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  2. Well if nothing else Corbin got the crowd back in the game. They were pretty quiet with such a big lead.
  3. 12 K’s! Rough inning but still up 3 & heart of the order coming up.
  4. Tom again. She's having a good night. Probably, the 2nd place person after Trump. Yang and Pete also did good tonight.
  5. Klobucher is getting a lot of time to talk tonight.
  6. Theres alot of intelligence and good ideas on this stage. Biden and Warren are going to be 2016 Clinton. The Republican party threw all the cards in on an outsider and won. It's time for Democratics to do the same. Abandon the party lines for an outsider.
  7. Totally. I’m leaning towards bs. Even the whole “we’re working for the Redskins now” stuff. What’s weird is they tagged the Redskins twitter account so they were willing to put themselves out there. Could’ve easily been put on blast for it, but no one disputed it. They either got away with it luckily or they’re telling the truth. It’s, wait for it, intriguing.
  8. Learned Hand

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I have threatened to stop watching the Skins twice before. I'm actually following through this year. For me the Skins are the NFL. In the past I would watch other games if a divisional or conference rival. With not watching the Skins (and 6th year not buying merch) this is my only dose of NFL except for the Skins box score. I am getting a lot more done on Sunday and I am becoming a fan of baseball again.
  9. Bad placement, runs scored and even those that aren’t in play are hit hard. Why is Corbin still in.
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