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    U.S. Congress Part 116

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    Random Thought Thread

    1 TB of porn...sheesh. That's a lot of sinning.
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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The reason IMO Bruce won't be celebrated by most (or more on point Dan) for any one or even multiple moves whether it's R. Foster or whomever is because the off season almost always included victories in the mix year after year. It's never been ha -- look at that move take that! They have always had nice moments in the mix. Really every organization does. As much as Gettleman is ridiculed right now around the league -- its not like every move he's made has been a joke. He arguably had one of the better drafts last year in the league. He is getting buzz this off season in theory for turning around the worst O line in the league into an above average one at least according to some observers. So why give Gettleman a hard time? Well, because it looks like on the aggregate the Giants aren't poised to go anywhere. So the sum of the parts don't add up -- at least in theory. I've used this analogy before about Jay. I guess I'd be considered a Jay apologist considering I mostly like him and don't see him as a flagrant problem as so many here seem to think him to be. Nonetheless, if I went on Jay's thread which is full of critics after a big win and said see what do you guys say now! I'd be laughed at because their criticism of Jay isn't that he does everything wrong but that on the aggregate over a longish sample they are dissatisfied about him. So for me to do a victory lap or get some love for Jay on the Jay thread, I'd wait for the whole soup to be finished -- where its like hey they finished 10-6 and won a playoff game what do you guys have to say now? That's IMO is the bed that Dan and Bruce made. The sample is too big to celebrate any off season perceived victory. I also don't think most will grade them on a curve with a woulda shoulda narrative. Or this is another positive step on their long journey to inevitable success. The sample I think is too long for most of us to see it that way where they are given the benefit of the doubt or a break. So on that front I am as cynical as any other. But the one thing where I agree with some of Dan's quasi defenders is would we be singing a totally different song if he actually struck gold and landed a franchise QB. I think its certainly possible that we'd be singing a different tune about Dan-Bruce if they actually got the QB position right. And while I grant its not easy to get the Qb position right -- its not like its totally out of their hands either where they deserve no blame for striking out at that position over and over again. But maybe finally that will change. I hope so. I think it's all about Haskins at this juncture. They get it right then the misery might finally end.
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    Random Thought Thread

    @Spaceman Spiffit gone official now on ESPN
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    Random Thought Thread

    Pornhub has 50 membership premium that gives you storage up to 1 TB. You could upload your pics to that.
  7. Yes, bunches of fertilized eggs do not become babies. (Or even fetuses). (The number I heard was 1/3.) My point was was that I don't think you could call those "abortions". Your point (as I remember) was "Most abortions ...."
  8. Dr. Do Itch Big

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Iggy should be ready to go
  10. I agree with your reasoning completely. I just don't think it's in the public interest for PBS to get embroiled in a culture war, especially over people's kids. Do you think it's better in terms of the normalization of the population of Alabama for (1) the station to refuse to air one episode of Arthur because it is particularly offensive to their sense of bigotry, twisted christianity, conservatism, or (2) for all of Alabama to boycott the station (which presumably often airs programming like Arthur and Sesame Street that constantly preach inclusion) entirely?
  11. The very first season tshile, I think we're starting to get into the realm of the absurd. I understand that a reasonable parent may feel that same sex relationships and marriage may require a fuller discussion to give it proper context and requires a certain emotional maturity to properly understand the history behind it (I'm playing devil's advocate in a vague way. I don't agree with the position because I don't think it requires some in depth historical overview. But I recognize that reasonable people may disagree regardless of their actual position on same sex relationships and marriage) But do you really think that Alabama station's decision is not motivated by a certain distaste and animus towards same sex relationship? That they have a problem with any subject that could even remotely touch on sex or attraction or marriage? You may want much tamer content in a kid's show than the average population, but do you think that Alabama station had any issue with the myriad of other contents that you would find objectionable (as premature, not necessarily wrong)?
  12. Barr's job in all of this is to offer just enough info for headlines. We already saw this exact thing play out with his "Summary of Mueller report" It is no accident that he said just enough for a "No Collusion" headline to be splashed everywhere, yet once the media and others started actually reading the report it was fairly obvious that was pretty misleading, not to mention Barr severely ignored/undercut the Obstruction aspect(s) of the report as well. Then it happened again with the "spying on Trump campaign" thing. He kept using the term in order to fuel the right wing media machine with a splashy headline, when in reality it is already common knowledge everything was legal, with warrants, based on credible information. But somehow none of that made it into those headlines.
  13. I was just providing examples of other topics that I would have PREFERRED she not see in the shows my wife and I watched. I was speaking to my specific situation with my child, that would have occurred years ago. I never equated same sex marriage to violence, etc. so stop twisting what I'm saying and putting words in my mouth. We didn't want her seeing straight couples making out either, which was stated and obviously ignored. I also stated that this particular scenario never impacted our daughter in any way, she's 11 and already had most of those talks to some degree the past 3-4 years. And I've stated plenty already in here that I DISAGREED with the network not airing the show. But I do believe that it should be up to the parents as to when they would PREFER any topic be exposed to their child along with what platform is used to introduce (TV show, cartoon, movie, real life, etc.) those topics (probably gotta spell this out for you too - I'm generally speaking here). I also have stated more than once that when my child was growing up we did not shelter her from anything (outside of not watching our TV shows that were not appropriate for a young child to watch anyhow) and let her experience everything in life naturally as it occurred. As for the topic of gay marriage, gay couples holding hands or kissing, showing PDA, our daughter wasn't introduced to that until she was 8 years old and it was addressed and she was educated that it was ok for two people regardless of being both male or female to love one another and get married.
  14. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't think Bruce Allen is as bad as people on this site make him out to be. You can't blame Bruce for the injury's but i guess you could blame him for taking players with a injured past. On second thought...... hmmm I'll still take Bruce Allen over anything Vinny Cerratto brought to this team.
  15. bakedtater1

