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  2. Burgold

    Running back depth chart

    Guice is effectively a rookie. If there is no point to him getting reps in preseason then there is no point in having a preseason. The team needs to see him at NFL game speed and see how well he processes the action, adjusts, and protects. Jay's disdain for practice and preseason is rubbing off on too many. Maybe I'm old school, but Gibbs played everybody, everybody practiced, and by and large those were much healthier teams. Coddling players doesn't really preserve them. Jay has avoided playing players for years. He gives them plentiful vet days off of practice. We're still the most injured team in the league. Maybe the goal should be to get the players playing and playing hard, full speed the whole time. When we see other teams in preseason they are always playing harder, seem sharper, and are more into the game. I really do think there is something fundamentally wrong to the mindset with which Jay's team approaches the preseason and I think it bleeds over into the season.
  3. I remember the first time Sonny picked against the Redskins on Channel 4. Everyone was stunned. Sonny was a homer in the best of ways: Hopeful, idealistic, enthusiastic, and yet realistic. When I think of him, I like to remember the glory days. He was a part of that ride. I'm a bit too young to remember him as QB, but he carried himself always with dignity, class, and fun.
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  5. London Kev

    Running back depth chart

    I get your point that it won't benefit the team for Guice to play preseason, but I think that it will benefit Guice himself. Just from a mental standpoint I think he should get a few carries in game three, maybe a series or two, so he can start to put the injury behind him and move on. There's obviously a chance of reaggravating the injury, but better to find out now rather than once the season starts. If he's been cleared and he feels like he's ready to play, then let him play. I'm really excited to see what the young man can do.
  6. abdcskins

    Fantasy Football 2019

    ^ I wouldn't be inclined to keep any of those guys honestly, but then again my keeper league is different in that it is an auction league, and you pay $10 extra from the price the player was drafted at last year. So your strategy is different I'm assuming. I do agree Ridley is worth keeping, the one guy out of that bunch, especially for only an 8th round pick. Shepard is now the #1 WR in New York, I'd probably keep him over Crowder or even Goodwin. I know Eli is trash but still. Not sure Guice is gonna get tons of carries to start the season, Drake might be a better choice even though he is battling with Ballage. I'm going for my fourth championship in a row in my big money league. Unprecedented. I've made a good chunk of money from that. The homeboy Mooka joined that league this year, first time I've ever had a person from ES in my league haha. Coincidentally, turns out we went to the same high school (BCC). Had no clue when I invited him. I do two leagues a year, the other one being that keeper league. That being said, if anyone has any spots open in any other leagues let me know. I'm all about the action! Preferably for money, makes it way more interesting and competitive imo.
  7. I was hoping Susan Sarandon would go ahead and sit 2020 out considering her nonsense during the 2016 campaign season. I guess not.
  8. The clubhouse seems to have a lot of fun. When you are playing awesome baseball and clobbering teams it brings a big smile to my face! To lose that 15-14 slugfest the other night and to bounce right back and clobber them the next night and then the night after that to pummel the Pirates on the road. That is a great clubhouse to be in!
  9. AsburySkinsFan

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Unless they are creating a scenario where they can step into Hong Kong in a more direct manner.
  10. No doubt, if Alex Smith was fresh off a playoff season last year and headed to this year, the prospects of the team and its overall roster would be legit. The expectations would be to challenge for a division title, but with Keenum, it’s more wishful thinking— I’ll be wishing and hoping until eliminated from playoffs. I much preferred McCoy, but doesn’t seem likely with his injury, so Keenum will have to do.
  11. The Evil Genius


    Kauai chickens are da kine.
  12. joeken24

    Redskins news: Adrian Peterson being sued for Millions

    I'm a real estate investor. Maryland is probably the absolute worst place to be an investor IMO. Getting sued is almost common place if you're in the 35-37% tax backet. Keep in mind that his company is being sued, so his personal assets are somewhat protected. As a landlord and commercial investor, I've been sued a few times. Its ugly, but not as bad as you may think with the right representation and documentation.
  13. Yea, Champ was already out the door. His contract expired and it was already public knowledge for a while that the extension talks failed.
  14. Malapropismic Depository

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I can understand the sentiment of "play the future". At the same time, I feel we need to find out exactly what we have in Keenum, as well as take advantage of what he has to offer, during this very short time that we have the privilege of his skills and experience. One of things he has to offer, is the experience of winning playoff games. That's gotta count for something. Let's see if that experience can translate into wins for us first, before we ditch him. I think to automatically throw Haskins out there to begin with, is basically throwing in the towel for this year. What if...and I do realize it's a huge 'what if', but it's still possible...what if every other part of our team happens to click and get into a groove, and the only thing missing in that groove, is a veteran QB that doesn't make rookie mistakes ? So I am of the firm stance of starting out with Keenum. Haskins' arm strength alone, isn't going to carry us to the playoffs. However, Keenum's experience just might. We can't be enamored with just one quality of a QB, and ignore the downside. It's the total picture of the QB which determines whether or not we win with him.
  15. Voice_of_Reason

    New development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    I’m as big a Redskins fan as anyone. That trade was a fleecing by the Broncos. It should have been Champ for Portis and something else. Maybe a third or fourth. It had already become a passing league, the RB was already starting to become less valuable. Gibbs didn’t really know that yet (his first year back) and Vinny was a boob.
  16. Dunbar has been playing better than Norman. Norman may be slightly better at creating turnovers. But you’re selling Dunbar short.
  17. Voice_of_Reason

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Thanks! I think everybody who likes offense should go back and watch the offense young Peyton ran in 1999-2000. He was still a young QB who made mistakes. But they did EVERYTHING you can imagine to make things simple for him. It really wasn’t that complicated an offense. I’m not saying Haskins can be Peyton. But you can learn a ton of how to develop a pocket passer by watching what the colts did with Peyton. In fact I think one of the reasons the patriots defense had their way with Peyton early on is because the offense was actually fairly simple and Bellichick figured it out. But he was one of the only ones to figure it out...
  18. Denver knew he wanted out. So they leveraged us. If there was a better deal it would have been taken. Getting something for nothing is always better than not getting anything for a guy who was out the door. You cannot look at it in terms of straight value because we had zero leverage.
  19. Trump pushing conspiracy theories hard right now. Of course it is all unfounded nonsense, but I assume he is prepping his base for if he loses in 2020. I still think he will leave, but he will try and plant the seeds of doubt anyway so he can pretend the he didn't actually lose and live to his dying days actually believing it.
  20. Idaho fan

    Annual Redskins Related Fantasy Team Names

    Going with "You're Not Gruden Nuff" this year.
  21. I really like these game ‘snap count and synopsis’ articles over at Hog’s Haven. One thing that stood out is the author’s critique on Josh Doctson’s play. I know it’s been popular to dump on Doctson lately but the man will never dig himself out of the hole with this kind of play: ”Josh Doctson- Let’s get to some people who actually played though, starting with Josh Doctson. He got the start, played 15 snaps and ran 7 routes against the Bengals. Doctson’s only target came on a 3rd-and-8 pass that he was not even close to catching; mainly because he lost track of the ball in the air.”
  22. carex

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    I'd guess Corey Robinson would be the tenth OL you know what, over the last few years I think everytime they've tried to not play scared they've been screwed
  23. BleedBNG

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    Hope Drejka doesn't get the same pat on the back as Zimmerman got....
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