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  2. skinfan2k

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Can we have the shortest depression ever? Nike swoosh recovery??
  3. NSFW
  4. Oh I think they could prove 2d degree - this could result in a plea deal for 3rd degree. THis is the Minnesota statute of 2d degree murder that I see applying. Unintentional murders. Whoever does either of the following is guilty of unintentional murder in the second degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 40 years: (1) causes the death of a human being, without intent to effect the death of any person, while committing or attempting to commit a felony offense other than criminal sexual conduct in the first or second degree with force or violence or a drive-by shooting; or
  5. Barry.Randolphe

    2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

    You say dark, I say **** the Phillies/Mets/Braves....and the Marlins, but who cares about them?
  6. indefinite mass detentions, helicopters used to terrorize citizens, ever expanding occupation of the city....
  7. Anselmheifer

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    You are better at RB's, but all I see in Hubbard is speed. Educate me! Hubbard clearly has speed to burn. He looks like a CJ Spiller in that regard maybe. I don't think he's in the same league as Ezekiel Elliot. Hubbard is listed at 6'1" and 207. He looks tiiiiny compared to Antonio Gibson. I don't see power or contact balance here. Also not a big time receiver. I'd way rather have an OT or TE here if we are going offense. I'm interested in the 1st round TE's, but I'd have to feel really good about one to take him in the 1st. Jalen Wydermyer looks huge and has good hands, but his movement skills look middling. Which is to say, he looks plodding to my eye. Kyle Pitts on the other hand can MOVE. But he makes me nervous. He's 6'6" and loooong, great hands, great getting in and out of breaks. He just looks like a WR. Why isn't he a WR? Does he block? You don't see a lot of guys with his build at TE. Imagine him blocking a Chase Young, for instance. But, maybe I'm being ridiculous. Maybe we'd be super lucky to draft another Jordan Reed, a game changing receiver that doesn't block gives away whether you are running or passing, but more than makes up for that with his production. If we are moving more towards a zone blocking scheme, it may matter less anyway. In any case, I'm finally hoping we don't suck. I don't want to be in a position to take Sewell, because if we are, it means our defense underperformed and Haskins underperformed. Picking 10-12 would be perfect for us. Lose a bunch of close games because we don't have an OL, a TE, or enough weapons, but stay in a bunch of games because Haskins looks better than expected and the defense keeps things close. Grab a few more impact players and have a big FA period and make the playoffs in 2021. And honestly, if everything broke right and we go 8-8 or 9-7, even better. I've been mulling our recent history, and Kyle Smith continues to grow on me. Can't believe we got Steven Sims as an undrafted FA. McLaurin in the 3rd. Love Charles in the 4th this year. If Haskins develops, we are going to be good.
  8. Oh he's going to lose his ****. And you just know that he'll have to do something in a desperate attempt to get the attention and praise back to himself. And you just know that, if history is any guide, it will backfire spectacularly.
  9. Trump is gonna have a conniption about all the praise Obama is gonna get for that speech. lol
  10. Huh. Checked the first two pages of the Tailgate and then did a google search that revealed the thread, but when I clicked it it said no longer available/no permission to view which is usually reserved for a deleted thread I think, even one that still shows up as having existed on google. Maybe there's a newer thread that I missed.
  11. "Mommy, Mommy! I don't like Grandma." "Shut up and keep eating."
  12. I haven't heard that used in 20 years...well done.
  13. That pic brought to mind...
  14. Everyone should watch that Boyega speech. Powerful stuff
  15. I think it's the suits. Maybe Trump forces all of his people to go to the same ****ty tailor he uses for his ludicrous suits.
  16. Thanks for posting that, I read it, gonna have to read it again to have it sink in more. It looks like trying to explain charges that can stick because the actions are required to commit the charge you really want to give, right? I'm scared of them trying to prove he really wanted to kill him, they can get him for stuff that might stick even if the primary charge fails. I'm not a lawyer or a cop, outside looking in it feels like they moved it to 2nd degree because they felt that will actually stick and not need to play safe with 3rd degree. Also, they aren't done, and I think why you posted that is to show they may be trying to get him to plead guilty. When an AG comes after you, it reminds of the saying the feds don't charge you unless they know they got what they need and the battle is already over. Him pleading guilty might get this over quicker, then the others will plead, too, knowing there's no way they stand a chance either in court. I want to believe them being fired limits the built in "protections" cops had in court, they are charged for they did as cops but I so badly want them to treat them like private citizens.
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