagan so much.. He could be easily argued as one of the most destructive modern presidents. The destruction from the "war on drugs", the trickle-down failure that continues to haunt our economy, giving weapons to bin laden, etc to fight the russians, Iran-Contra... etc etc etc
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    To prove your good will, please create a post, of at least 100 words, denigrating the Cowpukes.
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    Don't you mean how do you break it to Katy Perry?... *Your wife asked me to post this...
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    The entire point of a second opinion is to confirm the first opinion, or get new info from a new set of eyes. So if the team says "it doesn't look serious".. followed by a recommendation to get a second opinion (which SHOULD be the standard adult response anyway when it comes to this sort of thing)... I don't care WHAT they tell you after that, even if you press them and they say "it isn't serious"... the whole point of a second opinion, which is reportedly suggested, is to find out if the fiest opinion is correct. IF this is the issue,, it is 1000000% on TRENT. GROW UP, BIG MAN. But i still think it's money. ~Bang
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    Both, the 2019 Redskins Media Guide & the 2019 NFL Record & Fact Book are now available for downloading. You can find them over in the DOWNLOAD section.
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    Never thought about stealing at self checkout but now it will be the only thing I think about. This thread is my villain origin story.
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    Not yet. Feels like though he's stalking me, maybe he's read the Bruce thread? LOL, as tough as I've been on him, I still am nicer than the national line about him. They think he stinks. I just say he's so so. Not terrible. Not good. But like I say on that thread, if they reassigned him, I'd be fine with him. It's Dan who seems oddly insistent on having non-personnel types running personnel. Let Bruce run business operations. Hire a dude with a big rep and scouting reputation to run personnel -- like Kyle Smith. But I digress. But I have to give a rare props to him in that he approached me and my family twice in conversation unsolicited, he was very friendly. Back on topic, the quarterbacks. Here's my amateur take of what I saw which people can take or leave but for those interested, here's what I saw. When I was in camp years back I saw a ton of screens-hitches to Chris Thompson and commented on it on a thread. That season they did throw a lot to Thompson. My observation from one day of camp is that I saw a lot of quick out routes. They were practicing that a ton. Also a lot of tosses to the RBs. Not so much screens but tosses. When you watch Haskins in a vacuum he's by far the best looking QB. When they do for example a drill where the QB just throws quick slants and in routes over and over again with hardly a pause -- you can see Haskins has a lightening fast release. In that context, he has a faster release than the other two. Also he can put some serious mustard on the ball. One of the things that you can see in camp easily is velocity especially when the QBs throw back to back and you do apples to apples. So lightening arm and quick release what more do you need? In theory, not much. But Haskins looks different when he plays against a defense and has a pass rush, then his release slows down. That's natural I'd think because he is thinking about what he needs to do and a rookie has a learning curve. For me just watching all three. None of them really jumped out (aside from Haskins obvious raw talent) but Keenum and Colt seemed more decisive and for that reason crisper. Haskins strength from what I saw are quick in routes, crossers, slants and generally throwing in between the numbers. His weakness IMO seemed to be throwing out routes including short ones. Every now and then though he'd throw a beauty out route. He had a nice intermediate out route to Sims. And Sims made a nice catch on it and Haskins ran up to him to celebrate the catch. Colt seems to throw those short out routes the best. Normally, I wouldn't make much ado about one type of pass but they threw so many of them that I'd gather its an important throw for this season. Haskins seemed the most wild of the three with that throw -- in other words the least accurate. Both Haskins and to a lesser degree Keenum seem to throw too much behind the receiver where the receiver had to turn back to catch the ball but couldn't really do much YAC because their momentum was back and not forward. Colt seemed to have better touch on those passes and hit guys in stride. Colt was on and off some too but he had two real beauty throws. I saw on twitter somewhere that Colt said his arm strength is getting better as he ages. I heard the same thing years back when I was at camp. I'll say the same thing now that I said then -- to me I don't see any increased arm strength or if there is any to my eyes its subtle. His throws still have that float look to them especially when he goes deeper. Even Keenum who isn't known to have a rifle seemed to throw harder to my eyes than Colt. I'd say watching Haskins including watching him interact with fans on the sidelines were I recorded some of that and will likely post that later on -- I'd say this: his arm is actually even stronger than I expected. Kirk had decent velocity on his throws. Haskins to me throws harder. I am bringing Kirk in because I've watched him in camp in the past and he was the hardest thrower I've seen up close. Haskins jumps out to me more on that front. And when Haskins shortens his delivery, his release is insanely fast. His accuracy though is much better in QB exercises versus playing against defenses at the moment or at least that was the case today. I've seen the reports that some think he's faster moving in the pocket than advertised. That's hard for me to say. He didn't seem quick in the pocket. He didn't seem really slow either. I'll just say he didn't flash to me as for his pocket movement albeit I didn't cringe at it either. It just didn't stand out to me. As for him as a dude, I watched him for about 10 minutes interacting with fans. He came off like a really nice guy, humble, friendly, he'd talk to whomever talked to him (not all players from what I've seen do that), he signed for whomever asked for his autograph, took photos, etc. Most players from what I observed this camp so far and a prior camp don't spend time interacting with fans. And kids that are at camp love that interaction. So I give props to the players who do spend some time interacting. Guice and Haskins were animals on that front today. Guice didn't sign in the first practice but in the 2nd one, he signed for at least 30 minutes, I'll talk about Guice maybe later some more but what a cool dude that guy is, he was really chatty with fans. He's more gregarious than Haskins but both are super cool in their own way and both spent a ton of time signing and taking pictures. The others who spent time with fans from what I saw (Kerrigan, Hopkins, Norman, A. Alexander, Jordan Reed, Tim Settle, Brian Quick, Adrian Peterson) Overall I was impressed with Haskins but at the same time I think I get why Joe Theismann keeps stressing let him sit for awhile. He strikes me as obviously more talented than Colt and Keenum but at least today I didn't get the impression that he is better than either one at the present time. I'd bet that time will come. But if I was just watching camp today and based the decision on that Haskins wouldn't be the #1 QB right away. As for Keenum, nothing really struck me watching him except he moves laterally really well. The best of the three on that count. So I can see why people say he's good on boots. He's also very decisive. He looked quicker than I expected. I’ll see what happens tomorrow but as for today Haskins was with the third team in the walk through.
