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  2. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Hell yeah. I can't remember, it was either Costner's No Way Out of Under Siege...first time I saw bewbs. Eleniak was a bombshell in that movie. Casey Ryback is a bad man and one helluva chef
  3. Except if you include PUP we have 13 which is higher then everyone except Giants Also add the fact that we have been #1 or #2 for 3 seasons in a row! Other teams may have a bad year or so with injuries, but when it's every year.....
  4. Today
  5. D’Pablo

    TSG: "Very Clean" White Girl Cops To DUI Rap

    I’m glad she showered that day.
  6. Redskins place Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on IR list
  7. Califan007

    Players Need To Shut Up And Play (Morgan Moses & Josh Norman)

    "I'm never going to get used to losing. I don’t like it," McLaurin said in front of his locker at Redskins Park on Monday afternoon. "But instead of pointing the finger . I just have to look at myself and see what I can do better in making Case’s [Keenum's] job easier." FFS, Moses, take some notes from the rookie.
  8. I ain't holding my breath for this thing to bring the scum down. It's too much like cheering for the Redskins. And in a way, if it does bring him down, I'll be rather disapointed. I want something that brings down all of the co-conspirators that have been actively obstructing justice since the day he took office. I put Skippy, and Devin Nunnes, very high on that list. Bill Barr. Still, I confess, I do keep wondering if maybe this time the rest of the GOP is gonna decide that President Pence has a better shot at reelection than President Trump does, and it's to the party's advantage to push the big red "He was never one of us" button.
  9. Rogue Jedi

    TSG: "Very Clean" White Girl Cops To DUI Rap

    She didn't get jail time. If it was me in that situation, would I have gotten off as easy? From a very "clean" brown male, **** you.
  10. Rogue Jedi

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Nobody interested in the Modern Warfare Beta? Crossplay this weekend... I'm downloading for my PC. Excited to play with both PS4 and Xbox buddies with my superior graphics machine
  11. Destino

    TSG: "Very Clean" White Girl Cops To DUI Rap

    “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl” sounds like how a human trafficker might describe his merchandise.
  12. aszumilo

    Josh Norman Covers a Pass (a Bang cartoon)

    Possibly the most spot on cartoon EVER!
  13. -JB-

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    If KC doesn’t have competent people running the show then what would you call Redskins people?
  14. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

  15. Probably great conditioning that he himself has learned through his own personal trainer or personal training.
  16. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Value Price No Doubt vs. Value Price Pantera. I appreciate what they're doing though. Pass.
  17. "I'm not the first one to say this" He's right, -Rush Limbaugh -Michael Savage -Sean Hannity -Laura Ingraham -Ann Coulter -Richard Spencer Great company, there.
  18. Renegade7

    Random Thought Thread

    I've had enough. I'm trying to watch Matrix 2, cox wants to charge me to rent it, Amazon Prime wants to charge me to rent it, too, netflix doesnt have it. I tried going legit, these streaming services lost track of the point we were trying to make. I'm going back to kodi, I tried playing nice, now I'm getting played, two can play at that game.
  19. I am not saying I have any actual clue why a Trump call with Putin might have involved a "promise" that was found to be very troubling, but....... Bigger question is, what did Putin promise in return?
  20. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    That reminds me of a joke. What are Mario's three favorite fabrics?
  21. TryTheBeal!

    Random Thought Thread

    Can I get a ruling on this?
  22. ****ing Matt Wieners. Goddamn Shartinal Devil Magic
  23. Cubs lost as well. No significant ground lost today, only a missed opportunity.
  24. Spaceman Spiff

    Random Thought Thread

    Under Siege is a great late night movie. It's got everything. Gary Busey in his coked out finest in a bizarre crossdressing murder scene and Tommy Lee Jones acting crazy while working together in a ridiculous plot to take over a battleship full of Marines with a few handguns and not much else. Vintage Steven Seagal doing Seagal things. Erika Eleniak busting out of a cake topless. There's also a bunch of "that guy" types, ones you've seen in bunches of other movies but don't know their names.
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