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  2. I don't believe Sherff is worth anything close to what Zack Martin is.So if he wants to be payed like him he can find that somewhere else.I'll take 15million in cap and first rounder over Sherff in any rebuilding situation.Sherff has been a good player but to me he still has never lived up to his draft position.I didnt see the value of taking him at 5 and I dont see the value of paying like he is Zack Martin.
  3. Larry

    The Forthcoming Recession

    Stopped listening after the assertion that every bank in the world is bankrupt because leveraging exists. Now, if you want to tell me that we're letting banks OVER leverage, I'd say there's at least a case for that position. And that we need to quit letting people repeal the regulations we put in place after the last time the house of cards fell down.
  4. skinsmarydu

    Best band named after geographical place

    Stunning songwriting. with Kansas...everything just fits together...the verse, chorus, catchy bridge, whatever. I watched a documentary on the Leftoverture album, interviews about how they wrote those songs. It was amazing, and is probably out there in the Googleverse.
  5. justice98

    Best band named after geographical place

    The Ohio Players
  6. Yeah, also interested in the Ravens-Chiefs game, should be a good one, Mahomes has got such a smooth throwing action. Obviously gonna root for Miami (lol), the Lions and Bucs. Will also watch Pittsburgh-San Francisco, are the Niners for real? They've got a good chance to get to 3-0 over the Big Ben-less Steelers, after going 4-12 last year. Can't wait for Monday night even though the time difference is a real killer. Game starts at 1:15 am (Tuesday), so won't finish until gone 4:00 am. I usually can't sleep right after a game, so will get less than two hours. Workmates have been warned not to piss me off until my third cup of coffee, lol.
  7. Selling 2 Tickets these are my personal seats for Tomorrow Nights MNF Game against the Bears below Face Value !!! Section 414 Row 1 and for fast and easy transaction can via email through my Skins Account Electronically transfer tickets to Buyer $125.00 total for both seats Please email me if interested : Shawn Freeman
  8. justice98

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    That UCLA/Wash St game was awful football. Just observing how it's bring covered, seems people loved it though. 67-63 in regulation. C'mon man.
  9. tibbidoe

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm just excited to see which injury-prone guy we draft in the mid-to-late rounds. I'm hopeful that it's at a position to back up a veteran injury-prone player. "Yeah, he has an injury history, but once he gets used to that prosthetic leg, he's gonna be a beast."
  10. ARI gets: Trent Williams WAS gets: Brett Toth, 2020 3rd, 2021 2nd and 3rd I'm bored...
  11. skinsfan_1215

    Best band named after geographical place

    I’m not saying they’re the best or anything, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Goodnight, Texas. Named after the town of Goodnight. Recently of Coors commercial fame.
  12. I just got offered free suite tickets to it last night that I had to TURN DOWN because of an event tonight we can't reschedule. That's gonna be a fun one to watch, for sure. Feeling really meh though about this whole weekend of football in general. Usually doesn't happen until at least week 10+ but it's getting to me early this year. Still gonna watch Monday night, but I think I'm like @ConnSKINS26, I really think a win would only prolong the change needed, so getting our normal embarrassing beat down on national TV might be the best medicine for us. Ugh, hail.
  13. They're unlikely to give up any significant picks though as they're in a rebuild. They won't be setting their first rounder on the table I wouldn't think.
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  15. FrFan

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    The brain of a 66-year-old former NFL player shows increased binding of the translocator protein across many brain regions compared to binding seen in healthy controls. Image credit: Johns Hopkins Medicine Someone should ask him just WHY ?
  16. They would be a great partner for a trade. I don't think they'll win many games this year.
  17. Busch1724

    Tank for Tua

    Folks, your'e getting this all wrong. The Skins should be taking for Arch Manning!
  18. skinzplay

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    I feel bad for Reed. He has battled through a terrible string of injuries. The recommendation to get that stem cell injection before fully knowing what was up with his feet was unthinkably stupid. Score another one for the J.D. Power & Associates training staff of the century. Also, if you have a player who has been through what Reed has been through, you play him sparingly in the preseason. There was no reason in the world that he should've still been in there. He's not a rookie who needs to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. Score another one for the HC who has made nothing but superb decisions over the course of 6 years in Ashburn. You don't take concussions lightly. Sure, not having him out there has an adverse effect on our offense, but his health is the #1 concern. If he has to sit 5 weeks or even longer, then so be it.
  19. Trent Williams trade speculation heats up between Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals BA will keep on screwing up
  20. Gibbs Hog Heaven

    ES Soccer Thread

    Another weekend, another ridiculously wrong VAR decision. This time Tottenham getting F over and costing them 3 vital points. Aside from the long wait getting there over splitting hairs. Just wrong on every level as it continues to fail spectacularly. Worst thing that's ever been introduced. Sooner it's binned the better. Hail.
  21. Spaceman Spiff

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Someone will have the unpleasant and unenviable job of telling him that he shouldn't play anymore.
  22. stevemcqueen1

    Best band named after geographical place

    Boston or America for me. Atlanta Rhythm Section aren't my cup of tea bu they're good. Some good indie/folk groups in the category too. Calexico for one I like Phoenix too, but I'm not sure they're named after the city. Beirut is another from that scene.
  23. Koala

    The Impeachment Thread

    I think even twa has been backing away from this steaming pile of presidency, for a while now. But I do also think that there are some Republican strategists who think that the best way to get the president reelected is to hope that the blue wave and their outrage over the president is overshadowed and outnumbered by Trumpsters coming out to the polls to defend "their guy" against a liberal plot. The fear of this has been whats been keeping Pelosi playing **** for a while on impeachment. What she doesnt understand is that that's boat's already sailed. This election is very much gonna be about Trump, about impeachment. Its not gonna be about policieis, its not gonna be about immigration, its not gonna be about anything but Trump v. world -- which Republican strategists will niftly convince a certain percentage of the population that its "us v. the world" because somehow Donald Trump represents whiteness.
  24. Malapropismic Depository

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Every single camera angle replay they showed, was from the opposite side of the head. So it did make it hard for the viewer to get an accurate idea. Yea, it wouldn't have made sense to fake an injury within seconds of the fight's beginning.
  25. We are pretty well past the point where he should have already been signed. No idea what they're doing--if your organizational philosophy (lol like we have one) is that you can't pay an interior OL big money to protect a franchise QB...then you shouldn't have allowed him to be drafted in the top 5. They didn't learn from the Cousins fiasco at all.
  26. Saw Brad Pitt's new sci-fi flick, Ad Astra. I left the movie not knowing what I had just watched. It was a little weird. Personally, I thought it sucked. So, it gets a C-.
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