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  2. Haha that's what i was saying to the ol gotta be ****ting me there gonna take this **** show to ot lol
  3. Gibbs Hog Heaven


    On any given Sunday and all that. One thing is for darn sure. I'm a heck of a lot more enthused for this game than I was two weeks back. Oh yeah, obligatory 'F ANYONE with the name Shanahan. Sideways. With a blunt object!!!!!' Hail.
  4. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    It was there the whole time...everyone just to stubborn to notice it..but I did..was I the only fan that wanted his contract extended?
  5. Today
  6. Renegade7

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    I dont want to see government money go to a stadium in DC that will get taken over by 70% to 80% other teams fans every home game. That money should go to metro, I lived in a section that got shutdown for this entire summer, doubled my commute. It shouldnt go to someone suing season ticket holders that cant afford their season tickets anymore, he been doing that sense the recession. I want the shuttle back from metro to the stadium for my dad, eagles stadium is 7 minute walk to subway, Giants stadium is 450 feet, Redskins stadium is over a mile. Cowboys stadium has no subway, but they dont have DC winters, I've done that walk and it sucks. When it's hot out of nowhere, too, this is rediculous the Wizards have the metro built into the bottom of their arena. I've heard a lot of talk about how this affects themselves, this affects me and other people I know and dont know.
  7. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    Fantasy Football 2019

    So, I went to bed expecting a loss. After a surprisingly bad week from the Cowboys receivers in particular, I was up 13, and he had Aaron Jones to go at home to Detroit under the Monday Night Lights ..... But the FF Gods smiled on me, Jones had an error strewn game, and I extended the current winning streak to 3 straight with a 109.40- 104.40 victory. Now sat in a three way tie for second at 4-2 (the leader is still undefeated at 6-0), with the next 4 teams a game back at 3-3. Could do with upping the scoring though. I've now dropped to 5th highest in the league after a couple of low output weeks. 4 wins down, 8 to go. Hail.
  8. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Massive respect to the England National camp for the way they handled the disgraceful situation in Bulgaria last night by forcing UEFA to implement their own protocols. But the irony of England fans mocking racism wasn't lost on me. There's no moral high ground to take when there's still a real big problem in our own back yard that's needed properly dealing with for well over 5/6 decades now. Starting with many 'fans' that follow the National team and who openly indulge in casual racism up and down the Country on a weekly basis. Until we address that and eradicate racism from our own stadiums, before you even start on the overt, institutionalised racism that continues to be prevalent within the game, we're still a part of the problem and that's the first thing that needs to finally change if England want to be the standard bearers on this despicable blight on any civilised society. Massive kudos again for the English National team taking a stand and handling last nights disgrace in the proper manner. But it's futile if our own house is left unattended and the only time this becomes an issue again is when it next happens on foreign soil. Hail.
  9. LeBron James is just trying to say what Nike told him to say.
  10. Burgundy Yoda

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Preston Smith is #3 in the league in sacks with 7.0 in 6 games. What a time to be alive! Where was this when we had him? Montez Sweat has been rather unimpressive in comparison.
  11. Yep, you guys are right. We're close!!!
  12. Let's not pretend that they didn't already **** that one up, that's why he's not here. But if they hadn't, and he was, then he'd be gone by now anyway because they'd have found a way to **** it up by now for sure lol.
  13. thesubmittedone

    Zach Brown released

    @SkinsFTW is right, this should’ve went in the ATN. The tags don’t matter.
  14. But Dan and Bruski saved the franchise by guaranteeing over 120M to 2 QBs over 5 years that no longer play here.
  15. XxSpearheadxX

    Zach Brown released

    But i put the Raljon maryland tag so it is explicitly skins related. That is the part of Prince Georges county that The Stadium is in, isn't it?
  16. Not just that, the holding call on Norman in the end zone that extended their drive (i think it was third down), the drop by McLaurin that coulda been a TD. We can always do this and it's kinda fun to think about how 'close' we are, we actually won the game so yeah we could have lost but it's not a clear thing as that. Plus we're we playing prevent against Fitz? It seemed like our rush was gone except for that bad snap. That's also a factor.
  17. NoCalMike

    Do the Redskins have a future guard in Flowers?

    It is possible that Flowers is the rare case a player signs with the Redskins and they actually find a way to make him a better player instead of the opposite. If Flowers continues the strong play it could be a pretty good story. I wonder too if sometimes when a team drafts a player, they get a bit stubborn about trying them out at different positions to "find a place for them" because in theory they would have drafted and/or signed other players for the other positions so there simply isn't the time to give them a chance elsewhere. Who knows, but for now Flowers has been a good signing that came out of nowhere.
  18. SkinsFTW

    Zach Brown Is Available...

    Had to be his play. Even the Eagles head coach can't stop himself from running his mouth. He just guaranteed that they'll beat the Cowturds this weekend. Hopefully they tie.
  19. NoCalMike

    The Impeachment Thread

    Another note on the stupidity of the public. You see how easy it is for right-wing media to plant phrases and suggestion into the people's psyche and have them repeating it with utmost certainty. Newt Gingrich goes on TV and makes the claim of a "deep state" attempting a coup of Trump, and without any further investigating or research of their own, you have millions of people repeating the phrase "deep state" as if they are all now suddenly even qualified to say such things. It is just repeated like a robot without any required substance to it. The more recent version if the "No Quid Pro Quo" nonsense that people are repeating when I bet most of them don't even understand what it means, nor could they go through the transcript summary and point out whether there is evidence of one or not taking place.
  20. SkinsFTW

    Zach Brown released

    Interesting. But should be in ATN.
  21. The Evil Genius

    Random Thought Thread

    Felt a good sustained shaking of the house for about 15-20 seconds and then learned it was only a 4.5 nearby.
  22. 49ers gave up 3 to the Brownies and 7 to the Rams. Considering our offense isn't that much better than those teams (LOL) Redskins 6 49ers 27 27-13 if somehow McLaurin gets loose for a TD.
  23. Renegade7

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Congratulations, human race. We've finally figured out how to get capitalism and authoritarianism to coexist in broad daylight.
  24. volsmet

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    No trading down if we can land Chase: Young will be the best DE in the league quickly.
  25. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Did Lebron think that through? Does he think he can just say Morey wasn't educated on the situation and then not elaborate and people are just going to accept that at face value? What does Lebron think Morey got wrong? Why does he think that? These questions are obvious and practically ask themselves. Lebron is more than smart enough to know it. The truth is as obvious as it is disappointing. Cash rules everything. Never doubt it. These players have been telling us they are all about their brands for years, and now we know just how true that is. Not even genocide is worth risking profits. Edit: When China says to "shut up and dribble" all that "More than an athlete" **** gets put on hold.
  26. London Kev

    Do the Redskins have a future guard in Flowers?

    I was expecting the worst from Flowers, but he's turned out to be surprisingly good. It's starting to look like a smart move to start him at guard. Penn had some big shoes to fill and he's doing well so far. There's still something wrong with our run-blocking. It looked better against the inept Dolphins, but it was far from a convincing display.
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