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    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Got tired of doing what everyone else was doing so started doing my own thing, 7 days a week. I actually changed my screenname when I was a teenager because being mixed black kids didnt consider me black enough and white kids kept having weird expectations for me, like I could play basketball or roll a blunt with my eyes closed yet. I became very take me as I am or have nothing at all at a very young age, it wasn't until i came here that I really got a better scope of race relations and why even if it bothered me I couldn't act like they didnt exist. I remember getting crap for liking Linkin Park but being proud I wasnt hanging my pants off my ass or over exaggerating my DC roots to seem more hood . Needless to say I didnt like high school, too fake a cliquey, why I liked it here more for broader perspective of things I had questions about. I have my screenname tattooed as graffiti on my left forearm, it was my first, done with a giant needle, broken pen chamber, and CD motor because my little sister needed practice at the time.
  3. Random observations He would do well to take a page from Jonathan Allen and our d-line and learn how to embrace and love being uncomfortable. I feel like he hates being uncomfortable which on the flip side is also partially his motivation for his preparation and learning how to absolutely shred defenses so he doesn’t have to be. However, handling this will give him another opportunity or way to root out his bad habits while under pressure. I loved that bit of improvisation/backyard football he had with his TE Farrell in the 4th quarter. One of my favorite traits of Haskins is that he doesn’t mentally give up when his 1st read doesn’t work out. He’ll work through his progressions and if that doesn’t pan out he can also change routes with his receivers on the fly. I’ve seen him make these kinds of plays a few times in the 4th quarters of games. A lot of people, their mind shuts down when under pressure. They just lock up and tunnel vision, reacting rather than being proactive like Haskins shows here. Sure he’ll rush his timing under pressure a lot, but his mind and eyes won’t stop looking and that gives me a sense of optimism. Resetting his eyes and finding his read on that botched snap was a positive. Mclaurin needs to do a better job of catching with his hands. He needs to be a dog and go and grab that ****.
  4. Did you look at the graph? Those things (needs like food vs. discretionary spending) are separated out. Obviously it's not all americans, as would be impossible for them to poll the entire country. Presumably there is some error range in their results which is not listed.
  5. KKK rally in Dayton thread. The only way to make guns scary to the Fox News crowd.
  6. This sounds awfully judgmental on your average American. Those focus groups and marketers aren't just aimed at your average Joe, they're aimed at his job, at his local/federal government, at his children's school, at his doctor's office, at his insurance company, the way he pays his taxes, transportation, his MONEY, etc etc etc etc
  7. TryTheBeal!

