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  2. LadySkinsFan

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Truman was still president when I was born in September 1951.
  3. I signed up for Social Security when I signed up for Medicare, age 65. This was a few months right after my stroke. So my full retirement age was 66, so I get less than the full amount. It's a good thing because as time goes on, my verbal skills are receeding due to aphaisa. I write much better than I speak although still have aphasia. My left side isn't 100% and probably never will be again. Extending retirement age to 70 is wrong. This tactic just enhances the chances that more people will die before they ever file. Plus, for single people like me, there's no provision to leave something for someone else, like my daughter.
  4. The Evil Genius

    2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    Barkley Goodrow only had fresh legs because he had been benched many shifts earlier in the game. Funny how that works out. Hops Pavs is ok. Sharks have to be the favorite now in the West, even without him and questionable goaltending (and defense). Must be hard to be a Vegas fan. 2 years and still no cup. Maybe in 5 they can all go back to being LA Kings fans.
  5. Jail those who defy Congressional subpoenas, and keep them jailed until they cooperate. Enforce the rule of law. Really put fear into Trump and his minions.
  6. ... and a fitting end for San Jose!!!! Were they down 3 to 1?? That OT goal was a bit too easy....
  7. That San Jose - Vegas game was nuts. I will have a heart attack if the Caps have a game 7 like that.
  8. Bacon

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    Dammit, she raised the bar for cuteness again.
  9. Peregrine

    Those were the days...(a pictorial)

    The good old days...
  10. Fergasun

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Are you cracking kidding me!!!?!?!?!!?!? It was so daft to quickly get the 2 out of the TO... he was lining that shot up at 7 seconds....
  11. Dr. Do Itch Big

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Damn. That 3 was long af Amazing game
  12. CRobi21

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    And he waived em goodbye?!?!
  13. Destino

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

  14. Fergasun

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Amazing 2nd half in this game... I love being on the West Coast...
  15. Peregrine

    Starting QB 2019???

    How bad is our training staff? Not only do we suffer massive injuries every season, but both our QBs have now had 2nd surgeries due to not healing well enough.
  16. Today
  17. Amazing 3rd Period in San Jose.... may have been the most exciting period I have ever seen!

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread Bucky Brooks' thoughts on who will be an All Pro, Probowlers, and difference makers in this draft..
  19. Dan T.

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    Don’t hold your breath for the Trump administration to hold Jared’s pal accountable.
  20. Dr. Do Itch Big

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Russ is a great rebounder. Boxed out Collin? He is doing everything.
  21. Hersh

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Watching a clip of the actor that plays Jaime and he said he saw a couple of theories online that had parts right but none he has seen that had the entire thing right. I'm definitely going to be egging you on in this cause it's helping me pass the time between shows so how about Bran says to the NK something like "You can't win. If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." Now that would be great writing.
  22. Dr. Do Itch Big

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    This game is amazing.
  23. The bike thief stealing bikes in my neighborhood deserves credit for exposing that the neighborhood has a problem with bicycle thefts.
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