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  2. Wyndorf25

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    Head: Bears 19, Redskins 16. Because Monday Night at FedEx. Pinero for the game winner as time expires. Yay. Heart: Redskins 21, Bears 20. I've always believed that it is amazing what you can do when you HAVE to. Snyder puts away the guillotine for one more week. Liver: Bears 38, Redskins 24. It doesn't make sense and neither do my drinking habits. Bears offense explodes, riding the suddenly accurate arm and shrewd decision-making abilities of one, Mitchell Trubisky and the featured legs of rookie RB David Montgomery. The Redskins actually keep pace on offense vs a VERY good Bears defense for 3 quarters and then collapse in the 4th, committing 3 turnovers.
  3. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Lol, utter nonsense. First off, my initial problem was with you putting forward Allen's record as a GM and including the 2015/16 years as if he was solely/hugely responsible for them. It's clear to me that SM was the main factor in those years being marginally successful, not Allen. Again, it's circumstantial evidence I'm going by, but it's pretty damn strong circumstantial evidence. Let's review it: Allen in possession of a very poor record as GM with two franchises prior to SM's arrival Allen not well-regarded at all as a talent evaluator Allen brings in SM, someone who was VERY well-regarded as a talent evaluator The team racks up a division title and two winning seasons with SM SM gets the boot, team goes back to utter suck and the lowest level of fan interest in the organization's history That's good enough for me to make an informed decision on where the bulk of the credit for 2015/16 should go to. Please, provide me with something, anything of your own to support why Bruce deserves a ton of credit for it. Your only answer is that he HIRED SM? That's all you've got? Well, sure, he does deserve some credit for that, although, that said, we have no idea if that was his sole decision or if he was instructed to make that change, we don't know what his motivations were in choosing SM specifically with his known issues, we don't know what his ultimate plan was with Scot or what parameters he expected Scot to work within, we don't know much of anything beyond the "he hired him" piece. There are plenty of theories out there suggesting he hired Scot because he knew he was smart and he also knew that his problems would make him easy to control and to use as a scapegoat if things went south. To Bruce, success that he couldn't take full credit for was his definition of "going south." Anyway, if you want to use the simple fact "Bruce hired him" as a complete rationale for Allen getting full or even equal credit for those seasons, then why not take that logic further? Let's all thank Allen's mother for those years. After all, if she hadn't given birth to Allen, he couldn't have hired SM. Let's go even further ... let's go back down the line of Allen's ancestry until we find Neanderthal Allen, and let's build a statue of him/her in honor of starting the line that led to George that led to Bruce that led to the hiring of SM. It's a ridiculous way to look at it, ESPECIALLY when you consider everything Allen did to undermine Scot while he was here, starting with the outright lie from the moment he introduced him when he told us that Scot would have "total control" over personnel. What a way to start a productive partnership. Good people are hired by douchebags all the time, and they succeed despite the douchebaggery they're forced to deal with. They succeed in spite of the person who hired them, not because of. That's what happened with SM imo. And the statistical facts back that opinion up very strongly. What baffles me is that anyone WOULD give Allen much credit for those years considering everything that happened before, everything that's happened since, and the few things we know happened during the SM era.
  4. skinsmarydu

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    The "guidon bearer" carries the flag for the company/battalion/platoon as they're marching, hence the reference to going over the cliff. I lol'd.
  5. From your keyboard to Shen Mingbi’s mouth.
  6. RandyHolt

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Anyone hear Manusky today? It was painful saying he will bring 4 maybe 5, but they they need to worker hard, get in there, get sacks. He did say we need to coach better blah blah but... load up on chicago in DFS. Especially in Washington. Easy money. I knew bend dont break was coming but didn't think it would THIS bad. Tuesday Headline, Mitchell Trubisky bounce back game, back on track etc
  7. We would get absolutely pantsed in a trade with the Pats since they're smart and we have the cast of Idiocracy running our team. They're generally super stingy with their trades as well. No way they would give us their 1st. The Pats also seem to generally regard the inside of their line as at least as important, if not more so, than the outside...because Brady is the GOAT and his feel for the pocket and stepping up into it is more or less superhuman.
  8. Dan is like a spoiled, bratty, little kid. He plays with his toys, gets tired of them really quickly, then he wants someone else's toys. Rinse and repeat for 20 years and counting...
  9. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I agree with this point. I find it weird especially on twitter when some put Bruce (often Bruce defenders) versus Scot as if one's success or failures run at odds with each other. Scot was Bruce's hire. He can't distance himself for better or worse from Scot's performance here. I liked Scot's hire even though it ended badly. So I got no beef with Bruce on that front. My beef is that he didn't double down and hire another person like that afterwards. Funny enough, i am listening to Sheehan's podcast and they are running a segment of whether we'd want Vinny back for Bruce. The fact that it's even a conversation to me brings it home that at a minimum Bruce's tenure has been no success. And at the very least he hasn't turned the tide as to the perception of the FO. He did initially but the organization has circled back to being considering a laughing stock among the national media. Whether that's deserved or not is a different conversation. I'd take Bruce over Vinny. But both I think have made this team unlikeable with their own special stamp. Bruce IMO comes off more competent than Vinny. Bruce had better hires IMO. But I don't think much of the job Bruce has done. If I was pushed for an argument for Vinny over Bruce to play devil's advocate it would be supposedly Vinny was more often working collaboratively with Dan according to some who covered the team whereas according to most who cover the team now, Dan has given Bruce the leeway to pretty much do his own thing with just occasionally interfering. Back during Vinny's time we'd see much more Dan being at college days, etc before the draft. Obviously there is no way to know for sure. But if that is true then we are seeing more of the unadulterated version of Bruce as opposed to what we saw from Vinny. “We would just have to convince him otherwise a lot of the times,” Cerrato said. “He would listen. And if we had a good enough evaluation and good reasoning, then he was cool with it. He was good at listening at those things, especially when Joe Gibbs was there. If the scouts wanted somebody else and Dan took the other [player], they didn’t do a very good job of portraying their case to get somebody else.”
  10. So from my understanding of the situation, the IG going to Justice Department for clearance to share the info with House members was not the odd part, the odd part was the Justice Department, telling them they can't. Trump is getting his money's worth from William Barr.
  11. Interesting is a man that would prefer to help kraft traffic than a Shanny. It would be nice if Reid had also agreed to trade us his next backup for a 3rd in food faith.
  12. First you gotta stop the madness...moreau? What has he done? You do realize that fuller was the number 1 slot cb his sophomore year...saved a game with a last minute many other breakups. What has moreau done since been drafted?
  13. Is your assumption that the ICIG will immediately and blatantly break the law as soon as he's faced with a challenge? I suppose it seems that not everyone appointed by Trump follows their boss's lead in that regard. And let me get this your second sentence basically the more subtle way of screaming "DEEP STATE!!!!" ?
  14. RFK Lives

