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  2. His mind is clouded. better to be a dick than a idiot.
  3. justice98

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    My new favorite Redskin. lol
  4. Andy to Bruce is what Shanny was to Vinny. It became a joke back in Vinny's day if Shanny calls, don't take the call. I'd say ditto with Bruce and Andy. Aside from dumping failing veterans for low draft picks, if Bruce wins a trade IMO this would be the first. RG3, J. Brown, McNabb, Alex Smith, Clinton-Dix.
  5. Skinsinparadise

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    Jay implied before the Eagles game they'd run the ball like mad but then on game day did the opposite. This another head fake? Like against the Eagles he is going out of his way to say what they are going to do. If its the same idea, then it means they think they can run. The Bears D line is incredible. And they got MLBs that can stuff the run. But I can see maybe some outside zone against them especially with Thompson. “I say we want to run the ball, but they’re a very difficult team to run the ball against,” Gruden said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I might have to wait until next week.” Washington’s had more luck putting the ball in the air over the first two weeks, but the lack of a second dimension to their offense has stopped them from holding onto leads and playing from behind doesn’t sound like a recipe for success against the Chicago defense.
  6. skinsmarydu

    The Random Politics Thread

    MoJoe just now...The Orange One was at the border yesterday showing the "Rolls Royce" quality of it. According to the USCPB, there were 654 miles of wall on the southern border when Barack left office, and there are still 654 miles of wall...not one single inch has been added.
  7. Thats Andy he can't wait to speak with the Skins.
  8. Man, next thing you know we'll be sending Trent and next years first to get Kendall Fuller back.
  9. No thank you.We should never deal with Andy Reid again.He makes us regret it everytime.Instead of not wanting trade with Kyle we should never deal with Andy Reid.He will fleece us for the third time.
  10. With our injuries at corner maybe we can pry either Breeland or Fuller from them. Or since we liked to pick up Andy's discarded QBs, Chad Henne?
  11. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Forthcoming Recession

    That too. I get a lot of flack from customers when I tell them they won't get approved because they don't have 2 years steady income verified via tax returns. "But, look at my paycheck, I just got a huge promotion!" It's like the moment they even get word of an increase in salary, they are immediately looking to spend it.
  12. Yes, please fleece the Chiefs and Andy Reid.... about time we screw him over
  13. skinsmarydu

    Random Thought Thread

  14. tshile

    The Forthcoming Recession

    Yup, making more money doesn’t mean you’re more financially savvy. For many it just means you can make a bigger mess. From what I’ve seen, people who live beyond their means don’t change their ways because they get a raise. They just live further beyond their means.
  15. Trubisky will have season high stats, but I don't think Case will have enough time to get to HaHa's area.
  16. Smart money for the phone call is with Putin, but given how Trump and co ignore all the normal security measures, on purpose, and don't document things well, on purpose, it would not surprise me if we do not have an exhaustive list of everyone he spoke to by phone. Putin vs. the field is pretty close. I'd say MBS or some other Saudi royal family member are 2nd place. Bibi is probably in 3rd. If it is Putin, I'm guessing it has to do with the extracted spy, and some promise to expose him or something. If it's MBS or Bibi or someone in their governments, it probably has to do with Iran.
  17. skinsmarydu

    Uplifting Stories Thread

    I cried (almost uncontrollably) when I told my husband about it. Now I'll go through it again with the update. Props to folks who look out for pets too.
  18. I had a couple then he did them, and they still support him so
  19. Alcoholic Zebra

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    I think talented IDL guys should spend some time 1 gapping. If they're talented (and ours are), give them opportunities to wreck the play before it begins. We have 3 talented IDL, rotate which ones 1 gap, and the defense won't know exactly how to block the IDL every play. If all we do is 2 gap, then we have to be perfect up front, as the o-lines blocking schemes will always be sound. If we 1 gap on occasion, there's a chance the o-lines schemes fail. We aren't giving offenses the opportunity to screw up without us doing anything. You know who should be really good at some 1 gapping? Daron Payne. Alabama let him do that in 1 game and he dominated. His timed 10 yard split at the combine was Aaron Donald fast
  20. Voice_of_Reason

    What in the blue hell are the Dolphins doing?