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    We are all Raptors now. *bends knee*
  8. Thanks for sharing, so it's not a full on wild Internets conspiracy theory. If he doesn't play this year, maybe its in part to learn how to take care of his body. In NHL circles the Capitals Brooks Orpik was the resident player health cop that taught the greenhorns right from wrong. We finally won a cup under his guidance. Maybe Haskins will learn more valuable info from athletic freaks like AP more than he will from Case Keenum. Dedication to his craft not just mentally but also physically. The things Case can best teach him, he may already know from getting to where he is already.
  9. Did you post this thinking you might just catch somebody off guard and in the right mood where they’re juvenile, underdeveloped brain would find this humorous? If so, congratulations. I’m still laughing.
  10. Today
  11. They say, but are they being honest with themselves.... I’m sure it is true for some people who are just above the poverty line but the government provides food stamps and public housing so i don’t think the numbers add up. ”Tuition at public universities doubled between 1996 and 2016 and housing prices in popular cities have quadrupled,“ Neither of those items are necessities. Vocational school is a suitable substitute for universities and you can choose to live in a less “popular” city. They seem irrelevant to the story... the article brings up tuition payments several times, like they are important... There are more things to buy (and are being bought) now than at any point in history. Netflix, mobile phones like the iphone and samsung models, food delivery, uber, online micro transactions, video games for practically every device you own, a nice bag of weed... And the companies offering those services make bank and at the end of the day you get basically nothing in return. Im sorry, but i think it is way more likely people are going to debt as a result of those things that as a result of things they actually need. People convince themselves they need the internet, but that is not true. While it’s true you need access to the internet, there are plenty of places where it is free to get online. People convince themselves they need a mobile phone, so they buy a super nice one that their friends can be proud of, but all they really need is a cheap flip phone. Im sure there is a percentage of people who are really struggling to meet basic needs, but it’s not 25 percent of all americans. Americans have beeen tricked into believing their wants are needs and rights by focus groups and marketeers.
  12. So what you are saying is it's it's terrible the way people are condemning openly White Supremacists and Nazis merely because they're openly White Supremacists and Nazis.
  13. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I recall one of the criticisms of him that some say played a part in his drop in the draft was the combine. And it wasn't just the slow 40 but that he cramped afterwards. Apparently, according to some cramping is a sign of being out of shape. I posted a few days back what some of the scouts said about him and one of the concerns from one of the scouts was can he stay in good playing shape. Personally, I have no idea. I am just saying the point you raised has been raised by others. My thought for now is its tough to get out of shape leading into the season considering training camp is plenty long enough. I recall O'Connell or someone saying that Haskins was willing to throw the ball nonstop in minicamp so that's a good sign.
  14. Has anyone seen Haskins conditioning and endurance put to the test? I am theorizing a lack of conditioning may be why he doesn't run. After watching him sweating through workouts, it dawned on me that with his thick frame, it all may be tied together. It's just a theory, but something I don't think I have seen thrown out there. I will always call bunk that a 21 year old athlete "can't run".
  15. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Just look at that fat tub of ****.
  16. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    As for this offense, the O line's health is my greatest concern. We seem to lose Trent for at least 4 games a year and in 2 or so he plays seriously banged up. This time we don't have Ty to back him up. We got Scherff coming off an injury. We still got questionable depth IMO on the interior. If we lost Trent at some point then this O line quickly becomes at best pedestrian. The receivers lack a true #1 guy. I presume the goal in the next draft is to fix that. McLaurin and Harmon were ironically two of my favorites among the 2nd tier group of receivers. I recall advocating among other times for McClaurin the same morning we took him. But rookie receivers rarely kill it right away. McLaurin: I think he's underrated because he didn't have the numbers that Parris Campbell did in that offense but he wasn't targeted nearly as much. But his numbers were actually good. His catch rate %. His yards per target was #1 among the receivers in this draft. 11 TDs. Haskins QB rating targeting McLaurin was insane --beating Tua with any of the Alabama receivers. The dude is a great blocker. He can beat press coverage. He runs 4.35. My point is he can be star level good. I'd guess he ends up a good receiver as opposed to a great one. But I'll take it. My one concern is his hands aren't special. I think he can play Z or X. Harmon: I didn't watch him until late in the process. But I was impressed with him. I know the rap is he has 4.6 speed so can he separate. But the games I watched the dude was just about always open. He separated IMO better than N'Keal Harry who I also liked. I think there is more to him than the rap that he's just a physical dude who will make contested catches. He does have good-strong hands. Like McLaurin the dude can block. He's physical in the open field with the ball in his hands and can be a YAC guy. Paul Richardson: I liked him in FA and in retrospect I was wrong. It's not that I didn't like his play in the short spurts last season but the dude was mega injury prone in Seattle and that's followed him here. And physically he is mega thin -- sort of the RG3 equivalent of a receiver where you think he can be snapped in half by a good hit. I think it was weird when Doug said this off season that the Z receiver in this offense needs to be a blocker that's why you wouldn't for example play Richardson as a Z -- I am thinking dude Richardson was playing Z plenty. I'd see him as an X at times but Doctson played a lot of X. When he was healthy, he was one of go to guys for sweeps or to fake a sweep before they handed the ball off. I don't think he's anything special. But he has his moments in Seattle when he made some big plays. At the time I wanted some speed. But now that they have McLaurin I am less into Richardson. Doctson: the one thing I'll give him is whenever I would freeze some of the offenses frames, you'd see him open often. I noticed it for the first time at the opener which I was at. Alex is conservative so didn't throw his way much. But for the first half of the game i was on the side where Doctson played mostly and had a good look at him. I don't think at this point Doctson is anything special to say the least. But it wouldn't surprise me if he took another step this year. I see him right now as a decent #3 type WR. Quinn: He seemed to get open in the Arizona game the times he was in the game. He doesn't seem though to have special speed or elusiveness in the open field. Cooley says he's a good blocker but I haven't paid attention to As for the clips below, the first two frames I put here ended up as an incompletion with Alex running to his right and he basically threw the ball away to the sideline at the end of this. I posted it because it was one of the rare spread formations. You had Thompson lined up as a receiver on the inside and ended up wide open, doing a quick out. Richardson was getting open for a shallow cross. I can see Haskins thriving with some of that stuff. And i think he will be more decisive than Alex with plays like that. On the third clip you can see Thompson and Reed wide open in space in between the numbers with plenty of room for YAC. Part of the reason why I am not in the Jay is a buffoon as a play caller crowd is its actually easy for me to find clips like this whenever I watch coaches tape. For me I don't think the #1 issue with the passing offense is Jay struggling or even the receivers not being hot -- the #1 problem IMO with the passing game has been the lack of a franchise level passer IMO. You put a Matt Ryan or a Big Ben type with this crowd and I think you have a difference scene. So even with a mediocre group of receivers Haskins might fare better than we think if we give him time. As for Jay IMO his weakness as a play caller is playing the percentages as for when to call runs-passes and with what formations. But even with that weakness, the receivers find a way to get open in his offense. Don't get me wrong i'd love to have a true #1 receiver. There is nothing hot about our receiving corp. But I do think a high level passer will fix some issues.
  17. LD0506

