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  2. BenningRoadSkin

    2019 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nominations

  3. Ok this is creepy. Caps clinched the Stanley cup at 11:08 pm. Nats won the NL pennant at........ thats right. 11:08 PM.....coincidence?
  4. bakedtater1

    Redskins vs 49ers Prediction Thread: Parental Advisory: Violence, Destruction

    Guruanteed loss to the jets...Gregg Williams d will tare this offense up
  5. Craphole is harsh, its pretty, I just wouldnt live there. Way nicer then it used to be, but not taking the not needing a car thing seriously. You better off living in an actual city them a place pretending to be one
  6. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    One benefit of being a Redskins season ticket holder. The eight Sundays a year I spend at Fed ex keep me young.
  7. Makes me think how a lot of people on here swore Snyder learned from his earlier mistakes. But he has not learned anything from Day 1. I’m gonna really enjoy this game Sunday. Hope the 49’ers bring their A game.
  8. LadySkinsFan

    The Impeachment Thread

    It's sad, disappointing, and disgusting.
  9. That's 1936, and I wasn't born until 1951, but not much more really. Wider roads. Dulles opened in 11/17/62, we moved to VA from PA in September of that year. I think my dad commuted for part of that year and worked at the tower at National Airport. They made a toll road to Dulles from the Beltway, but sometimes my dad drove out Rt. 7.
  10. Rdskns2000

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    That chance should be over by halftime.
  11. Wow still nothing official...... What a tease. Back to the pit of misery for you Bruce. Dilly dilly
  12. Redskins Reparations

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    His last name checks out.
  13. Rdskns2000

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I wonder if the Kurds will take revenge against Trump personally?
  14. volsmet

    Random Thought Thread

  15. I feel like it would be worth good karma but yeah was more a joke cause **** snyder
  16. volsmet

    Best seats @ Fedex?

    The Drop, nice flick. * 1:01
  17. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Random Thought Thread

    Finally........someone that gets it. Michael Keaton sucked as ****ing Batman.
  18. volsmet

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    * For my draft comrades who just love the beautiful game, here is a 6ft 8 TE to watch... the evolution of the humans is upon us.
  19. GoDeep81

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Nice comeback!! We'll take it..
  20. Today
  21. I swear these people live in some kind of parallel universe. I mean really?
  22. GloryDaze

    Best seats @ Fedex?

    I'm looking to purchase single game seats for the Jets game. It's definitely the year to get a "discount" on single game tickets.... What section and rows would you recommend? Why? Thinking closest to field might be nice -- are sections 101 & 142 best? Can you sit down during the game these days? How does that compare to sections 121 & 122? What about section 200 seats? Read that there are some issues with obstructed views and first 3 rows? I'm not really interested in those seats right next to the field. Sorry if this has been covered in other posts -- the renewing season tickets post was super long and hard to get the whole story. Thanks very much! HTTR!
  23. Hell no. We don’t need that bad mojo anywhere near the Nats lol
  24. Yes, that's how it works for all of us. But, then again, according to Einsteins theory of relativity, for an outside observer time moves slower closer to a black hole, and Trump a big ass hole, so I can can see why you would think he is aging slower.
  25. volsmet

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Nobody is a secret to the ES draft community. Not even skinny beavers. KENNETH MURRAYLB, OKLAHOMA SOONERS Bleacher Report's Matt Miller picked out Oklahoma junior LB Kenneth Murray as one of his "stock up" players this week. Murray (6'2/234) is no longer one of the best-kept secrets in college football. While the Sooners are not known for excellent defense, Murray is a standout. Murray's speed and quick trigger all around the field make him a perfect fit for the fast-paced Big-12. Miller relayed that a scout told him that Murray is "one of the most improved players (in my area)" this year. Through six games, Murray has six tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, and two passes defended. SOURCE: Bleacher Report Oct 16, 2019, 8:43 PM ET
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