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  2. How well Clinton Dix played for the Redskins really has nothing to do with what he’s saying though.
  3. Seriously? While it is true the "Redskins do not equal culture and winning football" But a variation of this deciphered coming out of the mouth of Clinton-Dix? It is a joke. He exemplified the play of a losing team. He did not do one thing to elevate our secondary. Guy couldn't cover my grandmother; He missed tackles, he missed assignments. Were we actually thinking of bringing him back? Look I do not disagree with the statement but when it comes from guys like this? I think we all learned rather quickly and unfortunately why the Packers let him go.
  4. I doubt they can get two 1's for Trent. But everyone and their grandmother just about who has asked around in the NFL have said a first rounder worst case and more likely a first and change. Schefter, Laconfora, Garafalo, Rapoport, Casserly. I think we got two competing narratives and I hope the answer is A not B. A. They are just leveraging the market to the hilt right until the trading dead line with the hope that more injuries would amp the trading market. B. Get the last laugh on Trent money wise by eventually forcing him (not literally but they know Trent doesn't want to lose a full season) to come back in time for him to be vested for the season. They waive no fines and Trent loses for the hold out. Maybe there is a C but doesn't sound like it -- that would be they waive the fines and pay Trent and try to make nice and make bygones bygones. Some beat guys (I agree with them) think B is a major lose lose because forgetting the opportunity cost of losing a chance to pick up a high pick or two -- they also bring back a disgruntled Trent back to the locker room who might do the same song and dance next year. That's D. Hall's narrative too from after talking to Trent.
  5. stevemcqueen1

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    USC's schedule is brutal this year. If they somehow manage to run the table and finish with just the one loss, I think they should get in to the playoff. That kind of run would be far more worthy than an undefeated run through any of the other conferences. Far more worthy than the season that got Wahington in. Slovis will have to come back for them to have any chance though. Otherwise they're not going to beat Notre Dame or Oregon.
  6. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The culture thing will dog Dan until his ownership ends, I doubt he even understands the word. For those who defend him because he spends money. On that point, he doesn't always spend money, on some fronts he's arguably cheap but I'll play along and give him that. Some of the people who worked at Redskins Park have rallied around the fact that the operative words thire are fear, impatience, alliances, etc. According to some you need a master's in office politics to succeed there. Fortunately for Bruce is sounds like office politics is his wheel house. That culture from above filters downs. It effects coaching. It effects personnel. It's not just about whether an owner is willing to splash the cash.
  7. Larry

    The Impeachment Thread

    1) All this talk about "He's going to refuse to leave office" wasn't funny with the previous two Presidents, either. 2) If he does refuse to leave the White House, just wait till the next weekend.
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  9. DWinzit

    Tank for Tua

    Many of these guys were really good game managers with leadership qualities. I figured most of them would become decent starters at some point or at least really good backups that stuck around for 10+ years but they just faded away within a few years. Tua does appear better than the list but I don't think he explodes on the scene in the NFL either. Fortunately The Redskins wouldn't be in the market for A QQ. They will be in the market to trade down to make up for the lack of a second rounder.
  10. TryTheBeal!

    Random Thought Thread

    Saw Tool open for Slayer at the Boathouse circa 94 or so. These were rowdy, good times.
  11. youngestson

    BNO: SUV plows into Woodfield Mall near Chicago

    I didn't know Sears was still a thing.

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

  13. Bang

    The Impeachment Thread

    Oh won't THAT be fun. I fully expect it. ~Bang
  14. True, but his supporters have the intellectual demands of that 6-year-old bully's sycophant we all saw back in elementary school. So he doesn't need much.
  15. Burgold

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    What intrigues me about Kyle is that we finally seem to be drafting better and have hit at least two in a row (at least on paper) More, we're getting contributions from low round draft picks and undrafted guys. I think SIP has a point that if only one phase is working right (the draft) and all the others (player relations, free agency, stadium and fan relations, etc.) aren't working it's hard to know if Kyle has "it" Then again, he has one job right now and seems to be doing it well. If we have to lose him to get rid of Bruce and Jay then so be it. The bigger goal of resetting the team needs to take precedence.
  16. Darrell Green Fan

    Tank for Tua

    I'm not sure about that. In the year prior to drafting Luck their QB situation was so bad after Manning was put on IR they made the desperate move of talking Kerry Collins out of retirement just before the season started. That does not sound like the actions of a team trying to tank, if that were the case they would have simply rolled with Curtis Painter which would have pretty much guaranteed the first pick. It should be pretty obvious by now that those playoff success was mostly due to Manning, the team around him just wasn't very good and once he was gone that was exposed.
  17. Darrell Green Fan

    Tank for Tua

    They still play the games even though they are meaningless? That's really lame, sounds like a money grab and nothing more. As a fan I would have about as much interest as I would in preseason games.
  18. Her inspiration to speak out were the Parkland student activists who survived the mass shooting.
  19. Why shouldn’t he, he’s the son of a Vice President? right?????!!
  20. Veryoldschool

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    If the Bears throttle the Skins is it time to start a trading frenzy on the the useful veterans starting with Trent. Norman should be another good one to put on the stack. I don't know what either would fetch but if it is time for a rebuild it's time to unload them and a few others.
  21. FrFan

    Tank for Tua

    Don't worry the Fins won't let it happen
  22. TheBlueIndian

    Tank for Tua

    I hope that's true. We play them in a few weeks and that we be almost as bad as that game we dropped to Detroit when they were winless for like a year and a half. We can find a way to F it up
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