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  2. Mournblade

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I'm pretty stoked for it, I must say, despite the 3 hour running time.
  3. RansomthePasserby

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    I’m pretty sure Dr Seuss was criticizing the “America First” crowd with that cartoon.
  4. I disagree. With Tampa and Pittsburgh out, the East is ours for the taking. Other than Coumbus, does anyone remaining in the East worry you? Caps need to seize this opportunity. We aren't going to get a chance like this in a while.
  5. PleaseBlitz

    D.C. Culture/History Thread Who Are the Richest People in Washington? A few very famous people (Bezos, Laurene Powell Jobs, Trump), a few scions of old-money dynasties (Mars, Marriott), our sports team owners (Snyder, Leonsis, the Lerners), a few people that are well-known only locally (the Carlyle Group guys, Steve Case, BF Saul) and some people I've never heard of (the Rales brothers? Enrique Segura?) I'lll paste in Bezos and Snyder, you can read the rest.
  6. Cooked Crack

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Spoiler alert he won't follow the law.
  7. mhd24

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Thoughts on Preston Williams? Kiper has repeatedly said he's got 1st round talent, but major character issues. From what I gather, he's this year's Antonio Calloway.
  8. Trotz/Rierden is something that we are gonna have to get over, as a fan base, like Forsberg/Erat
  9. Honestly its enjoyable to see what they will come up with next. Then I hate myself for it. Its a super conflicting emotional roller coaster. Thats what it is. You can ignore mentions from people. Its why I can never get Jumbos attention anymore.
  10. Hmmm, (looking over the ignore options) I guess there isn't a feature that lets you ignore quotes of someone's posts. I could have sworn there was. Maybe I got mixed up with mentions a while back. By the way, I find this back and forth stuff kind of distracting (which is sometimes the point) I wish people could focus more on discussing the issues and important news items and with people actually open to discussion and less on never-ending arguments that don't go anywhere.
  11. Ya'll tell me a lot of things , did Mueller find your last claim?
  12. Every box is checked. Those quotes still are visible. But, join me. It's glorious (usually).
  13. You can make it so it ignores quotes too, I think. I haven't used that function myself, though I've been tempted to many many times lately.
  14. max21

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    So all these people saying Cersei could make a deal with the NK? That just sounds weird to me since he’s never talked in the show. Is he going to start talking or is it going to be a head nod on whatever agreement they come upon? Sounds awkward to me. Also if he had control over the mountain wouldn’t he have control over Jon snow then in theory also? Since he died and came back
  15. The Consigliere

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Broad jump? That's really odd. What I've read and heard from the people I trust, is that basically, combine isn't as significant with WR's as it is with RB's. Basically as long as your within certain thresholds, you're fine as long as you've got the breakout age and dominator (dominator to a lesser extent, and I agree, I don't like how heavy TD's are in model, as TD's are not a reliably sticky stat). It's RB where the combine really underlines thing. The analytics side of things likes Brown a lot btw, and as I said earlier, Brown has an excuse for his ho-hum breakout age, and Butler does not. Brown went the JUCO route so it was not possible for him to have an early breakout age no matter what he did, and when you add in the fact that he did explode as a JUCO player, and that he did immediately produce for Oklahoma suggests if he had gone to college, he probably would've produced early unless he was held out due to the weight issue. As for later round guys, you'd kinda be surprised. The NFL is still missing on guys a ton that the geeks have figured out. You know who hated Marlon Mack and Aaron Jones in 2017? Tape Guys. You know who loved them? Analytics geeks (and me). I was screaming bloody murder when both were still available on day 3, then we went with the bowling ball, and I just prayed that his freshman year tape was indicative of his talent, rather than his slug like play in junior year (maybe he was hurt?). Alas, we got the slug and the Colts and Pack stole Mack and Jones. Still curious about Brian Hill and McNichols, the latter seems to be a dead prospect, Tampa Bay's incompetent F.O. kicked him to the curb and he couldn't take advantage of interest from Kyle Shanahan. Hill has bounced around but looks the part. He's a guy who could surprise with an opportunity like Michael Turner did years ago. But yeah, there are guys I like for day 3, and I agree, you aren't going to find perfect anything, but there are always guys that are interesting and worth a look. I've been studying insanely heavily since 2015 just due to Dynasty, and these were my day 3 WR's I was interested in: Hits (in Bold) Italics (Made Team) 2015: Crowder Smelter Diggs Bell McBride 2016: Malcolm Mitchell (injury derailed career) Ricardo Louis Bad Mike Thomas Charone Peake 2017: Dede Westbrook Josh Reynolds Josh Malone Robert Davis Isaiah Ford-can't remember if he stuck or not. I think he stuck for at least a season. 2018: Coutee Callaway-loads of potential, hot and cold rookie year with drops & now buried on depth chart Hamilton Watson Lasley Cain-Exploded in preseason/training camp only to tear his ACL. ESB-Showed signs of promise down the stretch. R. James A. Tate (TE Hybrid) T. Quinn Take that for what it's worth, of the guys I listed, the guys I really really loved: Malcolm Mitchel-Looked like a monster hit until the red flags from college came home to roost (major injury history) Josh Reynolds-in spot starts he was studly Antonio Callaway: 1st round grade, 10 cent head. D. Hamilton-Excellent slot guy. K. Coutee: Slot heaven. J. Watson: Player comps are elite WR's, huge markers in terms of production, breakout age and combine. Could blow up under Arians. ESB-1st round grade in the summer of 2017 T. Quinn-Born to be a slot guy. Maybe Josh Malone who I thought and still think, could be a late blooming stud. Word was he was close to passing Ross on the depth chart last year but draft capital derailed that dream. Honestly a great move would be trading up in round 2 if Neal and AJ Brown fall to the bottom of round 1 or into the early 2nd. That would be getting top 15 overall WR talent to me. I like Deebo and Isabella, though Deebo is a really odd prospect, not sure how he'll be used.
  16. He has more of you that usual chasing your tails in circles. All this quoting cheats the usually well working ignore function.
  17. Wildbunny

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    That would require to properly define 'adequately'. If by that you mean perform at SB level, then, obviously none. (Besides Scherff, who's still not resigned...) But if you mean 'in line or above with what our crappy team is' then I'd say Crowder, Breeland and Long could have been viable options, a better effort could have been done with Alfred Morris as well. Someone like Compton is having a nice career outside of here as well though. Reed and Moses were overpaid considering their injuries history. And I'm not even discussing the KC endless debate here... But as I said, that's highly subjective. And prior to 2014 we really did draft like crap.
  18. I know that, I was just being pedantic about the term "interstate".
  19. Nah. I'm sure he attempted at least five times to get a subordinate to do something that would have been completely legal, if he'd done it himself, because Mueller once said something bad about putting ketchup on steak. I believe their fourth version of a story about the Trump Tower meeting, which now consists of "Well, our campaign intentionally attempted to collude with Russia, but them nasty Ruskies wouldn't do it.", too
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