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  2. These things frustrate me because I live with this insane delusion that people aren't THAT stupid, and then oops I was wrong. Yes, I work in real estate now and geography is part of my job, but even before that I knew where the hell I was at. We studied geography in 5th grade and had to score 100% on states quiz and 90% on capitols or we just kept retaking. My wife, ZERO sense of direction...sorry that's wrong. What's in front of her is North. That would drive me insane. In the Army I learned to read maps well and how to determine my location using features alone. I guess this does make more sense why people freak out when there's a tornado 3 counties away, hell they don't know where they are so it feels like it's coming right for them. Me, even if it's in my county I'm looking to see which part and which direction it's moving to see if it's even a threat. The fault is really mine in assuming people are smarter and better educated than they really are. That's on me, my bad. That poor kid...did Tosh ever do a web redemption for her?
  3. CaptainJames2004

    2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    Welp, Wednesday night is what the NHL playoffs are all about I guess. Let's Go Caps! BACK2BACK!
  4. Elections have consequences. Thanks Obama.
  5. Redskin4ever

    Those were the days...(a pictorial)

    I forgot that was their first game. What an omen that was.
  6. Another thread to show how ****ing stupid our society has become. C'mon Darwin, you got some work to do.
  7. No Excuses

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Not we, just the pro-rape religious bigots.
  8. Anselmheifer

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    SIP, maybe KeeSean is Trey Quinn, but at WR. I'd be ok with that. I'd love him in the 7th. I just don't want to see him creeping into the 5/5 range. VOLSMET, thanks for posting those gif's of AJ Brown. All I want is 10 1st rounders so I can grab all of my favorite players. Is that too unreasonable? But, seriously, I wouldn't mind grabbing AJ Brown and Marquise Brown, if we can somehow move down in the 1st and then up from the second. Our WR corps would instantly be remade. I also see the two Browns as being very complementary receivers, in the same mold as DeSean and Pierre. Add in some mid round OL, and Rosen for a 2020 2nd, and the offense would be remade. I don't think we'd be incredible in 2019, but I do think we would be a solid FA and draft in 2020 away from always competing for 10-11 wins instead of 7-8.
  9. Gurgeh

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'd be fine with this scenario. After the top ten or so picks I think there's a lot of decent but not outstanding prospects, so unless one of the real talents happens to drop into our laps (I was hoping for Hockenson at one point but it's looking very unlikely now) trading back makes a lot of sense with so many needs in the squad.
  10. Elessar78

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Ten times over. More than Clegane Bowl, I want to see if Tormund and Brienne (and Jamie??) get together. Themes Episode 1: Family Lots of mention of family, family ties etc. Ep. 2: Change Lots of mention by the characters on how their situation have changed or how they personally have changed.
  11. Jericho

    Starting QB 2019???

    Maybe I was too tied when I wrote my prior post, cause it doesn't even make sense to me. Sorry, it was a long day. Yes, coaching does involves developing talent. It's literally the definition of the word - to train or instruct. So that's not what I meant. My point was more along these lines. Coaches should take the players given and: (1) try to make them better at their jobs; and (2) use said players to formulate a game plan against opponents. The job of the General Manager is to acquire the players. Preferably the most talented players, but there's often a trade off in picking the best player right now with the potential best player in 2-3 years. So, at times, tough decisions have to be made. The problem of giving coaches the role of GM is they tend to take players that fit their system rather than the best players available. I'm sure Gruden wants a QB that fits his system and checks certain boxes. But the odds that it's also the same QB that the front office thinks is best are probably not great. I'd rather take the best player, rather the player that fits Gruden's system best. Partly because I don't think Gruden will be here that long. And partly because coaches picking "their" guys often leads to bad choices. It's inevitable that there has to be some trade off between system fit and best talent when selecting players. You can't just take players that don't fit the system. But, because coaches tend to get fired quickly, systems change all the time. So you can't just take the best system fits either or else half your roster is useless the next time you fire a coach. So there's always some compromise. However, QB is simply too important a position to compromise on. Take the best guy. Not a QB version of Ryan Grant or Colt McCoy 2.0.
  12. I missed the 3rd and was glad I did. Carolina took control in the 2nd, even if there should have been a penalty on the tying goal. They outplayed the Caps and if that’s what the 3rd looked like, it’s not surprising the Caps lost. As for the waived off goal, having not been involved in the emotion of the game and seeing it after the fact, I can see why they waived it off. There was contact and the puck went into the net. From the angles I saw, it’s possible the puck was loose, but you couldn’t really see it to know for sure. It happened so fast. I don’t blame Ovechkin as he’s doing his job. It’s a shame they didn’t get that call, but you have to sack up and outplay the other team. In game 5, they overcame a bunch of terrible calls and dominated. That’s what you have to do if you want to win.
  13. Honestly I still dont know if I support the death penalty for sure but this is for sure the type of crime I would accept that outcome in. What a terrible way to die. My biggest issue is that I dont know if any punishment, including death, really changes the problem that caused this crime in the first place.
  14. Skinsinparadise

