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  2. This is one reason I am able to still remain excited about the direction of the team. I believe Riddick when he says that we’ve never had anything like HIM at the position in the building and I’m really impressed and quite honestly surprised we are taking a patient mature approach to developing him. But we’ve never had someone with his arm talent and seemingly willful dedication to master his craft (picking teams apart from the pocket). The receiving core looks exciting as well, a lot of speed. Can’t belive the defense has looked this dreadful, it’s honestly appalling with the talent on that side. So disappointing.
  3. I liked Jones more than Haskins... & I didn’t particularly care for Jones. Turns out, he actually is more athletic than Carson, 4.77, Wentz.
  4. I still feel like we lost yesterday. I watch these other NFL teams and they are so far ahead of us. It makes me angry, jealous, sad, and depressed. And yes this includes the Dolphins - unlike our Redskins the Phins have a plan, we do not.
  5. Hes doing everything he can to admit this **** and......nothing. Honestly if this is true and the Dems do nothing whats the point in voting anymore? Either im voting for a group that wants to break the law and **** me sideways or im voting for a group who wont do anything to stop them. I hope it gets his kids too. And their kids.
  6. It was obvious the plan was to get Alex to run this offense for about 2 years, with an emphasis on limiting turnovers. By the end of this year we would start whomever we drafted at qb, leaving 2 years left on Alex's contract to support as primary backup. Its unfortunate that Smith, Reed, and Guice got injured, but its clear that we are sticking to the plan. No reason to throw Haskins into the gauntlet until atleast after NE comes to town. Case has played well all things considered. The defensive game plan needs some serious improvement. Our run game is going to be garbage until we upgrade the line with some maulers.
  7. Karma will get Trump one day. It won't happen until he's long out of office.
  8. Good post, with one pushback. How many more vet QBs will we be bringing in that he has outperform with no hitting in camp? A guy with only one year of college may never beat out a 7 year vet, at least not for a year or 2 once he gains the upperhand with better familiarity with the playbook. Assuming our coaching staff aka the playbook, stays intact (ha!) At some point, I feel like you kinda have to play a guy you draft 15 OA, typically late in the year once the players have all checked out. Wrong messages will fall on deaf ears, at that point.
  9. I'd be happy with a Warren/Buttigieg ticket - it would groom him to become the next POTUS and continue rebuilding what Trump has ruined
  10. Boss_Hogg

    Tank for Tua

    But Bruce said "we're close"
  11. Im with you 100%. I’m sure most fans around the league watch the chiefs and think the same. I do see similarities in Mahomes and Haskins (very small sample and pre season for Haskins) with relentlessly attacking defenses down the field with elite arm strength and ability to remain “big” in the pocket through using subtle movements. I was shocked to see Haskins move to his left and even spin/rotate his shoulders (Romo was so great at this) to create extra time. Both dudes are built like TEs as well. Andy Reid is a difference maker at the coaching position and in recent years has taken his offense to the next level with attacking down field more.
  12. Boss_Hogg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Maybe Dan is planning on moving the team? All that slimy midget cares about right now is a tax payer funded stadium. I know the NFL wants a team in London. With declining attendance and a rapidly eroding fanbase we are entering into those waters
  13. Just realized my wife and I are in that photo. Nice! Plan on swinging by tonight, but coming right from work. Hopefully the traffic isn't to horrible!
  14. Donald Trump, on his attempt to use taxpayer funds to bribe a foreign government to aid his election campaign in generating a fake story: "It's very important to talk about corruption." "If you don't talk about crruption, then the person you're bribing might not know what the money is for."
  15. Because he's a team captain, leads the team in sacks every season, is 2nd all time on the team for total sacks, is widely respected, and is always healthy. The theory is that if we ditch him, other expensive players on our team will see how little respect the team has for them and will want to leave, which will free up even more cap space.
  16. Nancy getting ready to write a strongly worded letter.
  17. Haskins should only start once he's shown that he's the best QB on the team. This should go for every player at every position, no matter where they were drafted. It would send out a bad message to the rest of the team, that even if you bust your butt in practise and show that you are the best at your position, you still might not start because the team wants to showcase their shiny new toy. I'm all for him getting some garbage time reps, but he needs to earn the starting gig.
  18. I drink. A lot. Cause Skins. I still get just as excited as ever. But I’ve learned over the years what’s coming so doesn’t take me as long to get over it.
  19. Maybe not, not if they hire the O'Connell kid.....? Or steal someone from KC who has been involved with developing that offense and Mahomes. In fact, this would be top priority.
  20. I keep thinking there is no way this defense continues to play the way it has, I don't care who the coordinator is...and going up against the Bears' offense might allow for a breather.
  21. Whaaaaaat that's nuts you love football but he dosent..its usually the other way around lol..drinking is Bob Dylan once said.."everybody must get stoned" hahaha
  22. skinsmarydu

    My Nest camera system was hacked last night (Update 1/31)

    My husband unplugs everything at night, hides all cords in mylar potato chip bags, & keeps the TV covered even when in use. He keeps his cell phone in pieces in mylar bags in 3 different places in the refrigerator. Won't use it. He absolutely WILL NOT leave the house took him 2 hours to set up so he could pick me up from the hospital, and he had his nephew babysit the house when he came to visit me there. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. The NSA has him totally freaked out.
  23. I remember players getting pissed off when Grossmn was benched, and not because they thought Beck was because players thought he was giving the team a legit chance to win, evern if they didn't. Players aren't usually eager to use up a year of their careers and wear and tear on their bodies just to "see how a guty does." I'd only start Haskins if: 1. We're 0-7 2. Keenum starts falling off a cliff 3. Haskins shows significant grasp of the offense in meetings and practice and seems ready
  24. The problem here is the electorate that put him in the position of power and the congress who lets him get away with breaking the law. He is exactly who we thought he was. No worse.
  25. This argument is also why I want to keep Gruden. Cause if we dont think plan is dead.
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