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    I joined ES like 15 years ago and this was an old expendable AOL address, figuring I'd probably bail after a while. Probably ought to change it to something relevant but then I'd have to give a ****............
  18. Here is one take. it's not about his feelings. It's about what is best for the team long term. Case kind of ensures mediocrity, a crappier draft pick and really has no upside. Any chemistry he and the receivers have, will be gone next year. It doesn't take much for a vet QB to "beat" out a 21 year old rookie. Collective teams over the decades have been following the 'sit the rookie' model for decades as we witnessed one QB after another ruined, or wasting away. Sit them a year or 2, and then test them... just seems like waste of time and draft capital. If that was THE model to follow, the modern day trend to using young QBs successfully would never have been born. I call bunk that Aaron Rodgers had to sit for 3 years. Maybe the Pack would have had a few more Bowl wins had they started him as a rookie.
  19. China

    Emerging Technologies

    Elon Musk Says ‘Hyperloop’ Tunnel Is Now Just a Normal Car Tunnel Because ‘This Is Simple and Just Works’ Back in 2017, Elon Musk had grand visions for the test track built by The Boring Company, his tunneling firm, in Los Angeles. The Boring Company’s tunneling work was closely linked to Musk’s Hyperloop idea, which would require hundreds of miles of tunneling to be viable, although the actual test track in California bore none of the traits of an air vacuum-based transportation system. It would have proprietary vehicles with varying capacities for private travel, public transport, or freight. They would travel along electrified skates for frictionless movement. It would be fast and efficient, but more importantly, it would be different, because he’s a genius. Six months ago, the first demonstration of that track didn’t quite match that vision: it was a Tesla Model X on a sled going down a very bumpy tunnel at roughly 50 mph. At the time, Musk said the bumpiness was only temporary: “That bumpiness will definitely not be there down the road—it will be smooth as glass.” Credit where credit’s due: it does appear to be smooth as glass now, according to a video The Boring Company released of a car going 127 mph down the tunnel. How did it achieve such miraculous speed and comfort improvements in a mere six months? They paved it. Yes, for those keeping score, in a mere two years we’ve gone from a futuristic vision of electric skates zooming around a variety of vehicles in a network of underground tunnels to—and I cannot stress this enough—a very small, paved tunnel that can fit one (1) car. The video’s marketing conceit is that the car in the tunnel beats a car trying to go the same distance on roads. You’ll never believe this, but the car that has a dedicated right of way wins. Congratulations to The Boring Company for proving dedicated rights of way are important for speedy transportation, something transportation planners figured out roughly two centuries ago. I’m afraid for how many tunnels they’ll have to dig before they likewise acknowledge the validity of induced demand. Click on the link for the full article
  20. gbear

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    G for first letter of my name. Bear because it is what a previous gf called me. She was making fun of how hairy I am and the fact I was an older man chasing a younger person. The gay usage of the word was just additional fun. She was 3 months younger and never let me forget it. I like bears. So I was fine w name and used ut for a screen name here.
  21. We are living in a corporatist, right-wing hellscape.
  22. So what you are saying is, "Ok signs for me, but not for thee." Where thee are those who hold different opinions than you, aka White Supremacist. I would suggest that Fry's explanation wasn't silly but rather futile. He was pointing the finger at the totalitarianistic PC community's efforts to stifle free expression, not Neo-Nazis. He was on target, but the target perceived itself unassailable. My guess is that if you read a bit of Fry's work you would see that, or surmise he is a Gay Neo-Nazi.
  23. Burgold

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    In terms of holes, inside linebacker and free safety are glaring. Wide receiver has been talked about. I feel like there’s talent there, but I don’t know if it will be realized due to health or other factors. Corner may also be s concern. Dunbar started strong, but slipped and then had to be shelved for injuries. Can he come back, step up, and is he durable enough to last a season. I’m hoping Moreau makes the kind of jump Fuller did in his second year playing. Josh has been up and down. The rest are really young.
  24. I have some sympathy for Doctson. He's a vertical outside receiver who was definitely minimized last season in a key year for a wr's career development by having qbs that can't/won't throw the ball downfield. But his problems are with aggression and consistency as much as anything else. He is a passive player who blends in more often than he steps up and takes over a lead role.
  25. justice98

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    David Justice used to be my favorite baseball player and '98 was when I started using it as a screen name.
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