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Sure there is a reason why I mentioned Keesean as a late rounder to look at as opposed to one of my top desires in the early rounds. You aren't getting a combine stud who was also a big time producer from college in the 7th round. Those guys are going in the 1st and 2nd. Keesean ran a better 40 at his pro day. He's 6 "1, 200 + pounds with decent size hands and wingspan. He ultimately ran a 4.53, with a 1.59 10. That's not bad. But his drill is his route running and his hands not special athleticism. I see him as a rich man's Ryan Grant. He had more yards, more touchdowns, more catches than guys like AJ Brown who are seen as animal type producers. And Keeshean has done it multiple years. No one is talking about drafting the dude early. but we do have multiple 7th round picks and IMO he'd be a good flier to use for one of them. Wide receivers with steady, consistent hands at the next level will quickly earn reliability from coaches and quarterbacks, and be the more trusted targets in pressure moments. Johnson projects as a possession receiver with a well-rounded game in the NFL because of how dependable he is catching the rock. We'll find out more about Johnson's ceiling during the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine, but his "floor" as a prospect is obvious because how natural and strong his hands are. Draft Prediction Perhaps more so than many other wide receivers in this year’s draft, Johnson represents the “what you see is what you get’ mold. He may not have the high ceiling of a Metcalf or an N’Keal Harry, but his skill set has led many to conclude that he also projects to have a pretty high floor. It’ll be easy for teams to slot Johnson in as a possession-type receiver, if not necessarily as a star, which means that he should hear his name called on Day Three.
  15. ^^^We are the bad guys now arnt we?
  16. DWinzit

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I like this guy in a late round. He will offer a lot of options down the line, especially if he truly has soft hands, We had a few really good HB's years ago. If this was the direction they went and the other two TE's are Reed and Sprinkle. It may take some time for Wesco to get acclimated. For this year, Wouldn't this leave our offense telegraphing pass or run like last year?
  17. I figured it'd be June when he's mired in a .650 OPS slump... How hard I will laugh when they're booing him by Memorial Day
  18. Today
  19. Skinsinparadise

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The Houston Texans must add help at offensive tackle, and the consensus has most of the best tackles taken by the 18th or 20th spot. If Houston wants to get their tackle, like Florida's Jawaan Taylor for example, the Texans might need to move up. In turn, the Redskins can offer their 15th pick to Houston in exchange for the 23rd spot and an additional pick later in the draft, perhaps as high as a third. At 23, the Redskins can get their pick of a number of need positions, like left guard, wide receiver or cornerback. "That's where those talents match up with the value," Norris said. That makes sense, as there isn't a wideout or guard that demands to be taken at 15, but could match the Redskins' draft board eight picks later. Maybe a guy like Oklahoma WR Marquise Brown or Boston College OL Chris Lindstrom specifically. There's also the quarterback spot. There are four rookie passers projected to be first round picks: Kyler Murray, Drew Lock, Dwayne Haskins and Daniel Jones. It seems possible Jones would be there at 23. Two other names to watch, particularly if a trade down scenario emerges for the Redskins. Norris suggested the Redskins like Maryland safety Darnell Savage, and he is gaining momentum as a possible late first-round selection. Additionally, one NFC scout told NBC Sports that he would not be shocked if West Virginia QB Will Grier sneaks into the end of the first round. Remember, first-round contracts automatically carry a team fifth-year option, an incredibly lucrative bonus considering the money some quarterbacks are making around the league. Stay alert out there - it's almost draft day.
  20. @SkinsGoldPants

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Not going to fire a manager 1 month in. But I'd drop Derek Lilliquist today.
  21. oh boy, you will have to work on ensuring a drug free, heath concious, envoirmently safe society to get that. All of it goes hand in hand with reducing diabilities and healthy living for longer age.
  22. AsburySkinsFan

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    Here's a perfect example of a life of faith. It begins with a conclusion, everything else is a justification of proof of evil. BTW, for those actually paying attention, this is FAR from a hypothesis because in science a hypothesis is allowed to be wrong. A life of faith either 1) moves the goalposts, 2) condemns the process. Meanwhile Beth's attitude has been the cause of much pain in the world with religion condemning science causing many diseases to flourish because theology was more important than biology.
  23. Kuznetsov has been a huge disappointment, lol at Ovechkin getting ejected at the end of the game
  24. DWinzit

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Keeshaun is one of a number of day three or udfa's that I have learned about and like thanks to this threads great contributors. Speaking of them I have found the most interesting discussions were the ILB. Really opened my eyes toa couple of mid round picks I wan't high on. Who would have thought a few moths ago that we could have either Sweat or Polite (they were my 2 favorite players along with Devin White) in January. I agree at this point with you and Volsmet that the 2 Bown's are the top WR's being considered in the first round. Wondering if they would take DK and move him all over the field. I hope if they end up with Haskins he doesn't get chummy with Danny Boy. Those friendships scare me
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