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  2. My son said Holtby is bad at shootouts. Two pucks on his left side and both went in.
  3. Ah well. Seeding means next to nothing in hockey, but entertaining game at least. And glad they got their game back after a terrible 1st pd
  4. ****. well, is this loss important at all or does it not really matter that much which seed we end up as for the 1st round?
  5. Looking forward to watching Juan Soto grab his nuts in the batter's box tomorrow.
  6. All he did for Gibbs was organize notebooks... basically a glorified intern. Gibbs kept him around to keep Dannyboy happy. This is unlike Shamahan, who pushed Lord Farquaad to hire Brucifer before he signed on, knowing that the Prince of Dimness would owe his employment to his lobster overlord.
  7. 3 on 3 OT >>>>>> Most entertaining thing in sports.
  8. Showing some fire! We were the better team in the 3rd.
  9. I said they will tie - Check I said they will win in OT -
  10. Jack Del Rio being JDR
  11. I’m scared if this gets to overtime, due to it being regular season OT rules. If I remember correctly, we didn’t seem to fare too well in OT games during the regular season this year... not that it matters MUCH if we lose, but I’d like a W more.
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