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Most unbelievable story in the NFL......
  16. Nah man. RGIII was the best QB prospect I ever watched. Better than Watson and Mayfield. Better than Haskins. Even a little bit better than Luck. He was a Heisman Trophy winner that outperformed Luck in 2011 and 2012. He was a brilliant passer and I remember a point during the 2011 season when he had more touchdown passes than incompletions. He had the talent to become what Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes are today. But great prospects get ruined all of the time. He suffered a serious injury and ended up with a horrible team and coaching situation. Many a prospect has failed due to those circumstances. OTOH Wilson and Mahomes stayed healthy and ended up on great teams with great coaching and management situations and thus they thrived and realized their potential. Haskins is a blue chip prospect in his own right though. And the hope is that our organization has achieved some stability since the RGIII debacle and that Haskins is walking into a much better situation than RGIII had. And hopefully he stays healthy. He shouldn't get hit as often or as hard as RGIII did. He is much more careful whereas RGIII was fearless to the point of recklessness. But you can never predict health or injury. All it takes is one really bad step to alter careers.
  17. JoeJacobyHOForRIOT

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Boy Case Kenneum looks like water dancer out there. I'm getting all tingly thinking about the fact we have two capable starters at QB on the field right now in Keenum & Haskins.......I'm such a homer
  18. I wasn't trying to attack you, just saying that I don't really see that and I've seen others make the comparison. I'm certainly not a game film or QB breakdown expert; there are plenty of people in these threads who know way more than I do. I was just explaining why I didn't see the comparison there.
  19. redskinss

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    I totally agree, but I do think it would be nice if there was a way teams in this situation could get some relief. I don't think it's fair that a player that suffers a career ending injury should be such a burden. But then again if they changed the rules teams would find a way to exploit them in ways the rules weren't intended.
  20. I don't know, I don't watch the show. It doesn't really matter if they have. Cartoon depictions of weddings shouldn't be taboo.
  21. In his short career so far as Trump's AG, Barr has already shown himself as willing to spin, obfuscate, and seemingly flat out lie to help Trump politically. Trump has repeatedly made it known that he wants to weaponize law enforcement to go after his rivals. Those two things together don't give you any pause about what's happening? As to your second point, I have serious doubts that the "evidence" that comes out will actually be thoroughly examined by nonpartisan career DOJ officials. This whole thing will allow Barr to cherry pick stuff that seems to back up Trump's claims, and then put it out to the public in a likely misleading way without any context. Any of the underlying full documentation that shows context will obviously not be made available (or will only be made available slowly and heavily redacted) which allows the Trump/Barr narrative to get out there without any way to counter it. Basically exactly what happened with the Mueller report. You know all of this. There's no way you don't. What will inevitably happen is Barr will send out highly misleading stuff that he cherry picks from the reports. The media will run with it, especially right wing media. Then much later once the full investigation is finally released (likely after House Dems having to go to court to get it), it will show that what Barr put out there was basically a charade and at best misleading (seeing as how there's precisely ZERO evidence of any of Trump's claims about spying, etc) . But it won't matter at that point, because the public will have absorbed it and moved on. And this is EXACTLY what the Rs are counting on.
  22. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Famer? Everyones thoughts please.
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