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    They look like two dudes at urinals trying desperately not to look at each others' dicks.
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    Speaking of mailing stuff, I got an "important questionnaire" in the mail 2 weeks ago from the Republican National Committee with really stupid loaded questions like "Do you support Donald Trump's strong agenda for creating jobs, or would you rather the country go into the ****ter under Joe Biden?" It also begged for money and asked that I enclose a check for $50, $100, $500, or whatever I could afford, to "keep America great." I sent it back. Under "What do you think is the most important issue facing America today, I chose "Other" and wrote in "Removing Donald Trump from the White House." I also sent a gift. In lieu of a check, I wrote "Please accept this gift of one coffee filter, used only one time." And I enclosed that morning's filter. I was kind enough to clean off some, though not all, of the coffee grounds.
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    ok...we figured we'd have to bring this back at some point, and at least it's a matter where in the past the stupid really has been plentiful on either side per my personal take, i've been a skins fan for 60 years now and have given much unpaid time supporting this community because of that love for the team for 14 years....throughout my life i thought i have had good reasons to advocate keeping the name over what was always very little complaint ime...my main deal was it was to honor and celebrate, not to demean but i was never what i call over-invested per it's actual importance vs any real issues that may exist....much of the argument behind "protest" i'd encounter seemed weak to me (i see some error on my part, there, mainly from younger more headstrong days) but i also thought much of the "pro-name" stuff was poorly expressed with weak or even sadass arguments, too i won't review those arguments pro or con in more detail because it's been done to death in here and i quit posting much on it long ago, but you guys can continue doing that rehash if you like as it back in the news, understandably (i would think current players would have a big voice here) but now, for more than one reason, i say yes, change the name i'd actually take it as maybe a chance for a positive reboot with a new staff, new [players, and a new identity for the franchise other than "perennial incompetent loser"
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    I suppose you're right, but my frustration is that I still think this truly stems from the fact that Dan Snyder is unlikable. And because he's been a dick to the media, this becomes an easy target. Because the real facts of this conversation - the name Redskins IS NOT RACIST. Period. Anyone who has done their homework on the origins of the word knows the history of that it being a term of honor used by Native Americans ourselves. But don't let the facts get in the way of the media's narrative, because they push it constantly as fact, when it simply isn't. Go to the reservations and take polls on who their favorite NFL teams are - it isn't close, and you will see countless Redskins tattoos. There are multiple Redskins high school mascots in areas with high populations of Native Americans. How would that even be remotely allowed if the name was offensive to them? Because it's not. It's offensive to white people because of lazy reporting and we just assume because of how it sounds that we SHOULD be offended. But you know what IS offensive? The KC Chiefs tomahawk chop. And here we are after their Super Bowl win but no one is talking about it. Because their owner isn't an asshole. Just my $.02, but this whole topic gets me super worked up. I am an American Indian and I BECAME A Redskins fan because of my heritage. I love that my favorite football team keeps a small piece of my ancestors memory alive. I love the imagery of Chief Two Guns White Calf. But at this point, the ignorance is deafening because like anything, if you say something loud and long enough, people assume it to be true. And the media has pounded on this for so long, that I'm not certain you'll ever convince the masses of the actual truth. So I'm torn and ready to just quit caring and give up the fight. But it's sad, and when it eventually happens, it's certainly not appeasing the vast majority of American Indians that's for damn sure. Hail.
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    Your patronus is definitely Eeyore
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    So, a few months back I said that I was going to update the board on my depression. I was going to make a thread, but there are just too many important things going on. A "Look at me Thread" is not really needed right now. However, because I used to complain a lot on here, mainly while I was drunk, and people reached out to me, I feel an update would be the nice and correct thing to do. I will keep this short (I don’t think I did). There are an absolute ton of details I have left out. This is a very light summary. TL; DR – I’ve had depression for a very long time. It was a huge battle. If you have depression, you owe it to yourself to find a doctor that is modern and up to date in their practice. Find a doctor that will run a blood test to find out what prescriptions you should take, don’t be a pin cushion. Thank you everyone at ES!!! So, I have fought depression for at least 20 years. Now that I’m looking back, it is probably my whole life. It got really bad about 12 years ago and starting about 7 years ago until last year it was the worst. There is the whole thinking about suicide and then there is the I was in the middle of attempting and decided to stop for some reason. This happened a few times. I really think that reason I stayed was my wife and my dogs. I don’t know of anything else that important that kept me here. I almost lost my wife at this time as well. Thankfully, I did not. While, I don’t think it’s really important on why I got to that point. The gist is, I’ve had a ton of problems since I was young and those problems followed me into adult hood and kept dragging me down, further and further. 90% of this isn’t my fault, but the 10% definitely is my fault. I’ve had so many issues; I feel like my story is made up. But I have people to corroborate what I’ve experienced, so I know I’m not crazy. I kept thinking to myself, “I know what is wrong with me. I don’t need help. I can fix this.” While the first two parts of my thoughts were true, I couldn’t fix what was wrong with me without help. So, I started seeing doctors and counselors. The doctors treated me like a pin cushion and just tried and tried as many drugs on me as they could and none of them worked. One day, a friend of mine came to me and said I should get a blood test to see which medications worked on me. So, I did. I thought the doctors were using this blood test to give me the proper medication, but they were not. I did not receive proper care and I still felt like a pin cushion. Nothing worked. So, we moved to where my wife could get a job and I could find better doctors that used more modern techniques. I had a doctor in mind and I started seeing her slightly more than a year ago. She looked at my blood work and on the first day she told me, ‘You cannot process all of these medicines they are giving you. They just sit inside your body and do nothing.’ So, she gave me the only medicine that worked with my system and eventually we started on something else as well. The combination of these two prescriptions have made a massive impact on my mentality. Just a few months ago, I was doing o.k. Better than I have ever been. But today I feel fantastic!!! Colors are brighter, I hear music better and in more detail, I actually know what is going on in movies and I’m not stifled creatively. I put some music on here a while back, and man is it bad. Slow, boring and sonically unpleasing. I’ve lost between 40-45 pounds this year alone. I’m back to being a slightly better version than the guy my wife married. She is really happy with me and that is #1 in my book. One more reason I wanted to post this. I wanted to give anyone out there that is lost and think their life is nothing that there may be a solution for you. For me, it was combining a blood test with the correct doctor. Find someone that is up to date and modern in their treatments. These kinds of doctors will most likely have a blood test in mind for you. If they don’t, keep searching for that correct doctor. Don’t be a pin cushion. Hopefully this information will stop someone else from having to deal with years and years of depression. If you already have it, waste no time in finding the correct doctor. I know depression can be hard, but you owe it to yourself to do what is in yours and your family’s best interest. Also, I didn’t include my prescriptions because everyone is different. You should not go into a doctor with some preconceived notion about the medication you take based on some looney’s advice on the internet. Also, with the blood test I found out that I don’t process pain medication. I have never been seriously hurt, so I hope that I never need it. Finally, thank you to everyone at ES for listening over the years. I really appreciate it. I talked to y’all when I had no one else to talk to. Thank you so much!!! It means a ton to me!!! I might not comment over the next few days. Birthday and the 4th. I think I am going to separate myself from the computer starting tomorrow. If anyone replies or has more detailed questions, please ask and if I don’t get to it today, be assured that I will answer any questions when I have time to. Also, if you have depression and just want to talk you can message me. I’m more than happy to listen and try to assist anyway I can. And have no worries, I won’t spread your information. Just know that I am not a doctor and I will not give you medication advice. I do however have a junk Undergrad Degree in Psychology. But, it is worthless.
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    ^^^Proof that @TryTheBeal! is really The Dude.
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    Tonight's dinner right after it went on,(in the under construction poor man's outdoor kitchen ),on a Weber kettle grill as well,(old one). The Zucchini? Yeah. It came from right across from the grill,(second pic). Yep. That garden is still under construction as well.
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    yeah, but i'd have to give away the new name oh what the hell in a surprise twist we are gonna become the red rigthwings with red wings as the logo and rebrand the board as a 100% evangelical ultra conservative board and dan will pick up all the disgruntled nascar fans and everyone the leftist radicals are alienating by erasing their magnificent heritage don't tell them i told you
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    I always knew he was crazy just based on his Stadium posts. Just assumed it was football madness. Had no idea he was this far gone. Ah well.
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    As an aside, is Washington State liberal, Jumbo? Or just the fewer counties where the majority of the population lives (like California)? Generally curious. Edit..Clinton only won 12 of 39 counties in 2016 there despite getting 500k more votes statewide. Also wear a damn mask people.
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    The “very unfavorable” cohort of 18-40 year old voters, is likely never to vote GOP in their lifetimes and will always remember this buffoonery. That’s greater than 60% of the entire age demographic. These aren’t just people who disapprove of Trump and the GOP, these are people who loathe the entire movement and the conservative project. Trump is a generational deathblow to the GOP. It’s really hard to understate how disliked conservatives are in the major metro centers of the country. It’s a visceral disdain to any and all symbols associated with right wing beliefs.
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    I think it’s disingenous to compare a civil rights march with a de-facto Nazi rally.
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    This country needs to kneel down everyday & pray for the Central Americans that keep the food supply working. I can't tell you how many food plants I've been to across the country that are staffed with 95-99% Central Americans who work in jobs that no American would think about doing. And not in the normal places you would think of - try Abbotsford, WI where almost 100% of the workers at the pork sausage & beef plants are Central Americans. Look at it on a map - lilly white America with a huge population of Central Americans who decided cold as **** WI is a great place to migrate to. Who knew? To see Desantis degrade these people is disgusting. **** him. Especially in a state that depends so ****ing much on the migrant workers to work the fields to keep us fed. Someone needs to drag his ass out to the fields in Plant City, FL to pick the strawberries in the strawberry capital of the world. Maybe then he would appreciate the work of these people. Seriously, **** him.
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    Dude, I’m a black man in America lol. Im sure you can’t understand but reconciling things you love with their problematic histories is a daily battle
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    Sorry Mr. President, Mitch McConnell has made it perfectly clear that there shall be no nominating a Supreme Court judge in an election year!
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    Does he know what the I in ICU stands for?
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    Nah man, this is good. Evangelicals even at their worst can’t get a stacked conservative court to sign on to their bigotry. I feel better about our democracy today.
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    Just checking in to let everyone know that Richmond is still standing this morning.
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    I've heard some speculate that the willingness of many to protest during the Covid Pandemic proves that the Coronavirus is no big deal. I think it demonstrates the exact opposite. If people are willing to put their lives on the line for this it shows you just how desperate the Black Lives Matter issue really is.
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