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  2. welp, that was predictable. on to the draft!
  3. LOL even the post game is so Redskins like. Having all these audio issues.
  4. @max21 what's the confused face for, did you not know that about Kittle? He had the most receiving yards for a TE ever just last year
  5. Another Homecoming ****fest in the books.Soft ass team, Soft headed coaching, Soft dick Owner and GM
  6. We barely beat the Dolphins (and IMO part of that is because they weren't actually trying to win) and IMO the Bengals are a better team than Miami.
  7. um. then maybe you shouldn't listen to it. Just an idea.
  8. Usually when a new coach takes over there is some kind of new energy injected. Callahan has had the opposite effect and a win over the hapless Dolphins shouldn't cloud that. If anything positive has come out of Callahan taking over, we see at least that the running game, using AP correctly can yield results, however it isn't enough to just show the world what it already knew, AP is an elite RB.
  9. Game didn't surprise me at all. Niners are a better team, and the conditions kept it close. A nice sunny day and skins lose by a couple more TD's.
  10. Thanks to who ever it was that mentioned top streams. Can’t believe I watched three hours of run run run.
  11. Clearly don’t trust Keenum but Haskins still can’t see the field? Oh the weather will definitely be used as an excuse to trot sorry ass Keenum out there again. ****
  12. It flew by. Probably due to the heavy run play selections.
  13. They lost all those players to injury, and have still found a way to win. It's what real pro teams do. Hopefully, we'll be back to that sometime soon. Of course, Rasputin is probably telling Snyder that we would've won this game in that new stadium he's gonna deliver........with its George & Elroy Jetson rainwater vaporizing technology.
  14. Garbage game. Redskins were lucky with the bad weather. It gave them a semblance of a chance. They were given every opportunity for an upset, and they totally rejected just about every one. I was ready for Gruden to be fired, but want to wretch thinking of watching a Callahan team for more than half of the season that's left. There's no point in watching at all if Haskins isn't playing. At least that would have some significance.
  15. Post game: Close. 5-0 team. Defense. Blah blah blah. Weather won't be a factor Thursday. 9ers just coasted as well.
  16. Was that final drive the first 1st down pass attempt the entire game?
  17. I would have to agree and this thread can be officially closed in my opinion. We don't get to play the Dolphins again this year.
  18. I guess if it pisses down every week we'd be kinda close.
  19. Skins need to play the Bengals to see who is the worse team.
  20. Callahan is an idiot. Running two straight times on that last possession was truly idiotic. A. Doesn’t know his defense or the moron coaching his defense who will inevitably give up a long drive and long 3rd down conversions. B. It burnt clock, made the game shorter. I’m really sick of these coaches with their own “style” that they force on their team no matter the personnel. He really felt they might score more than 3 points like that?
  21. Well, that game killed my parlay by 1/2 point.
  22. Oh I totally agree. This is a blowout in good weather if you'd have asked me. The reality of the situation though is the weather altered the way the teams played and for the majority of the game it was 1 possession. The Redskins aren't playing with anything of the line, what is this need to play it safe as if a turnover or losing by a few more points is going to change the outcome of something in the bigger picture? Go out there and try to win the damn game.
  23. He just hears money raining from the sky
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