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  2. This tweet has everything. Sucking up to dictators, attacking political rivals, a misspelling.
  3. abdcskins

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    ABDC like Washington DC Skins. I dunno…I thought it was clever *shrug*
  4. Disregard that last post.
  5. abdcskins

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Meet Cinnamon. 6 year old Dogue de Bordeaux/Labrador mix. She is so amazingly friendly and obedient, loves people. Housetrained. I got lucky. Got her at the Carson Animal Shelter here in LA. She loves walks and drools her face off with excitement when we are in the car going somewhere. Only issue I can see so far is that she does not seem to like small dogs. When we walk she sees one, focuses super intently on it, hackles raised, then lunges when we get close and barks/snarls. I'm assuming something from her past or predatory aggression. We'll work on it, I try to calm her down and give positive praise when she is sitting. I just bought some dog treats on Amazon for added incentive.
  6. StillUnknown

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Even going back to the minors, the man is a magnet for pitches
  7. I think you guys beat us in a come from behind victory too. We were up by 10 and lost it in the 4th quarter.
  8. What does multiple time drug tester mean? He’s tested positive before?
  9. I was very intrigued by JHC when he came out - his length (6’4), long arms (35 3/8) and huge hands (10 3/8) really showed up in bringing down ball carriers. He’s a good blend of size and speed/COD. A little worried about adding 20lbs on top of fairly skinny legs, but hopefully it pays dividends. At the very least, he offers some coverage ability and the speed/length to get to the outside - run stops and passes to the flat. Here’s what had to say way back when: STRENGTHS Rangy, long frame with exceptionally long limbs. Arm length is what offensive line coaches look for in a tackle. Plays the game with edge and embraces physical requirement of the position. First responder who races downhill into the action. Rarely taps the brakes into his tackles. Square-up, wrap-up finisher. Took on blocks with aggressiveness and leverage when asked to play inside linebacker. His long arms help cast wide net as tackler. Rare athleticism for his size. Flips hips for instant change of direction as tackler or in coverage. Excellent range as a tackler. Plays faster than his timed speed. Communicative on the field. Balances attention between quarterback's eyes and assignments around him as two-deep safety. Quick to find coverage work after diagnosing play-action from the box. Adjusts coverage responsibilities based on scrambling direction of quarterback. WEAKNESSES Skinny legs. Needs more discipline in playing with inside-out leverage in run support. Downhill GPS to running backs needs fine tuning. Tends to attack at angles under running back, forcing too many diving attempts on perimeter. Can be a little slow hustling back to high safety spot from disguised coverages. Deshaun Watson picked on him in coverage. From single-high position, needs anticipation and earlier response to throws. Will lose sight of deep responsibilities as high safety at times. Panics and grabs when he fears he's beaten. Needs to trust his length and recover speed more often. Dismissed from Georgia after three strikes, including failed marijuana tests. SOURCES TELL US "I love the athlete and the toughness, but he's a multiple-time (drug) tester on the college level. Those guys have a high rate of testing positive again. I need to do more background work on him but I really worry about suspensions for him." -- AFC North area scout NFL COMPARISON Kam Chancellor BOTTOM LINE Former five-star recruit with an alpha mentality who roams the field with swagger and undeniable intent as a tackler. Has elite size, length and athletic traits, and is a rangy tackler with the ability to cover and blitz. He could be considered by teams as a box safety or hybrid linebacker. -Lance Zierlein
  10. Malapropismic Depository

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Yes, that's actually easy to remember, because for quite a while, the Skins would beat the Super Bowl winner during the regular season of that same year.
  11. Fun fact. Did you guys know the Redskins beat the Packers in 2010 when we won the Super Bowl?
  12. MisterPinstripe

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Started with Pinstripe from Crash Bandicoot and then a swing song. I've used this screen name for a long time. It's my email as well, so must people ask if I am a Yankees fan....
  13. Nerm

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Mine is the nickname I was given during my teens. Basically Norm from Cheers with the O switched to an E (my first name has two Es in it). I enjoyed a few beers in my high school years.
  14. Ain't nuttin including rain spoiling my BBQ weekend!!!
  15. Today
  16. Kosher Ham

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Hmmm. He doesn't wear clothing. I've never noticed anything hanging. Sorry about that bro. I wanted an oxymoron. Since Kosher Ham doesn't exist... I thought it would be funny to see if anyone noticed the silliness of the name.
  17. Mooka

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Most people call me Mooka.
  18. AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy

    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Because Alvin Walton was a bad mother****er.
  19. Nifty play by Might Mouse in right. And Corbin keeps plugging away.
  20. Malapropismic Depository

    Please delete

    You realize that saying "Please delete", is basically asking the opposite, right ?
  21. TryTheBeal!

    Why did you choose your screen name? a Wizards fan.
  22. Robles very lucky there. Pitch grazed his right cheek. Very close to taking 97 dead square in the face.
  23. Riggo-toni

    Random Thought Thread

  24. spjunkies

    Please delete

  25. Sam Raimi producing. Same director as Don’t Breathe, which I loved. Should be fun.
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