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  2. d0ublestr0ker0ll

    Random Thought Thread

    Olbermann back, Berman and Jackson back, Cameron Arnie and Hamilton back for Terminator: The Real Third Flick, Aykroyd sing the remaining OG cast and director of Ghostbusters going to make a third film... It's 1995.
  3. This team has been so frustrating as soon as the calendar turned Sept 1.
  4. Peregrine

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

  5. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    OK, I gather this discussion is going nowhere. If that's the odd way you want to connect my points. Then have it.
  6. volsmet

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

  7. Nerm

    What in the blue hell are the Dolphins doing?

    I think the Tunsil trade was a very good one for them. Especially if the rumblings that they were unhappy with his work ethic were true. It really does feel like the biggest fire sale ever though. It seems like they could devolve into the biggest single season dumpster fire ever. Vegas odds seem to actually be sarcastic. Like 20,000 to one against a super bowl. Bet 10 cents, win $2,000.
  8. kleese

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Nothing has changed for me. Still the same since the early 80s in terms of tuning in and being locked in each week. It’s a conscious choice and I still enjoy the routine and being a fan. I like chasing the good moments even as those “moments” become much more fleeting. Even just last year we had that win over Dallas which was really fun and enjoyable. It’s also a MAJOR stretch if that’s the high point of a season or even of a couple of seasons. I get that. But for me personally I don’t feel I’ll be able to enjoy the rare good days if I’m not locked in for the bad ones too. But I understand that I’m rare. The fan base isn’t dying. It’s dead. Truth is we were never probably as strong of a fan base as somewhere like Buffalo or Cleveland— two other franchises that have been MISERABLE but have maintained strong fan interest/numbers. Its over. They missed a generation that they won’t get back. And if your’re a lifer that has called it quits they probably won’t get you back either— it’s sort of a hard line to cross back over. So they maintain a small % of fans like me who are lifelong die hards that haven’t faded and they have another small % of “new” fans that choose to root for the home team regardless and/or for other reasons. Now, if they are ever good again, people will show up and TV ratings will go up. That’s just the way it works. If Haskins is the real deal and he’s rattling off wins a year from now, the stadium will have more Skins fans in attendenade and there will be more general chatter about the team. But it won’t be like the old days. That’s done. I’ll end with this as I have many times on ES over the years: I made one trip to RFK— in 1994, three years removed from a Super Bowl Title— Norv’s first season. We were terrible and we played the 49ers that day who went on to win the SB. It was a very disappointing experience. There was no atmosphere. Not many empty seats, but it was fairly empty in the 4th quarter and it wasn’t loud or intense or anything at any point in the game. Fans had basically checked out. So I think we probably overrated ourselves a bit over the years. Of course it was pretty easy to make a stadium rock when you are a SB contender for a decade. I am not absolving Snyder here just saying Skins fan probably shouldn’t have ever been classified with some other fan bases.
  9. Rufus T Firefly

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce convinced Jay of this three years into Jay's tenure here, in the middle of their bungling of the Cousins and McLovin fiascos? And Jay bought it? Fine, then your central thesis seems to be that Jay Gruden is a moron of mammoth proportions? Kind of harsh, dude, but whatever.
  10. Stadium-Armory

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I don't hate Jay's short passing game ball control offense. You can win that way. My issue with Jay is that his teams lack fight. We need a mentality change more than an X's and O's change. Problem is, "winning", as a mentality, starts above Jay.
  11. he had a major injury that ended his season last year, his comeback is remarkable
  12. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I saw the Lombardi quote but he's clearly just guessing. I'd trust Sheehan and Russell more because they intimated they heard it from someone close to Jay. They suggested Jay is in a WTF, nothing to lose mood. Who knows. But I don't take Lombardi's line that seriously. I take Lombardi more seriously when he talks about Bruce because he's recounting things that actually happened (at least from his perspective) in Oakland. I don't feel sorry for Jay, give me 30 million and I'd take as much crap as people can dish out. The problem though is if this team wants to attract another coach who is highly touted, that dude could likely get 30 million too without the same headache. So that's the next challenge. The impression I get listening from those who cover the team is that Jay is dead man walking. I am not as convinced as others that the next coach might be the elixir. Your point seems to imply (correct me if I am wrong) that ANY coach deserves whatever miserable time comes their way because they should have known better and they decided to take the money. I actually agree at this point in time. Not so much when Jay took the job because the context then wasn't that carte blanche. I'd put money that Bruce told Jay those stories about Dan are nonsense and regardless he has his back or whatever. Bruce and the Grudens go way back. I doubt Dan, Bruce or whomever just takes it on the chin and say yeah what you've read about us is true. I bet they do the whole media conspiracy narrative and go on about how this and that story is wrong. Heck this whole thread is littered at times with a defense of the FO from some of our own fans. I've gotten into some really feisty and hot debates with FO defenders here who make a long case about how the stories about Dan-Bruce are questionable and how this FO has a lot more cooking than we give them credit for. And that's from Redskins fans. Can you imagine how Bruce-Dan have their rap down? I do agree with an aspect of this point though. That is, now the sample size is big enough. Jay might have been the last straw. Plenty took the FO-Dan side against Shanny. That battle wasn't one sided as for public perception. In late 2013 there were plenty of narratives including by the media that Shanny was the problem not the FO. In retrospect, when RG3 bombed as a player among other things Shanny ended up looking better. But in the throes of the Shanny departure plenty sided against Shanny. But if you disagree, cool, I don't care. My point has nothing to do with feeling sorry for Jay. I don't feel sorry for him. I do like Jay as a person from a brief exchange and what I've heard about him, so I hope he gets out of here. But not from the perspective of feeling sorry for the dude but from the perspective of bringing out his best which I think is more likely going to happen elsewhere.
  13. Voice_of_Reason

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    @Skinsinparadise I said “if” he wants to fire Greg but Bruce stops him. Clearly he needs to get their on his own.
  14. Howie's like a baseball hitman. Just casually strolls up, drops his duffelbag, whips out a sniper rifle, sets up, and goes to work
  15. sportjunkie07

    What in the blue hell are the Dolphins doing?

    It worked for the cowboys. Seems to be working for the browns. It did not work for us or the rams. Miami is taking it to a new level though. We should have done it post cousins or post alex smith injury tbh.
  16. Nerm

    What in the blue hell are the Dolphins doing?

    The Skins got to play the Lions in 2007, when they had the 2nd longest loosing streak of all time. The Lions had lost 19 straight at that point. So, that's pretty good.
  17. what a damn season for Mr. Kendrick he's on cycle watch, 2 hardest parts are done
  18. Thank God Kendrick came to play!
  19. well he says he wants to try to play again. And we can't cut him without it being to expensive. So assuming he's cleared he becomes the most expensive backup in Redskins history, maybe third string
  20. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think Lombardi is right when it comes to Snyder needing to be the one to dictate the culture. Which means we're probably screwed... As to Gruden, it's worth noting that HC jobs with the quality organizations don't come along as often. Is working for Dan/Bruce that much worse than working for the Bidwills or Jimmy Haslam? Easier to just stay on in a job you already have, even if you know it's a mess.

    Whats going to happen when Alex Smith is healthy next year

    What I mean is WHAT IF...he is healthy 120% healthy....
  22. zskins

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Maybe they will stick with the QB theme and get Doug Williams to do it
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