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  2. The Raiders aren't pushovers, either...If Kirk starts worrying too much about throwing an INT things could get messy.
  3. owa

    Please stop blaming the refs. You look dumb.

    I hate blaming the refs since there are so many plays during the course of a game that determines the outcome. But, if it were me, I'd fire the whole group. I have zero confidence they'll get it right. Not just during 'skins games but any game. Ref'ing is hard but it really seems like the current group is way over their heads.
  4. Califan007

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    See above lol...
  5. JSSkinz

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    It amazing what Florida can look like with a decent QB running the offense, I'm not sure what they saw in Franks but once this new kid came in last game its as if everyone on the offense woke up. Gators always have a very good defense, just no QB since Tebow left. Go Gats
  6. TryTheBeal!

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    Tennessee showing admirable consistency.
  7. volsmet

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Justin Wilcox gets it done again.
  8. evmiii

    Tank for Tua

    How about we trade Trent and tank for Wisconsin's offensive line. I'd take their two starting tackles in the first round.
  9. My worry about this is trying to do it too fast. As what I guess I'd call a "left leaning moderate liberal" I'm fine with a more progressive agenda but trying to push it all at once will backfire. The right wing got more and more far right over decades; IMO that's why they were able to do it. I'm not advocating that we go far left, BTW. I'm just pointing out that trying to do too much at once can very much backfire and can push some of the more moderate or even mostly liberal voters away from the Dems. Maybe not towards Republicans but it could make them more likely to either sit out or vote independent.
  10. Shocker that the GOP, fueled to power by rubes and anti-intellectuals ignores evidence, which consequently leads to bad outcomes.
  11. I view myself as liberal, more so than most of the U.S. Saying that, while I think my positions correct, I would also say somebody with all my beliefs should not be president because I dont believe she or he could lead much of the U.S who do not share my beliefs. Thus I may believe somebody who does not share my ideology completely to be a better person for the job. My hope is pushing for my beliefs will sway morw people to the point where leaders start to lead more how I want. Sometimes, we have to vote for the way there rather than the destination. We must act with faith that if the correct path is chosen, the destination will be the best possible one whether or not it matches our original intentions.
  12. Just pointing out the logical reasoning involved that middle may not be exclusively reasonable. One may hold the position that middle between progressives and GOP is reasonable while also thinking that progressive positions are still within the bounds of reasonableness.
  13. Cooked Crack

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    How have I missed this?
  14. Today
  15. There is always the possibility he doesn’t want to sign a deal here either. When he spoke publicly about it before the season, he said all the right things. But that’s just what dudes like him do.
  16. DCSaints_fan

    The Brexit Thread

    ROFL. If Labour somehow wins a majority, does he think any deal he gets from the EU is going to have a snowballs chance of passing Parliament?
  17. I would take Garrett Bolles and Denver’s first in a minute. Try Bolles at RT/G.
  18. I do recall once hearing a lawyer/talk show host, talking about Iran-Contra, and he made a statement that it was likely something similar to a mobster. He said that even if you had a wire, in the meeting, if you had a recording of every word spoken, then you're still in court arguing about: Did the Godfather say: We got a problem in Detroit. or did he say: We got a problem in Detroit. Ten days from now, my neice is gonna be 9 years old. And when I go to her birthday party, I don't want to have a problem in Detroit.
  19. Since when? That's purely about angst about last Sunday's 2 calls. Otherwise that doesn't reflect his career, not even close. Last year he had 2 holding calls for the whole season. The season before that zero holds. He also has 0 false starts last year, 0 the season before that and 0 the season before that one. You are picking on the wrong O lineman as for penalties, Scherff if anything is one of the least penalized lineman in the league. Last year he had 2 penalties for the whole season. Moses had 13. Moses has been the penalty machine. Moses is durable but other than that you can argue the dude is at best just slightly above average in his career and this far this season, he has been below average. We dump Trent and Scherff and then have Moses as the veteran stalwart then we are talking potentially about us having our own version of the 2016-2017 Giant O line where we become a punch line on that front.

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Can you explain this post?? KC has been a good to great franchise for damn near 10-15 years
  21. All I'm saying is that at times he's good at leaving himself outs when he says things. It gives him some limited deniability since he'll say "I heard that someone said <x>, I don't know about it, but someone said it" instead of "Yeah I think this person did this". We've seen it many times and it can give him that tiny bit of wiggle room to claim he didn't actually do or say anything wrong. Others have talked about this as well (including Michael Cohen)...when he doesn't want to get himself in trouble he'll make suggestions instead of orders. Everyone knows what he's doing but you can't really prove it. Again, like a mobster as opposed to a business owner. And I'm absolutely not saying he's some strategic mastermind in any way (I'm sure by now you know me well enough to know that). Generally he's a complete idiot who owns himself all the time. I believe this is more a tactic that he learned about a long time ago (probably from Roy Cohn) and he's just been doing over and over so many times for his entire life that it's basically an instinct to him. It's pure muscle memory as opposed to any sort of foresight and tactic. But it can be effective in a situation like this when all he has to do is just enough to give supporters a way to yell "SEE? HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY IT!"
  22. Trent and Sherff are the only two guys that can bring significant return.I am in the camp that we need to go all in on the rebuild. If we can land a first and change for each one of them we need to do it. Norman and Reed have to go as well if we can get some thing for them great if not cut them.Kerrigan I love but we should do him a solid and get him to a contender he deserves it. By trading Trent Kerrigan and Sherff and cutting Norman and Reed we would be loaded with draft picks and an extra 45 million in cap space between these moves in the offseason. To me this a no brainer but we got Bruce running the show so all these guys will be back next year we will have no cap space and one pick in the first two rounds.Also I wouldn't mind seeing AP, Moses and P Richie getting traded or cut as well saving close to 10 million in cap space for 2020.
  23. What is this GOP you speak of? They no longer exist. For the Dems. Either the progressives win full control and the non-progressives are pushed out of the Democratic party or the progressives form their own party. The GOP no longer exists. It's a Trump cult. So called real conservatives have to start over and form a new party. Anything with the GOP is forever tainted by their actions of the last 8 years and their full embrace of Trumpism.
  24. stevemcqueen1

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The Cal vs Ole Miss match up has been pretty good. Cal's defense is pretty nice and their MLB had like 12 tackles in the first half. He's a potential late day three prospect to watch.
  25. Yeah, I think I'd be more inclined to believe that he's an untouchable criminal mastermind if it weren't for his tendancy to publicly confess to the things he does, after his staff has spent two days working on a cover story for him.
  26. Kind of interesting take there. 2015 - 3 penalties - 2 holding - 1 false start 2016 - He has a rough year - 8 Penalties - 5 hoiding and 3 false starts - 2017 he had 1 penalty accepted - Unnecessary Roughness - 1 declined - Ineligible Downfield Receiver 2018 He had 2 penalties before he got hurt and yes they were holding He had 2 against dallas and that's it so far. So in 56 games played he has a total of 11 holding - 5 of which were in 1 season that was 4 seasons ago. Seems like saying he is a holding penalty waiting to happen is more an over rection from one recent game. All this completely ignores the kind of person he is in terms of a lock room leader. A guy that understand football culture. You can see it whenever he talks to the media. I see those insider videos with him. So yes he is easily worth $14M/yr. Not directly at you just continuing from here: Bruce needs to stop being a punk ass and sign the guy. It's more evidence that he and dan do not understand the importance of football culture. He is a moron. Likely to either let him walk or send us down the franchise tag route. Absolutely ignorant as hell.
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