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  2. He's going to continue to cash his check every week just like he is doing now. And the quality of this roster will suffer from it.
  3. If he can play special teams then he’ll be active.
  4. LadySkinsFan

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    Giving his Democrat opponent campaign fodder.
  5. It would be nice to have a speaker who could lead the party properly and not just tuck their tails.
  6. dfitzo53

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Kinda looks staged, but funny if true.
  7. Not gonna matter when the CB's are playing 10+ yards off of WR's..No time for the pass rush to get there..
  8. I'd like to see mass arrests for Contempt of Congress, like all those traitors.
  9. BayouBrave86

    Whats going to happen when Alex Smith is healthy next year

    Alex will never play again.
  10. Mr. Sinister

    Random Thought Thread

    Just wait until they bring back Back To The Future, starring... The Rock Or a Jonas brother/GoT actor. I might find a bunker for that one. Could get nasty.
  11. LetThePointsSoar

    Whats going to happen when Alex Smith is healthy next year

    One Albert Haynesworthless would like a word.
  12. LadySkinsFan

    Random Thought Thread

    It's a dearth of originality.
  13. Mr. Sinister

    Random Thought Thread

    New Streets of Rage, too. Tom Brady hasn't aged. Damn, this **** is weird.
  14. max21

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I was watching highlights from 2012 today and Fedex really was packed with skins fans then, I went to the Eagles and Cowboys game at home that year. Crazy how different the atmosphere is now
  15. Vikes are playing the long game, keep Doctson fresh, on IR, until the December playoff push.
  16. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Olbermann back, Berman and Jackson back, Cameron Arnie and Hamilton back for Terminator: The Real Third Flick, Aykroyd saying the remaining OG cast and director of Ghostbusters going to make a third film... It's 1995.
  17. This team has been so frustrating as soon as the calendar turned Sept 1.
  18. Peregrine

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

  19. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    OK, I gather this discussion is going nowhere. If that's the odd way you want to connect my points. Then have it.
  20. volsmet

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

  21. Nerm

    What in the blue hell are the Dolphins doing?

    I think the Tunsil trade was a very good one for them. Especially if the rumblings that they were unhappy with his work ethic were true. It really does feel like the biggest fire sale ever though. It seems like they could devolve into the biggest single season dumpster fire ever. Vegas odds seem to actually be sarcastic. Like 20,000 to one against a super bowl. Bet 10 cents, win $2,000.
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