    So about this Chicago Game?

    I'll have whatever Wyndorf25 is having. You bring up some good points with youth and not being part of the history of futility on Monday Night. My worry is, that young talent alone is not enough. The coaches need to put that young talent in position to win and until I see in game or halftime adjustments to address when teams have success, I am hesitant. That being stated, I still feel good about our chances as Chicago's O is struggling. If our secondary has figured out their communication problems, I like our chances.
  15. Horde of Zombies

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    Take the Bears +4 O/U 41 pts Take the over and make some cabbage. Bears - 28 Redskins - 17
  16. Chiefs obviously saw something in him. That's an actual professional football organization over there though. We don't have one.
  17. abdcskins

    Random Thought Thread

    I dunno, it just seems really strong and I don't want to have to rely on it. I started school which is the only reason I asked for it. I'd like to try to get by and concentrate without it. Only 10 mgs but still. Once the really difficult papers and exams start I'll probably take some.
  18. veteranskinsfan

    Have we seen and heard enough from Norman yet?

    ESPN article this week says the top paid Redskins are not performing well- Norman making $14.3 million, Alex Smith at $20.1 million, Trent Williams making $13.302 million and of course our missing tight end, Reed earning $9.67 million.
  19. It's the pennant on the tip of a lance or standard. Like this:
  20. ThomasRoane

    Tony Wylie leaving Redskins for Special Olympics

    Hmm, wonder if Dan is trying to move the team? Maybe to St Louis? I wouldn't put it past him. Something just seems really fishy.
  21. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yeah it may make you consume more goods than you'd like, but you can compete probably up to 6-7 levels past yours, even on Death March. It doesnt truly become hopeless until you see the red demon skull over an enemy, then just run, or pack a lunch if it's 1v1, and if so, don't catch more than a slight graze, cuz its basically one hit kill for virtually all attacks. Grazing hits will take around 90% health
  22. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Guidon is one of the bad Godzilla monsters. The mutant lobster one. Did you see the new movie? It opens at a pee-wee football practice and Guidon comes out of the woods wearing a bib and grips up a bunch of the kids, uses these giant lobster cracker things to break open their helmets and shoulder pads, dips them in drawn butter and eats them. Movie goes downhill after that.
  23. Yeah though I don't think it was characterized by Lewis refusing but Cincy ownership but I might be misremembering? but yeah two #1's for Chad Johnson, thankfully they helped save us from ourselves. The other one was thankfully the Jets outbidding us for Mark Sanchez. if only...
  24. Wyndorf25

    So about this Chicago Game?

    Hmmm. I'll take a stab. Johnathan Allen may play and our complete D-Line all playing together plus Kerrigan (and god forbid Sweat actually shows up) should be able to pressure Trubisky into some mistakes. Also, Reed may finally be back and if healthy, well, you know the drill here... Look, we all know the Redskins history of futility in prime-time, especially Monday Night. We all also know that FedEx has now become a 50-50 home/away game eight times a year in addition to the other eight ACTUAL away games they play. My hope is that this team is now so young that they are naturally insulated from the failures of Redskins teams' past on Monday Night (and prime-time games in general). Especially the key contributors on defense: Allen, Payne, Ryan Anderson, Montez Sweat, Montae Nicholson, Cole Holcomb, and Jimmie Moreland are all relatively young and are trying to write their own stories with their performances moving forward (not to mention key FA pick-ups like Landon Collins who have had nothing to do with the teams' legacy of losing on Monday Night). On offense, young key players like McLaurin, Harmon, Roullier, Quinn, and Sprinkle (RBs, Guice and Love notwithstanding due to injuries) should be in the same frame of mind regarding how they can affect this team's fortunes in prime-time games moving forward.
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