    Well, the Browns have found plenty of FAs. So, I don't think your hope is going to come true. I personally don't care how they approach a rebuild. As long as they are honest about it with everybody in the building. And if folks want out, they let them out. If you choose to stay, then you are trying to be part of the future after the reboot. If they're not being honest and/or not letting folks out of contracts who want to go elsewhere, then that's a bad look for my guys. So, interestingly, and I had to look this up, this trade was done JUST BEFORE Snyder bought the 'Skins. The draft was April 17th and 18th of 1999, and Snyder was confirmed as owner on May 26th. Casserly resigned in July of 1999. (Snyder has since said he kept the wrong guy in Norv rather than Charley. But who really knows. Charley didn't have a heck of a lot of success in Houston when he was there either. ) Here's the specifics of the trade: Traded to New Orleans 1999 first round pick (5th overall, Ricky Williams)[13] Traded to Washington[13] 1999 first round pick (12th overall, later traded to Chicago, used to select Cade McNown)[14] 1999 third round pick (71st overall, later traded to Chicago, used to select D'Wayne Bates)[14] 1999 fourth round pick (107th overall, used to select Nate Stimson)[15] 1999 fifth round pick (144th overall, later traded to Chicago, used to select Khari Samuel)[16] 1999 sixth round pick (179th overall, later traded to Denver, used to select Desmond Clark)[15] 1999 seventh round pick (218th overall, later traded to Denver, used to select Billy Miller)[15] 2000 first round pick (2nd overall, used to select LaVar Arrington)[13] 2000 third round pick (64th overall, used to select Lloyd Harrison)[13] What's missing for that list is subsequent trades. I'm not going to go through all of the details, but Charley traded up in the 1999 draft with Chicago to pick up Champ Bailey. A lot of the 1999 picks went to Chicago to move back up to pick Bailey. And apart from the way it ended, you'd have to say that wasn't a bad pick. So for Ricky Williams, they got Champ Bailey, LaVar Arrington, Nate Stimson and Lloyd Harrison. And in 2000, they started with 3 first round picks, #2 (from the Saints), #12 and #24. They got the #12 from Carolina for the Sean Gilbert trade. The 24th was their own. This was the first Vinny draft, I believe. Marty kicked him out in 2001, then he was back in 2002 with Spurrier. The 'Skins packaged the #12 and #24 to move up to #3 and select Samuels. In case anybody cared, the #12 pick was traded to the Jets, they picked Shaun Ellis, and the #24 pick was used by SF on Ahmed Plummer, a CB I don't remember at all. They also picked up Julian Peterson.
  21. Won’t happen until he loses the base. The party dumping him will lead to the voters dumping them. And I can’t think of any scenario where at least 80% of GOP voters will stop backing him.
  22. Csup

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I mean- what do you base that statement on? Crowds at fed ex are dwindling. The crowd for the Dallas game may be the biggest for the year - and half of the crowd were Dallas fans. I’ll bet active members on ES are a fraction of what they were 5 years ago Has he? Wasn’t it Synder that insisted Haskins be drafted? Doesn’t sound like stepping back to me.
  23. BatteredFanSyndrome

    The Forthcoming Recession

    As someone who made a career change to a different industry earlier this year financing airplanes & jets, what I see is very alarming. Having come from mortgage, I was used to dealing with the paycheck to paycheck crowd that have normal everyday jobs. Moving into this line of work, I see a lot of tax returns of folks making 300K+ a year via W2 that have $3K in their checking accounts, and no other real assets of note, that want to take withdrawals from their retirement to make a down payment. The shock and awe they experience when I notify them that aircraft lenders don't want to see them borrowing to borrow and expect them to have significant liquidity over and above the down payment. It's amazing to me the amount of people I see making a ton of money that wouldn't have a pot to piss in should they lose their job. It's hard to even rationalize how someone can take home $12K every 2 weeks, yet still sit on $100K of revolving credit card debt month to month.
  24. Who here thinks that HaHa CLinton Dix has the game of his life Monday night?
  25. RandyHolt

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Having a vocal spittin'-and-a-cussin' D line coach is.... kinda played out. It's almost like they end up being half cheerleaders screaming all day throwing in the odd joke and us fans love them. Sure, some kids are raw that come in here and need to learn or perfect techniques but its basically the same techniques for everyone across all teams. IMO a bigger issue than coaching, is deciding how to use the players. If he is tied to Manusky at the hip and the defense we saw in the first 2 weeks is primaryly their thinking and doing, see ya, I am not seeing any ingenuity, let alone successes (the odd Payne play aside) enough to keep Tommy above scrutiny here.
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