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  1. I am feeling better . There’s a chance I may get discharged this evening.
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  2. my favorite redskin play in a long time ... eat that elliott.
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  3. I got my ballot 3 days ago and have been savoring it. I cooked it a fancy dinner last night. We made out a little bit.
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  4. Per WebMD, some of the side effects of Dexamethasone include irritability, cognitive decline, discoloration, bloating, sweating, and rapid weight gain. So, it's pretty much impossible to determine if he's actually on it or not.
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  5. It is really remarkable how much Joe's consistent and honest expressions of empathy are affecting me now. I was not enthused about Biden at the beginning of the primaries - a lot of the other dem contenders had more appealing policies and more rhetorical connection for me. That said, I'm now so excited to have him as president. The need for a role model who actually cares about his/her fellow humans, with real empathy, is so great now. It should be assumed that any leader would want to understand and empathize, but the modern GOP has demonized that trait to the point that they n
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  6. I have not seen this posted for a while - So this is a good time to thank @visionary for their tireless efforts to bring us relevant tweets and information. Just spending that much time in that cesspool called twitter is extraordinary. But to be kind enough to sift through the garbage to find and then post the relevant posts for others to see - including us mostly twitter adverse - is a very nice thing to do. I am sure sure I speak for others when I say your work is greatly appreciated. I just need to find a better answer to "Where do you get your information?" Because when I tell them Visio
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  7. "There is not doubt in my mind he will not be here in 2 weeks, he is getting traded" "I am 80% sure of that"
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  8. Yet people still can’t fathom why he’d be benched. I’m having a hard time with it, to be honest. It’s like people just see Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State, 1st round, college statistics. They don’t see the other issues. They don’t see how they compound each other. They don’t see how Rivera was handed a steaming pile of poo and was told, “Here, make this work, or dont. But whatever you do will be the wrong decision unless that decision and result happens to be that Haskins is our franchise QB. Good luck.” Snyder skates. Again. He drafted this poor guy to this franchise. He did.
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  9. You should probably goad them into swinging first. You should not punch people.
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  10. Saw the wife and my ballots were counted today. That is one registered Republican and one Independent that both voted Biden in Florida.
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  12. Unless there is a reversal in course at some point, this should be the last update to the tshile’s family gets covid saga. I appreciate all the good juju everyone passed along throughout this was the third day in a row I’ve woken up and immediately thought: man I feel better than yesterday. wife is reintegrating fully to the family today. Moving back up stairs. No mask wearing. kids can go back to daycare Thursday. all in all, if it weren’t for the shortness of breath thing this was essentially a minor cold. But that shortness of breath thing was real
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  13. For the record, I am voting for Biden today.
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  14. Gave Biden $210 since August after never donating to a political campaign before. Feels good
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  15. At least Jason has the decency to wear a mask
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  16. I wish I could find the video. Cnn was interviewing people in line to vote and asked someone how long they'd been waiting to vote. A person in line a ways up front overheard and said "4 years" Perfect reply.
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  17. Anyone who's advanced in football to a certain level should be able to break down tape and understand what's going on. I've said this before on this board, I'll say it again here. There's a good chunk of football fans (me included, I'm not above this critique) that hear all this ****, like when Cooley was on the radio and giving a play breakdown and he goes something like "That's a triple zebra 3rd zone flank right peanut butter and jelly sandwich hybrid combo, no mayo which means Cousins is going to take a 5 step drop, the running back goes to the flat, the x receiver does a hi-
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  18. Vote is in!! Not just a ballot dropped off. Went early voting. I live in Atl. Took about an hour. 50 mins in line then 10 mins to vote. Glad it's done!
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  19. They even gave away my mans pants. Thats cold as ****
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  20. Agolf Twittler is going to rage tweet all weekend now, huh?
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  21. Done and there were lines requesting a ballot too today at the elections board here in Maryland. Time to get this asshole and his cronies outta here.
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