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  2. Who has ever suggested that we surrender power to the UN? Power over what? On another topic: The Taliban claimed an attack on U.S. forces. Pompeo blamed Iran.
  3. This was my thought as well as far as the "he's intelligent" angle. A person can be intelligent and at the same time be a despicable, amoral warmonger. I think Bolton is intelligent but he's also the latter. Which, to me, makes him even more dangerous.
  4. AsburySkinsFan

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    What?!?! Say it ain't so. It's almost like we said from day 1, but SOME just wanted to blame everyone else.

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

  6. Malapropismic Depository

    New development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    When in doubt, just go by the rule : 99% of everything in the offseason is speculation, drama, and reality show bits.
  7. China

    Random Thought Thread

  8. Today
  9. Momma There Goes That Man

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Bernie doing an interview on fox. They were showing an “if the election were held today” and trump was about 8 points under Biden, Bernie and Warren I believe and was tied with Harris and Mayor Pete. something something fake news, our own internal polls something or other
  10. Dr. Do Itch Big

    Random Thought Thread

    Nope. I kill them young bucks.
  11. LadySkinsFan

    Random Thought Thread

  12. Was trying to find out some actual info on this topic too, I haven't gotten much further then Trent wants a new contract. *Also a reflection of how poorly the team handles the press. Why anyone from the organization is talking about a players health, or problem with the medical staff or ever acknowledging anything of the sort is bananas IMO. Gruden is out there taking questions on a players contract/health situation? Why?
  13. I'd be happier if he took that million bucks, doused it in gasoline and used it to light himself on fire. there is nothing that can happen to him that is as vile as he deserves. But I hope it all happens to him anyway. ~Bang
  14. Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?!?! He actually did that, and then admitted it? Hope that doesn't affect the trust factor too much in Zona. They have enough to deal with. And I still think that Boy Wonder was playing Jedi mind tricks by heaping praise on Kingsbury. They're gonna toast the Cardinals every time they play. The Joseph hire as DC was just plain stupid.
  15. It's cause EG was terrible at managing the cap and threw tons of money at bad players or players not worth what the Wiz gave them. So it's not Wall's contract in a vacuum but the reason Wall's contract is a big deal is that he hasn't actually won anything and he's coming off a major injury which could drastically reduce his effectiveness. Think about this, Golden State spent $25 million per over the last few years on Iggy and Livingston. Two guys that contributed a ton to their championship run. The Wiz spent $21 million last season on Howard and Mahinmi. This has been a reoccurring theme with the Wiz.
  16. Veryoldschool

    ESPN: Eagles Sign Wentz to $128 Million Extension

    Philly has really made a huge commitment to Wentz, really huge. First, they pick him the guy that has gotten himself injured two years in a row over a Super Bowl championship QB. Foles didn't just game manage his way through the playoffs he led the Eagles to a championship and nearly did it again. I think I would have traded Wentz and gone with Foles. As for the contract, that is what starters get paid these days whether they can stay healthy or not.
  17. Yes. Kingsbury even admitted to the team creating fake social media profiles of cute women to track their players. What an idiot. For the record, every team should have a social media guy doing this. Nobody should be talking about it, obviously. Least of all the new young HC that needs to build a culture of trust with his players.
  18. Destino

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Would the Clippers adding Kawhi make them a contender? They’d need a second guy that can get his own shot.
  19. spjunkies

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    How tf can teams like the Lakers, Warriors and Celtics pay these mega contracts to multiple players, but we are apparently screwed forever because John Wall has a big deal. The NBA makes 0 sense to me.
  20. Dr. Do Itch Big

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Warriors pull a Spurs. Curry gets hurt, go to lottery, get #1 pick, dynasty part 2.
  21. skinzplay

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I'm really encouraged by this group. I think the D could be a real strength this year. Like you, I'm less enthused about the ILBs, but I'm also quite intrigued to see how Ryan is gonna do coaching that group. I had the feeling that KO was just with the team too long; time for a fresh start for both.
  22. Riggo-toni

    Random Thought Thread

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