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  2. I haven’t been keeping track. Have we thrown on any 1-10?
  3. I think its obvious he doesn't trust Keenum
  4. He knew what this season would be and wanted no part of it.
  5. Sprinkle with the first down and we've moved the chains
  6. Nice throw by Keenum- coach needs to keep having him rollout and stay out of the pocket due to 49er rush up the middle.
  7. I think taking that helmet on the chin was Keenum's biggest contribution so far today
  8. wow. they wouldnt even call that in the lingerie league
  9. lol at DJ straight up saying they watched Haskins in practice and he throws a better ball than Case and needs to get a shot.
  10. Keenum can’t throw the ball. a pass on first down, even a screen, would be helpful.
  11. Crown of the helmet to the chin is going to be called everytime, idiot commentators
  12. Dude, Callahan, stop this nonsense. You aren't going to do anything running the ball every time. The 49ers defense has adjusted.
  13. No wonder QB’s get hurt so much in this league, dirty hits like that.
  14. Keenum gets 15 yard penalty- that helps the offense move the ball.....bad running play with Smallwood- no holes for him to find.
  15. Why are we running slow developing play?????!!!
  16. Dang I thought Callahan becoming HC magically improved his unit's ability not to commit penalties
  17. That was a stupid penalty in our favor for once.
  18. Moses and scherff have barely tried their ass today.
  19. We got bailed out like **** with a fluke ass call. I'll take it.
  20. Maybe Trent's real issue was that he didn’t want to be associated with squad of Linemen.
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