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  2. Trade has been recorded.
  3. I’ll try and read this thing tonight, seems interesting from what you all are posting. Doubt anything will happen, of course...
  4. The GOP would be filing articles of impeach today and calling on POTUS to resign immediately.
  5. the report really doesn't paint Trump in a good light. The stories about him trying to fire Mueller and his reaction when Mueller was hired as special counsel are damaging.
  6. Skinsinparadise

    Starting QB 2019???

    Listened to Keim's podcast today. He said they like Rosen but aren't pining for him and there is a limit for what they'd give up. If I understood Sheehan yesterday he said they don't have a first round grade on Rosen.
  7. Get them on record that they support a President who likely broke the law and who instead should be facing prosecution. Mueller’s report explicitly tells Congress that they are well within their right to proceed with impeachment hearings over what is in the report. There is no coming back if both chambers of Congress refuse to do their job. The public should decide if they are ok with the Republicans protecting an individual who deserves prosecution.
  8. Well deserved salary bump for a very underrated player!
  9. Nothing but it's your duty even when you know it will fail.
  10. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Round 6! - Rds 1-5 in the books!

    *TRADE ANNOUNCEMENT* The Dallas Cowboys send their 2nd pick in the 6th Round, the rounds 36th selection (Pick #209), to the Cincinnati Bengals in exchange for Cincinnati's 40th selection in the 6th Round (Pick #213), and 9th selection in the 7th Round. (Pick #223.). Hail.
  11. But what can they really do though? Impeaching him in the House wont do anything because the Senate Republicans will never go along with it.
  12. #firebruce, duh seriously though, GREAT move by the FO. Now focus on the draft, then extend Scherff by training camp
  13. Consider me stunned. Great move by the FO.
  14. KingGibbs

    Report - Matt Ioannidis signed to extension

    Sweet! Love this guy!
  15. superozman

    Report - Matt Ioannidis signed to extension

  16. Alcoholic Zebra

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree. I'd rather have JJAW than Harmon. Big Slot does seem interesting for him. I think JJAW has more versatility than Harmon. Unfortunately we have guys like Trey Quinn and Jordan Reed who work best in the slot. I think it's easier to find a variety of talented guys who can work well in the slot in every draft. It's harder to find guys who function outside the numbers. I'm against drafting a Slot guy in the first 2 rounds unless they offer something unique or are fairly versatile. It's just common enough to find good Slot talent in every draft, and every round of the draft. Like Stevemcqueen has mentioned a few times, if JJAW was the size his college listed him at, 6'4 and had the wingspan to frustrate corners, that'd elevate him. But at 6'2 with a pretty good wingspan but not's not enough for me.
  17. Cooleyfan1993

    Random Thought Thread

    just got into a twitter argument with this moron for saying “who’s we” when this sports fan said “we” in reference to their favorite team. Who. Gives. A. Flying. ****. If. People. Say. We. About. Their. Favorite. Team????????? Gaaaahhhhh people make me mad
  18. Jeff Simmons is going to be an absolute monster. But I dont think we have the luxury of spending another day one pick on the DL. There are just so many other needs. ( although the prospect of a Allen/Payne/Simmons/Ion front 4 would be devastating). This is a phenomenal move by the FO.
  19. Very seriously this. They need to act. They won the midterms because people dont want to stand for this ****. If they dont act now im going down the "evil AOC destroys all" path cause **** the Dems too.
  20. **** the Democratic Party if they don’t seize this and hammer Trump until he’s out of office. This is a sitting President who committed multiple crimes and should be prosecuted. Grow a pair and do your jobs.
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