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  2. Tell them the ES Mods will arrive at the park naked if we don’t trade him.
  3. ONE ****ING OUT LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. HoggLife

    Bench Norman

    I think its mostly how we use him. He isnt good at jamming the reciever but also playing him like we did Carlos Rodgers, 20 yards off the line of scrimmage isnt the best idea either. Play him to his strengths and he is a team leader and completes to the best of his abilities.
  5. Biden probably won this debate honestly. That aggressive ending capped it Get your ass up people, let’s do this
  6. It would be just like BA to leak a Trent trade 2 outs before the NATs are heading to the world series.....
  7. Just throw strikes dammit. You can live with a solo HR if need be. Keep em off base.
  8. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Lebron must be stressed to deliver these bizarrely self flattering quotes. Lets just admire these one at a time: I had a sense of how what I said felt for me. when I speak upon things, I speak from a very logical standpoint on things that hit home for me. I tweeted out responses to people not understanding my knowledge and where it came from with my brain and learning from the situation. that reads like a cross between Donald Trump and a yoga instructor with their own brand of healing crystals.
  9. maybe we can start harassing the team on twitter or something. Or tell them you'll buy tickets to a game if they do trade him
  10. She will endorse him officially at the rally. We’ll see if this shakes things up and moves the left back solidly in his camp.
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