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  2. Renegade7

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    @Larry This is what I'm talking about, man, NY Government making statements supporting police without seeing what they actually doing There is simply no way to fix a problem unless you first admit you have one. This idea its not as bad as some folks think it is is denial at best.
  3. redskinss

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    My next mission is to go get some fishing gear for my new vessel. If I just wanted a kayak I could have found something serviceable locally but I found this hybrid between kind of a kayak and a job boat on the internet and I wanted one bad. I wanted something super stable for fishing and something I could jump into the water for a swim and climb back onto without going to shore. And also something that stores plenty of gear. Its definitely not a kayak and it's kind of on the big side but it's got so many awesome features I had to have one.
  4. NEJM, Lancet place expressions of concern on controversial studies of drugs for COVID-19 The article, “Compassionate use of remdesivir for patients with severe Covid-19,” appeared in in April and immediately triggered waves of both enthusiasm and skepticism. The researchers reported that: In this cohort of patients hospitalized for severe Covid-19 who were treated with compassionate-use remdesivir, clinical improvement was observed in 36 of 53 patients (68%). Measurement of efficacy will require ongoing randomized, placebo-controlled trials of remdesivir therapy. (Funded by Gilead Sciences.) Not surprisingly, the paper received an avalanche of page views, press coverage and attention on social media. It even prompted an open letter from Daniel O’Day, the CEO of Gilead, which makes the drug, sponsored the study and wrote “earlier versions” of the manuscript.
  5. Just read this on twitter. It takes just 12 weeks to train a Minneapolis police officer before they get given a gun and a badge. The Met (London) takes two years to train an (unarmed) officer. That's your problem. That should be step 1 of any police reforms - teaching them how to do the job in the first place.
  6. The mental pretzel some people go through to avoid admitting they're wrong.... That's just sad
  7. I'm getting the antibody test this afternoon. Hope I have it lol.
  8. GoSkinsGo

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    It's crazy we ran into the same problem with the kayaks and other outdoor / fitness stuff. Glad you were able to find some.
  9. And there it is. EB on the Junkies in regards to the old man who was pushed down. "I don't know what is allowed and what is not." Then claims he's not defending the officer. What the f...... At least JP put him in his place again "You don't know what is allowed? How about human decency?"
  10. Feels good knowing we finally have a reciever who can get up to get the ball.
  11. UK SKINS FAN 74

    Best Redskin Moment?

    Discovering this place. Got to love ES. My introduction to the game late 80’s. Listening to games on the armed forces radio network. Middle of the night playoff games over here. Even the defeats. Or Sunday evenings trying to get reception and scrawling the scores down. Been hooked ever since. No single memory. Just that whole early days era.
  12. redskinss

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    I think everyone is discovering that too. Between spring time and the pandemic the stores are baron. We drove everywhere looking for kayaks and so many places were sold out and the bigger stores were picked thin.
  13. GoSkinsGo

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    We picked ours up two days ago and have gotten out twice. It's awesome! I grew up on the water, used to do a lot of sailing. I've done local races, down the bay and some blue water. Worked in the marine industry for a long time, got burned out by always being around and talking boating. I took a new job three years ago and have slowly been finding my love for the water again. Kayaking is so peaceful I can't see anyone not liking it if you remotely like the being on the water.
  14. bakedtater1

    How will the Redskins handle the Corona problem?

    Coaches are allowed back in today...I gotta imagine ron and the rest of the coaches head into the facility to start working.
  15. plus ça change
  16. bakedtater1

    Best Redskin Moment?

    That was a great one..I was at a sports bar for that one..I was all over the place whoopin and hollering...
  17. Today
  18. redskinss

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    My wife and I recently picked up kayaking. I drove 800 miles yesterday (round trip) to get two kayaks. This store was the only one within a thousand miles that had the boat I wanted and the people there were awesome so it was worth the trip. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for this weekend to try it out. I spent my entire childhood camping and fishing, literally almost every night of the summer I'd be on the river or in the woods. My wife is more of a bug hating, girly girl so all our entertainment has always involved hotels, casinos and concert venues. This covid 19 may be the greatest blessing in disguise I've ever gotten.
  19. I've seen the internets. Way more than 15% of people are horrible.
  20. GoSkinsGo

    Camping & The Great Outdoors

    We're heading out to Point Lookout State Park this afternoon for a few days. Should be a nice hot weekend to be by the bay. We also picked up some kayaks for the summer, I'm looking forward to being able to get outside more with the kids and explore. I hope everyone has a is able to get outside for a little, have a safe fun weekend.
  21. Renegade7

    US Government vs Social Media...

    I'd like to see the video
  22. visionary

    The Quarantine Thread

    Listening to some Muse (The Resistance) while checking the news. Think I'll make some cookies later and play or run Pathfinder in the evening.
  23. Another thread about protests in New York last night: NSFW
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