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  2. I thought the reason was that everything seemed to click with Moses at RT, so moving Sherff to RG seemed the logical way to go. And it has turned out more than alright in my opinion. HTTR
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  4. PokerPacker

    Random Tech/IT Thread

    Canonical (the maintainers of Ubuntu) made the brilliant decision over the weekend to announce they'd stop supporting 32-bit libraries starting with the next release in October. A couple days later, Valve came out and said that Steam would not be supporting Ubuntu moving forward. It did not take long for Canonical to start back-tracking. Curious to see if they can backtrack enough to earn back Valve's support, or if Steam will be moving on to a new recommended Distro. Could be interesting to see how it affects the landscape of Linux distros.
  5. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    I really like the idea of adding to the growing Oranje group. Ala Hoever, that would be a really intriguing addition with an eye on the next few years and Lovren and Matip. Hail.
  6. Burgundy Yoda

    #PrayforRadyn - Derrius Guice related

    Just reading this news today, this is honestly extremely ****ed up, RIP to the little guy. He probably thought it was a toy or something, which makes it even more horrifying. Having a 3 year old myself my eyes watered up and I immediately got the chills when I read it.
  7. PokerPacker

    Random Thought Thread

    In my defense, I stuck with Ubuntu or variants thereof for a good ten years or so. I also played with a couple small-footprint distros on my netbook some number of years ago, but nothing serious. Speaking of systemd, there's your #1 reason for why I'm on Gentoo now. I'd been sticking with the Xubuntu 14.04 LTS as long as I could to avoid moving to systemd (granted it wasn't fully free of systemd, but at least it didn't own PID 1). So earlier this year, I'd realized that 14.04 was going EOL soon, and an Ubuntu kernel update broke nvidia graphics again (curse ye nvidia; I'm going AMD next time and using their open source drivers), so I went ahead and booted into Gentoo that, while not in the greatest of states on my machine with circular dependencies blocking some stuff in portage, and having not updated it in a year, it at least still had a functioning graphics driver to get me through my period of need. It definitely took a lot more work to get Gentoo up and running, but now that I've started to get the hang or Portage, it's been pretty smooth sailing. Even the nvidia graphics haven't caused me any pain when I compile a new kernel. Sure, Ubuntu would handle the nvidia graphics if you let it, but it tended to use outdated drivers and I think they would still break. I think I'm going to really like the rolling-release aspect of Gentoo. It was always a pain-in-the-ass to upgrade to a new release. That's my specialty And speaking of Ubuntu issues and the Random IT thread... I may just bump that thread with Canonical's weekend stupidity.
  8. abdcskins

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    That's cool we got Admiral Schofield. Surprised he didn't get drafted. I've seen Caupain have some big games in college too. Same with Corey Davis. I don't know how summer league/mini camp rosters work, but we should try to hold on to those guys. Lol I guess we drafted Schofield. Had no idea we traded with the Sixers. Shows you how closely I followed the draft, I turned it off as soon as we drafted Hachimura.
  9. Dr. Do Itch Big

    Random Thought Thread

    I bet penguin tastes delicious. The real chicken of the sea
  10. The Evil Genius

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Genius response to a pitiful organizations tweet.
  11. Incidentally, the health truthers gave sodium an undeservedly bad name. #MakeSodiumGreatAgain - we need it.
  12. Few things are overcome alone, weight is not treated as an issue that requires personalized assistance. People go to the dr, get atrocious advice, don’t see improvement, & quickly revert back to things that are comfortable... like food. Humans are entirely too isolated ... that isolation leads to behaviors centered around ease of gratification and/or numbing. Lots of money to be made keeping people depressed. From TV, to McDonald’s, to eBay, to pharmaceuticals, to the liquor store ... it’s all reliant on depression.
  13. Mr. Sinister

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    First of many. That man is just getting started.... Like Goku when he blonde on Namek for the first time
  14. Mr. Sinister

    Random Thought Thread

    Now you're talking... Like planet of the apes... but with penguins
  15. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    You're one of the few people that brings up Linux in here, couldn't just drive a stick instead of an automatic, that by itself wasn't challenging enough for you, huh? Did you met Tux when you were a kid or like a lot of people who liked the box with the words in it and kept digging? I don't really go past Mint, Debian, and Kali anymore at home anymore, get enough RHEL at work, switching runlevels (or tagerts, whateverthe**** SystemD calls them now) to fix video driver issues is fun for a while then evolves into only fun if you fix it for me. It's not as bad as how I feel about fixing cars now, its a time thing, and frustration with trying to make desktop OS pretty instead making sure they are functional, even xcfe does stupid ****. Please keep making Linux jokes that only three or four people get, no one bumps the Random IT thread anymore. Are we overdue for a remake of "The Birds"?
  16. This is what I thought....How bout paying him like an elite guard and moving him to tackle? That sounds like a plan.
  17. Cooley is a blessing to the Skins nation writ large. Jay Gruden has the same inner clown personality, I bet he’s tried to recruit Cooley onto the staff.
  18. No. He's an elite guard, and will get paid like one. No need to mess with that, Haskins will need an interior to step up into. Moving him to OT just gives us a probably decent, but flawed tackle and a new hole at OG. I'd rather he remain elite at his position and find OT help elsewhere. If Haskins is as smart and processes things as quickly as I suspect he will once he's caught up on the scheme, he'll help mitigate some of that edge pressure himself. He's got that ability to sense pressure coming at his back.
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