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  2. Offense was offensive I know the rain but come on at least try some short passing. Or shuttles on first down too predictable
  3. Tua's talent would be completely wasted here. We'll never be able to get a coach who's innovative enough to design a system around his strengths. We'd just do the exact same thing we're doing now.
  4. they were ok. lets see what they do against minnesota thur. that same defense, on a field that is NOT a slip n slide, will get ambushed. 400 yds , 30 + points. stop with the defense talk.
  5. we were sacked three times. That brings it up 15 pass plays for the game and 20% of them resulting in sacks. Add in the weather
  6. 9 in a row or we don’t go
  7. Callahan is an idiot. Running two straight times on that last possession was truly idiotic. A. Doesn’t know his defense or the moron coaching his defense who will inevitably give up a long drive and long 3rd down conversions. B. It burnt clock, made the game shorter. I’m really sick of these coaches with their own “style” that they force on their team no matter the personnel. Hereally felt they might score more than 3 points like that? All Callahan deserves credit for is shortening the game and making the final score less hideous.
  8. Well, this great new strategy we have has now yielded an NFL low 8.5 PPG, and one of the 5 worst offensive performances in the history of the Washington Redskins. This is the kind of disciplined commitment Tua can get behind.
  9. BatteredFanSyndrome

    Disciplined, commitment to the run football back in DC and it works! Who knew?

    Sometimes it’s best to just take the L. Tell me more about the discipline, please.
  10. #BgMase76#

    Poll: When will Gruden be fired

    Really interested to know how much autonomy KOC has in playcalling. Two games in and really not impressed thus far. Just finished watching the Niners game. How many Sims gadget plays are we gonna call per game? Felt like they went away from downhill running and got too cute.
  11. Rdskns2000

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    NO! 10-6 the new mantra? It's 2-14, 3-13 or 4-12 at best baby!
  12. It works? Lol. How did running 2 straight times on that last Skins drive work? All it did was shorten the game and make it less lopsided in the final score.
  13. Wow. We're we born yesterday? I've seen skins give up more in worse weather conditions in just the last few years. Why is the rainy weather suddenly an excuse? Give credit where credit is due.
  14. Nothing, when they're working. Outside of a couple later runs, our running game was basically shut down after our first drive. But we still kept doing the exact same thing. Run run shovel pass punt. Run run run punt. Run run incompletion punt. Run run sack punt.
  15. AP's fumble was the turning point in that game, 1st and 10 at the SF 29 when it happened.
  16. Kirk bending us over a barrel will be the perfect end to this season... This is week 16 right?
  17. Well bud, we scored zero points while having a near-ideal performance from AP considering the defense we were playing, and it coincided with our own defense actually being stout. And points. That might be part of what's wrong.
  18. The run the damn ball no matter what people will claim victory that they only lost by 9 against a 5-0 team forgetting we scored no points.
  19. I'd say he did inject new energy. We started out at -5, now we're at 0. Under Gruden, it looked pretty clear the players had already clocked out before the halfway point. Aside from Moses, I do believe they're playing their hearts out now, they simply aren't good enough to do anything with it. Our QB situation is an example of that, to start with.
  20. Well, we didn’t score. But beyond that? Not much.
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