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  2. abdcskins

    Extending Season to 18 games

    Would rather see them extend the length of the game, 17 minute quarters. Games go by way too quick.
  3. There are some commonalities between the two franchises... Like, they both were an awesome part of my childhood and they were both awesome. Another one is that they both suck now.
  4. thesubmittedone

    We lead the league in vendetta games

    Honestly, I feel bad for engaging with you here because I understand where you’re at in your fandom. I don’t blame you for it. I mean that sincerely, whether you believe it or not. But I’m pretty sure you haven’t thought through what you’re saying here. First off... obviously the quote was meant to be used as a vehicle of analogical deduction, so I don’t know why you’d think years as opposed to one day changes the point. Are you saying that it’s impossible not to have a large amount of enemies over a long span of time? Surely, the opposite can be true, right? That by treating people right most of the time, you’d compile a large amount of allies instead? Works both ways. Secondly, even if I were to accept your second statement as true (that these people “had reputations” before Dan brought them in - which I don’t), you do realize that’d mean you’re saying Dan willingly “brought in” aholes. That that’s whom he was attracted to. Was that the argument you really wanted to make? Anyway, I feel like it all goes back to the one thing I keep harping on lately, and that’s for us to stop treating everyone like static entities as opposed to the dynamic humans they are. Anyone hired here will not simply be “copied and pasted“ in terms of whatever talents they have or were able to apply elsewhere. It doesn’t work like that. That is why you have organization. The support structure is going to be the biggest factor in terms of whether they progress or regress. We’ve got too many examples of regression and way too few of progression, especially when it comes to those closest to the top who weren’t shielded by being under the span of control of someone else. And then they get targeted, blamed and scapegoated for it. Hence, the long list of people with truly personal vendettas (as opposed to just natural ones that normally occur in a competitive arena) that keeps growing by the day. I’m done asking how did so and so fail and what could so and so have done better. I’m only asking, from here on out, why didn’t so and so succeed here and how could have the owner and top executive set them up better for success? And if the answer to that doesn’t exist, then I’m pointing at their hiring process in the first place. I’m done flailing at replaceable targets who are given titles or roles that fluctuate in their meaning seemingly on a daily basis. My finger is pointed accurately and firmly at the ones ultimately responsible based on the firm titles they hold. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t take any pride in changing your mind. Honestly. I meant what I said about where you’re at in your fandom. So if you want to attack my positions here, feel free to and I won’t be responding again. I don’t have anything to add really.
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  6. rabidskin

    San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

    Entirely unfair? It is totally fair and absurd what Bruce Allen has done to this team and its one time great fan base. This is what we deserve with the likes of Snyder and Allen. The dysfunction is from the Front Office and their creation alone. No sane fan will waste another dollar on these 2 bimbos. Not until change has occurred.
  7. Burgundy Yoda

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Our offense averages 12.9 points per game. This would be the lowest point total since the 2011 Rams. We also have the worst time of possession in football. What a time to be alive
  8. Kevin O’Connell, Matt Cavanaugh, Tim Rattay. I expect Gruden, Keenum, McCoy and Alex Smith have had some varying degree of input as well.
  9. FrFan

    Next Coach?

    "Both Shanahans have coached in multiple cities. The dysfunction they jointly experienced in D.C. still lingers with them, six years later. That’s something every candidate for the coaching job there needs to keep in mind." Link
  10. desertbeagle85

    We lead the league in vendetta games

    I think your right. I don't think Jay had much to do with the players we drafted or got in free agency. He still had the choice as to who to start on Sunday. Gruden was awful and Snyder is worst. Point is Gruden wasn't the answer with this team. Problem is either is Bruce and the rest of the coaching staff. So firing Gruden really didn't do anything to help this team. All the trash is still there, taking away one bag doesn't clean the house. We need to get the dumpster out for this **** show.
  11. volsmet

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Walter Football has Yasir Durant, LT Missouri, in round 2. Here he is v SC.
  12. desertbeagle85

    We lead the league in vendetta games

    That was a underrated serious. Does Desean Jackson fit this? Also Antonio Pierce, Champ Bailey
  13. 757SeanTaylor21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If young is there and we draft Andrew Thomas ima be weak. Best case scenario is in offseason we fire Bruce Allen and any inkling of his it out with trent and draft young
  14. Burgundy Yoda

    We lead the league in vendetta games

    If this isn't on a South Park episode, it needs to be.
  15. Yes, so just sit on your asset, your most valuable asset, rather than get value for it, because off it, just make a point, which is pointless because nobody wants to come here in the first place. Who is he making the point to? Trent? He ain't coming back. Young players on the roster? They aren't resigning if they can avoid it? FA's? They aint coming here unless its for their final career big paycheck. The message he's trying to send has literally zero value whatsoever. Nobody that matters is listening, they're just laughing at how pathetic we are to spit in the face of the one asset that could actually help the team, draft picks, something we've been spitting on the value of ever since doofus Snyder bought the team.
  16. desertbeagle85

    Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: Wassup Cuz, AP Is Coming Home

    Vikings 31 Redskins 10 Soon to be 1-7 Skins. We're close though.
  17. Honor contracts? Is there an icon for laugh my clucking -- off? Give me a freaking break. That is beyond hysterical. The NFL is the one professional sports league where you are essentially guaranteed to have a drastically shortened life expectancy, on average, and suffer brain damage, on average in this country, and in addition to that, the contracts aren't guaranteed. The teams themselves NEVER honor the contracts, other than rookie deals. That's the whole point of "guaranteed money," it's the only piece of the deal that's actually in a players wallet, after he signs a given deal (and even then teams go after guaranteed money if you retire before your deals up, or act like an idiot in the offseason, pull a Fournette etc). Nothing is more hilarious than pretending that ownership has the high ground when it comes to contracts. That's an epic, absurd, offing joke. There's literally nothing in these contracts that real other than the guaranteed money. Everything else can be scrapped, or have you already forgotten what happened to Ryan Grant, who signed a crazy deal with the Ravens, only for the Ravens to lie through their teeth, void out the deal, and kick him to the curb after the Raiders cut Crabtree a day or so later. That move cost Grant nearly 25 million in NFL funny money, money he has zero chance of ever recouping. I mean come on man, you're beyond ridiculous. NFL teams have players over a barrel because of the weakness of the Players Union, and the fact that careers are so short, it's damn near impossible for players to ever turn the tables on teams. One of the few things they can do is simply refuse to play. It's just about the only ammo they have, and in a rare instance, this isn't a player lying about God being his agent (Sean Gilbert), this is a player who felt his life was put at risk by doctors who botched RGIII years ago, and then in just one four month stretch, botched his diagnosis, and handled the botched surgeries of both Alex Smith and Derrius Guice, and you're blaming the player. It's just so damn rich. So hilarious. Honor the contract? This is a two way straight, NO NFL TEAMS EVER HONOR CONTRACTS, heck even when they like the player, they're always beating down the door for players to restructure for cap reasons "for the good of the team," HA. If you want to hunt down players for being greedy and not caring about their teams, maybe sniff around baseball where players are borderline forcibly made by their own unions to go for the most money in a sport that offers virtually no long term health risk whatsoever. Leave NFL players alone. Lord knows their lives are short enough, and their post career's are often brutal, the least we can give them is no ---- for trying to get paid for the short term careers they have.
  18. Oct 29th is the trade deadline. I should be amazed that Trent Williams still hasn't been traded but this team routinely takes the worst case scenario route time and time again. So in the end this isn't surprising. We are 1-6, seriously what is there to prove by hanging onto him. He's not going to miraculously turn this ****-show into a winner. I've always thought that we should sit on a Trent trade until the right one came along and a team was desperate enough. Waiting until the offseason to trade him is such a moronic idea, other teams then have options. We would lose a ton of leverage in trade negotiations, How is it possible that a paid "professional" can constantly **** up, and avoid getting the axe?
  19. Super yikes... add more evidence to my previous statement that we won't like the Astros anymore after this is all over
  20. HTTRDynasty

    Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: Wassup Cuz, AP Is Coming Home

    Hoping Kirk picks up where Shanny left off...
  21. Not until Jar Jar Binks shows up. But the clone of Anakin (hence the rise of Skywalker) will come to save the day:
  22. I'd like to hear which individuals or families would lose money not having to pay for insurance or copays with no deductibles besides private insurance companies. House bill has block Grants to protect hospitals from closing. If the answer is people getting fractions of a percent increase in taxes, how many is that compared to the number of people declaring medical bankruptcy every year in this country? Ya, Bernie has already written the closest the middle class will get to being taxed is a reduction in standard deduction, it's a separate doc he released as part of his original senate bill in how to pay for this. Every other tax increase is catered to the super rich, theres that much money at the top, but a lot of people jus cant picture what that looks like so it must not make sense. It's like trying to picture in your head what a light year is.
  23. Burgundy Yoda

    I will quickly fix the Redskins

    Nah, I think he's good. His hand was forced with Haskins, that pick has nothing to do with him. I believe he picks the right players but once they're surrounded by our damn good culture they don't develop.
  24. No, because it's too complex for 15 second sound bites and that's not good enough for people that dont want to read the multiple papers and articles on it, nor the house and senate (Bernies) version of the bill. Theyve tried to explain why its neccesary, I'm convinced a lot of people dont want it for no other reason then believing the government will mess it up, the Willie Lynch Letter of conservative politics.
  25. Allgoodthingscometoaend

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. 49ers

    It’s a team full of quitters and over paid high school talent
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