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  2. Third quarter score is 0-0 and both offenses cannot function in the heavy rain. Our offensive line is having trouble pass blocking. Peterson ran well in first quarter.
  3. Say what you want about Keenum but Cousins would have turned that sack into a fumble.
  4. Keenum sucks balls. He even probably does that badly.
  5. If he’s really hurt they should have played Colt. Unless Colt is still hurt. And he looks hurt. Got a day off on Wednesday. Also, only throwing in high pressure situations is a recipe for disaster.
  6. Which is ironic because going 3-and-out before the D has a chance to rest is exactly what people who don't want to be pass happy are afraid of.
  7. Man we over drafted Haskins if he cant get in the game with Case doing absolutely nothing the last 6 quarters
  8. This is a game made for the QB to convert some first downs with his legs. Our guy can't/won't dont it. Hasnt all year.
  9. I mean, I'm sorry its raining, but you have to attempt forward passes. you just ****ing have to
  10. wtf is wrong with keenum??? he knew the blitz was coming and still thought he had time?? just ****
  11. Wow, another good punt, and then awful special teams coverage. 3 Guys miss on the guy who catches the ball who basically stood still and danced.
  12. Jesus. Keenum stands there like an idiot. THROW THE ****ING BALL!
  13. FFS. Keenum is totally impotent, useless. How in the name of all that is holy can you not bring in Haskins at this point? What a pathetic, disgusting, unimaginative offense to watch.
  14. Gonna want to edit that. Unintentionally bypassed the auto-censor.
  15. horrible blocking by Rollier and Scherff but my god Case needs to get rid of it. he's taken so many of those this year. and now we give it right back
  16. Number 75 on Skins did not block anyone on the attempted pass play and sack of Keenum.
  17. The Redskins have a chance to win this - as long as they don’t send the offense onto the field.
  18. Keenum is gargabe. Dude throw the ball away if you need to, don't just stand there.
  19. What is Scheriff soooo glad we havent paid this guy
  20. Can anybody give me a quick summary? Can't watch the game.. Looking at the box score, looks like two quadriplegics kickboxing lol. 200 yards of offense combined?
  21. Wow, 75 did nothing on that last rush - stood around and looked lost
  22. This whole commitment to the run thing is fine except that if you can’t pass it a little bit you’re going to go 3-out a lot.
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