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  2. I know how they work, I’m just making a comparison, we have quite a few good players, not enough real playmakers....It just really sucks, I’ve never been so low as a fan
  3. 9-0 and insurmountable. I hope Danny is choking on his scotch right now.
  4. 4th down and they couldn’t run it out
  5. Ok, they’ve lost. They’re 1-6. Can THAT faction of the fanbase stop talking about being X amount of games out of first place and making a playoff run? Maybe it’s time to start focusing on the future.
  6. Listen to me. Shut off your Redskins fan brain for a second and read what I actually wrote. They blew the whistle BEFORE the handoff even happened. It was a nothing play at that point. They did not know it would be a fumble, that's literally an impossibility. The whistle was blown immediately at the snap and then it just went on for a few seconds. You are wrong and there is no room for debate on it. It is impossible for it to be sketchy given the facts.
  7. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Oh yeah, whilst it’s on my mind F Choudhary, F Murphy and Shearer, and F anyone else that didn’t think it was a disgraceful tattle on Mo before the break. Hail.
  8. I just don't understand why this team is playing by the ****ing book football at 1-5? Who gives a **** if you lose at this point? What I'm going to hate is the post game dialogue about how the Redskins gave the 5-0 team a good game. I ready to blow a ****ing gasket!!!!
  9. 27 seconds left in the game and Kyle calls timeout for a field goal- sticking it to the Danny and to the Prince of Darkness for sure.
  10. If we had to know what he could do in the future we never should have drafted him. I'm fine with him learning on the bench and then getting an offseason of work as the starter. Besides you all think everything about this team sucks so wait until we've got some better players. If everything about us is terrible and he plays poorly that could just be the rest of the team dragging him down
  11. Kyle gets to laugh at Dan today and Kirk gets to laugh next weekend.
  12. I dont hate Gruden. But it was time for him to go in fairness.
  13. For those interested...the Watchmen premier is on HBO tonight.
  14. I don't believe he is. I've seen Callahan on the sideline calling plays.
  15. Bull ****in **** there wasnt..they had no reason to blow the whistle
  16. Too bad I cannot get these last 3 hours back that I have wasted watching this garbage. Gruden laughing at home today since we got shutout today.
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