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  2. The way Rainey has pitched I’d let him pitch 2 innings but probably pinch hit for him.
  3. Rainey has the stuff. Who said he's only a fastball pitcher?
  4. Vilandil Tasardur

    Racist costume?

    As a Mexican American, I certainly don't appreciate the costume and think it's in poor taste. I don't appreciate being turned into a cartoon or a mascot for a white person's amusement at a party. But I won't pretend it's comparable to black face either.
  5. People would be asking if Tulsi was fit if she had a heart attack during the campaign.
  6. Every answer Kamela has should be finished with some form of "that little girl, that little girl was me"
  7. STL wasn't going to go down without a fight and that's what they're doing. Hopefully Rainey can get some big outs
  8. Just dont walk guys. The only hard hit ball last inning was Martinez. You get 2 strikes, K em. None of this hurling it a foot off the plate.
  9. I’m shocked a starter, probably Max, is not available for a couple innings.
  10. I can imagine an isolated solo shot from someone. We've been doing that a lot this series. But yeah, I don't see much more than 8 from us.
  11. The at bats are not as good as they have been. Need to get deeper in counts.
  12. I don’t think you can pitch Max tonight especially if you’ll need him game 6 (just in case).
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