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  2. China

    The Quarantine Thread

    Looks like the same kind of snake I saw last weekend. Not particularly dangerous, unless you're a mouse or an egg.
  3. skinfan2k

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    The Market has no conscience!! V recovery is coming!

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    In regards to the junkies, I think they're burning some real bridges. At least with a certain segment of their audience....
  5. Potentially two with AGG (but then again, Doctson was supposed to do this as we'll see)
  6. TryTheBeal!

    The Quarantine Thread

    Danger Noodle on the back deck this morning!
  7. If you want to get rid of a car you could probably easily put it close to a protest with Trump stickers on it. No choice but to call insurance after that
  8. Skinned Aussie

    Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook should be broken up

    I agree that not having FB is awesome. I had more to do when I had a FB account. With my photos, I found a site that would store them and I would send a link to people to view them. I could also delete the photos as I saw fit rather than delete my account. There is a thing called EMAIL if you want to contact friends/family. If contacting in a hurry is required, you could always use SMS. Better still, you could always ring them! Skype is also a go-with, and it can be used on all operating systems. Not sure who owns it but. The last I heard it was 'owned' by MS. Now I'm not saying I don't have access to FB/Twitter or Amazon, it's just that I don't WANT to use them as they are all take, take, take and give nothing in return. I have used them but found others that were better and/or cheaper. Hell, even eBay is often cheaper than Amazon (not that I use eBay, my missus does as it is linked to her PayPal account.).
  9. TryTheBeal!

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    It does seem a little bit robust.
  10. Was he the OC under Kitchens? He was pretty bad as the OC in Cincinnati... To your point, yes, he was largely credited for Kitchen's and Mayfield's success.
  11. < @LD0506 mod edit tweet with rule 5 violation (f-word); penalty deferred this time> I expect we'll see charges filed...... Against those teens for illegal logging
  12. Very good jobs numbers put out today. They seem in opposition to other reports though. Is it terrible that I don’t trust the government to produce an accurate report anymore. I keep wondering if this is a work of fiction. Tell me I’m wrong and too cynical.
  13. LD0506

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Ok, this is probably gonna be my tl:dr coffee rant this morning............. I actually consider myself pro- police. It is an absolutely vital, necessary job. It is hard, too hard for me to do, that's for sure. My wife's father was a chief of police. I am named after an uncle that was a police chief. I grew up with police in the neighborhood and community, we knew them and they knew us and we got along. They'd yank yer ass up when you deserved it, but you knew you did, and 99 times out of 100 it was resolved with some stern words and warnings but very few charges or fines or whatever. I was lucky. And privileged, although none of us knew that at the time. The **** I have been watching lately is NOT policing. There is no protecting or serving in this, this is offensive and appalling. These are the actions of an occupying army suppressing an indigenous populace. It's not a question of semantics, those are two radically different and divorced concepts. There is no overlap. Being anti-racist, anti-fascist, pro-justice, pro-accountability and transparency are or ought to be thought of as PRO police positions. Police want, need and deserve some trust and communication with the community in order to do their job, but what's the rule? What has always been the rule? Respect is earned. At some point the police departments need to admit and expel the dangerous rabid elements in their midst that threaten them all. Instead of a blue wall of silence we need to see a blue wall of honor, a blue wall of trust and not some soundbite promulgated by the very un-American un-police types in their ranks that use it to hide in plain sight. The so-called police "unions" need to be addressed. The hideous amount of money spent by localities on police needs to be addressed. Civilian control needs to be imposed to rein them in now, during the demonstrations. One thing I'd like to see right now is a mayor directing that all police members wear large, clear identifying numbers on their kit so there is no more of this anonymous "which one?" horse****, you act, you answer for it, period. But it has to be more than that. We all need genuine systemic change to the way that police are trained, equipped and deployed in this country, for everyone's sake. Including the police themselves.
  14. Today
  15. bcl05

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    There are countless videos from the last week of cops being wildly out of control, violent, aggressive, etc. I have yet to see ONE video where another cop stops the beating. There is a rotten culture within police forces. This is not an issue of bad apples. Its appalling. We need a re-imagining of how we staff, train, and use police forces.
  16. What's the source for this? Worldometer has yesterday's NY death toll at 117. Maybe that's the whole state though and not just NYC. That's really good news though.
  17. Renegade7

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    @Larry This is what I'm talking about, man, NY Government making statements supporting police without seeing what they actually doing There is simply no way to fix a problem unless you first admit you have one. This idea its not as bad as some folks think it is is denial at best.
  18. redskinss

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    My next mission is to go get some fishing gear for my new vessel. If I just wanted a kayak I could have found something serviceable locally but I found this hybrid between kind of a kayak and a job boat on the internet and I wanted one bad. I wanted something super stable for fishing and something I could jump into the water for a swim and climb back onto without going to shore. And also something that stores plenty of gear. Its definitely not a kayak and it's kind of on the big side but it's got so many awesome features I had to have one.
  19. NEJM, Lancet place expressions of concern on controversial studies of drugs for COVID-19 The article, “Compassionate use of remdesivir for patients with severe Covid-19,” appeared in in April and immediately triggered waves of both enthusiasm and skepticism. The researchers reported that: In this cohort of patients hospitalized for severe Covid-19 who were treated with compassionate-use remdesivir, clinical improvement was observed in 36 of 53 patients (68%). Measurement of efficacy will require ongoing randomized, placebo-controlled trials of remdesivir therapy. (Funded by Gilead Sciences.) Not surprisingly, the paper received an avalanche of page views, press coverage and attention on social media. It even prompted an open letter from Daniel O’Day, the CEO of Gilead, which makes the drug, sponsored the study and wrote “earlier versions” of the manuscript. Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company A search of publicly available material suggests several of Surgisphere’s employees have little or no data or scientific background. An employee listed as a science editor appears to be a science fiction author and fantasy artist whose professional profile suggests writing is her fulltime job. Another employee listed as a marketing executive is an adult model and events hostess, who also acts in videos for organisations.
  20. Just read this on twitter. It takes just 12 weeks to train a Minneapolis police officer before they get given a gun and a badge. The Met (London) takes two years to train an (unarmed) officer. That's your problem. That should be step 1 of any police reforms - teaching them how to do the job in the first place.
  21. The mental pretzel some people go through to avoid admitting they're wrong.... That's just sad
  22. I'm getting the antibody test this afternoon. Hope I have it lol.
  23. GoSkinsGo

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    It's crazy we ran into the same problem with the kayaks and other outdoor / fitness stuff. Glad you were able to find some.
  24. And there it is. EB on the Junkies in regards to the old man who was pushed down. "I don't know what is allowed and what is not." Then claims he's not defending the officer. What the f...... At least JP put him in his place again "You don't know what is allowed? How about human decency?"
  25. Feels good knowing we finally have a reciever who can get up to get the ball.
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