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  2. Re: Russell Moore - Jerry Falwell Jr. Jr. is really trying to up the turd game compared to his dad, who was a monumental turd of a person himself.
  3. volsmet

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    The btc struggle continues on its way to $11,700. I hope all of you bet on your own know & instincts. Wharton is making a move in the drug trafficking sector.
  4. Momma There Goes That Man

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Don’t care for that outfit. Hope that’s not in the movie
  5. Not sure why people are advocating moving Scherff to T. He is one of the best Gs in football. Could he play tackle now? Maybe. But not as well as G and that's where is comfortable now. If it's because people think it's easier to find a G than T, well maybe for most teams. But we have not had an even average LG for quite a few years. Unless one of the guys drafted turn out to be starters, or Ereck Flowers turns into one, they wil lstill be looknig for a LG. And it;'s not as easy as people think for a player to change positions. Could he do it? Possibly. Would he be good? Possibly. Would he as good a T as he is G? Very unlikely. So you move him over and you very likely weaken both positions. Not a good move at all.
  6. Protected classes are things that people don't have any control over (race, color, nation of origin, sex, age and disability), plus veteran status and religion. #1, I don't think weight fits very well into that scheme because people do have control over it, even if not total control and #2, the listed things are all characteristics that have historically been subjected to A LOT of discrimination and also haven't had the ability to protect themselves through the normal processes (legal and political). Neither of those things apply to obesity, particularly given that the vast majority of American adults are overweight.
  7. sources for ANY of that? Damnit, i wanted to put in a gif but don't know how.
  8. stevemcqueen1

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    I haven't seen Draymond's argument, but I would guess that he would make a distinction between a business whose product is a good like a nutritional supplement, and a business whose products are entertainers/sportsmen. But Draymond isn't the one making this change, it's some NBA owners themselves. And my take is they have the right to give themselves pretty much any title they want. That's not the narrative Clay Travis was selling to his Trump supporter audience. It was basically that the NBA, led by black players, were overstepping their place. He doesn't say that explicitly, but that's his message. Instead it's all, "I'm a lawyer, they're stupid for not knowing the legal definition of ownership in the business context, this is more proof that America is on the wrong track, this is why Trump got elected, yadda yadda yah." All the right wing radio hack hits. It's clear that he knows nothing about the NBA or its culture, doesn't care about it at all, and only wants to use it to race bait and get attention. I have the misfortune of him being one of two morning drive time sports radio shows in my city. Every once in a while I get curious and switch it to Fox Sports to peer under the rock. Always come away regretting it.
  9. ixcuincle

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    how many titles has he won?
  10. Who gets the A? Carlson? Oshie?
  11. No Excuses

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    Yes, how will the dollar ever compete with a "currency" that takes an average of *76* minutes to facilitate transactions. In this fictional world where the dollar collapses and bitcoin reigns supreme, not only will we be all standing in bread lines, but we will also then have the awesome opportunity to wait upwards of 1 hour for our loaf-of-bread transactions to be processed. A truly modern approach to financial calamity and social demise.
  12. Spaceman Spiff

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    Rutschman signed today. Also they signed the HS SS kid they took at 2:1. Minor leagues look a little bit better today. I'm assuming we'll have the 1:1 next year, too.
  13. The Evil Genius

    Random Thought Thread

    The post interview waiting period is maddening. Granted, I work in the public sector where the process is exceedingly long...but I never know the appropriate time to reach out and inquire if a decision has been made. Especially when you don't always get a "thank you, but no" letter from the hiring person.
  14. Want to know who actually crosses over with the Maga Klan group? People who feel the need to incessantly and brainlessly defend the party at all costs .
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  16. A lot of us get it. Nobody who wants to keep the name is doing it because they want to be racist. Said it before. If they ever drop the name. I'd rather there be no new nickname. Just Washington. The Washington Football Club. I mean, I guess Warriors is ok. But I'd rather just have their number on their helmet and the same colors.
  17. Corcaigh

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    Would have been awesome if the Ben Hur Automobile Company had made it. I'm visualizing the TV commercials already. P.S. @techboy let go of your Freedom Blanket which may have been first, but the Slanket was a clearly superior product to the PoS Snuggie. Further evidence that doing due diligence by reading the white paper for each crypto project won't help much in choosing winners. And P.P.S. it would not be that surprising if the biggest winners in the crypto/blockchain world turn out to be Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, etc.
  18. Theres that Bernie Bros/Maga Klan crossover happening again. It’s as consistent as the tides, really.
  19. TryTheBeal!

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Not really. I’ve been the co-owner of a car dealership for 10 years and I never publicly talk about my “ownership” or allow people to brand me as such. Nor do I ever refer to my crew as “employees”’s always “coworkers” or “associates”. Furthermore, to assert that the term “owner” and, by extension, “owned” is innocuous is laughable. It carries a lot a weight in the terms of a business arrangement. Any business owner can and should echo my position.
  20. I don’t like the idea of fleeing the state to avoid a vote. And if theres a fine for doing it, I take issue with the idea that it’s technically allowed. 500$/day fine doesn’t sound like “allowed” to me. I don’t like this notion that if you can’t get your way you can halt everything. It feels petty and childish. For example, I don’t view this as “blocking a vote” this comes across to me as “preventing the state legislature from doing its job” i dont know maybe I’m twisting myself into a pretzel here. I feel like blocking a vote by being in the chambers and using allowed tactics in the chambers is way different than fleeing the state and not showing up so the rest of the legislature cannot do their job.
  21. It does, it's supposed to be a holiday for all of us, not just some of us. There's a reason we don't politicize the 4th, I mean it went so well the last time
  22. Im temporarily in that zone too. I’m incredibly angry at the organization. I don’t even know who we drafted. Well see how that changes when the season starts.
  23. Renegade7

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Guilty, and I dont roll like that anymore. One time in early 20s I was so high I missed my exit on the interstate not just once but twice. I told myself I wouldnt drive drunk, and really the correct phrase was and is i should never drive inebriated, regardless of the cause.
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