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    Usually there's an annual and dedicated thread for Training Camp and Preseason updates, and I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes who normally does this. But I guess you could make a case that TC has officially started, with players reporting, so I'll start with Jay's Press Conference today, providing some new updates. PUP - Alex Smith, Jordan Brailford, Danny Johnson. NFI - Bryce Love. Trent officially a no-show. Everyone else is fully medically cleared to play. Not worried about Josh having gotten hit by the bull, because "he avoids contact"
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    ^^^ Been saying that some of you will learn the "hard way" that KH is the real deal. It's not just about "measurables" or even stats - it's about watching a player for 3-4 years and seeing how football "savvy" they are in game situations. Kelvin and the Ohio State WR have this instinctive ability and I am sure that some on here will be "amazed" when they see what we have been watching for years as a NC State fan.
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    the more comes out, the more i am placing blame on him. If all is to be believed from the last couple of days, the team did tell him to get a second opinion even if they did not think it was serious. If he is indeed that threatened and pissy about drafting Geron Christian.. man what a disappointment. What does he expect? His contract is up in a couple years, his career is winding down, they make a move to draft a player that was known as a project player from the outset.. rookie contracts give teams 4 years to develop a guy like him while Trent plays. ASIDE from worrying over what they drafted him for, Nsehke is due for a contract a year later, and that hole also needs to be filled. The team could have communicated with Trent better as to Christian's potential role, but good grief man, grow up. Recognize the career you're in, recognize how long the typical career is, realize you're coming up on it, realize this is the nature of the damn business and quit acting like a little hurt puppy. If it is true that the team had no idea until JUNE,, well damn man, again GROW UP. Step up and talk to somebody. Unless it's all about money... then by all means, springing the trap with a little warning as possible is a benefit. So what i have is a situation that is being bandied about as "about" this and that.. but every actual move made looks to me for all the world like it's about money. What should i believe? The obvious, or the ridiculous? As it is, the ridiculous is gaining ground. I may be forced to admit that yes, Trent IS that immature and stupid. ~Bang
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    Well said @Jumbo I remember distinctly the morning after Hillary conceded the election how frustrated I was that nearly every ideal I've held onto as an adult was repudiated in the man people voted for. I was on the phone with a friend and I remember saying, "I just didn't think my country was this way." He was a bit confused and started talking about low taxes and GOP "ideals", bear in mind the guy has a seven figure portfolio so of the two types of Republicans he's not one of the fools. Since that time I've given that conversation a lot of thought and I've come to realize that my frustration and anger was my fault. My fault because I allowed myself to believe in a version of America that's a myth. A version of America that at most is only a few decades old, and the more I thought about it the more I realized that racism is in the very DNA of our nation and culture from our origins. From the slave trade, to the treatment of the American Native peoples, to the Irish, the Italians, to the Chinese, the Japanese, blacks and now the hispanics, it becomes abundantly clear that when you look at America you see not the egalitarian civil rights theme as our constant, but instead outright and rampant racism is the constant and egalitarianism is the exception rather than the rule. And the years that went by where Nazis and Klansmen would operate in secrecy because the public price they would pay was too high, well they are over. How amazing it is that all of that work was undone because an attack on the way we speak to one another and consider the other when we speak came under fire from those who wanted to be free from the shackles of civility to offend any and all they choose. They called it political correctness and they trotted out the extreme and misguided uses to make their case and in so doing gained a following of those who saw the absurdity in some things that were said, and with that they tore down the veil of civility to expose their true thoughts. Their racist, homophobic, ignorant, childish, and for lack of a better word evil thoughts. Any who object now are dismissed as snowflakes who can't take the heat of the hatred and evil spewed in their direction. I see this now, and I recognize my mistake. But that recognition of my mistake has led me to another realization, that in Trump's America if they are unshakled from their civility then so am I. And I join the ranks of those who fly the middle finger at Trump. I join the ranks of those who say "if you still support Trump then **** you too." I join the ranks of those who will call a racist a racist and not care if she is offended by the accusation, **** her too. I know many of my friends still believe in rising above, that's fine you rise above, I'm done. This is who we are now, the veil of civility has been torn down and our humanity has been exposed as combative and disagreeable people. They don't care about the "other", why the **** should I then care about them. If I see a truck with the Dixie flag broken down on the highway or with a Trump sticker on the back, **** you. Some white pearl clutching milf complaining about black people using a park, **** you too **** go walk your poodle somewhere else. Don't like seeing Adam & Steve on a commercial normalizing homosexuality, **** you too, keep supporting your favorite pedophile congressman and your rapist priests. Want this country run like a business, fine **** your mom on SSI, and your dad on medicare. **** you and your black lung. **** you and your cancer water from the strip mines. Don't come ****ing crying to me when you voted for exactly this. You can kiss my ass. 'Cause this is America.
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    On twitter there are just a ****load of tweets about injured WRs on a bunch of different teams...and none of them are named the Redskins.
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