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24 Hour Rewind - Reviewing The Run & The OL





So, yeah it's just the first Pre Season game which I've grown to call "Talent Evaluation". Even so, most fans weren't going into this game worried about the passing game. The two bigger issues were the run game as it became non existent early into last season & the Redskins struggled to put together a threatening ground campaign. The other issue was the pass rush without a true NT (which this scheme doesn't really use) & the run defense, especially up the middle. 
Here, I decided to go back & re-watch just the run game for the First Half as the starters were done after that. Keeping in mind that the left side of the line was still backups. So, buckle up your chin straps because here we go.
On the first run the backup left guard is blown up & pushed back into the play and then into the RB. 
Next run in the same series draw up the middle.  Matt Jones is pretty much picked up by one leg as he's in stride & pushed/thrown down to the ground. 
First string is now out 
Left Guard 61 gets stood up. 76 stood up & pushed back. 85 gets a great leveraged push forward while 84 is manhandled backwards.  Marshall gets clotheslined in the backfield. 
Paul in at Fullback with Marshall at RB. Paul hits the hole 5 yards in front of Marshall & the hole closes behind him RG already out in space while RT is pushed back closing the hole. Marshall tries to bounce it out to the right & sheds the first one & brought down by the next two tackles. 
Thompson in at RB. Hits the hole that gets opened between the RG & RT & brought down by a LB before he can make any progress forward. 
Marshall in at RB. Run to the right & 13 is getting pushed back as McCoy is handing off to Marshall. The line had a lane to the right sealed off for a second or two. 82 & 13 are both on the outside right & pushed back which opens a hole for the LBs. Marshall has nowhere to go. 
Kelly up the middle. Quick, instant opened lane against the the DL. Nearest LB is 3 yards from the line of scrimmage while Kelly is taking the handoff at five yards back. The difference is Marshall is already in motion, running to the handoff while the LB is still deciding where to go as at this freeze frame it could still be play action. Kelly is actually hit by a different LB on first contact & then immediately buried in a pile up. 19 called for unnecessary roughness for a negating 15 yard penalty. 
Kelly in the backfield on 2nd & 20. RG & TE cross to the right side behind two WRs crossing to the left side. Pitch to Kelly to the right. 83 & 69 now in motion to hit the second level. The two WRs are now at the middle of the field blocking off pursuit from the left side. Kelly comes up behind the RG & TE who are outnumbered 2-3 by LBs. The two LBs simply split around 83 & hits a wall of two LBs as the third piles onto the gang tackle. 

The biggest issues standing out to me (besides some unfriendly camera angles making it harder to identify a few jersey numbers) were Moses holds. A lot. The OL seemed to be simply getting out powered/muscled when it came to opening running lanes. All of this is fixable especially if use Paul more as a pass catching TE opposed to a blocking TE.

If I were to hand out an award for their performance, it'd go to Brandon Scherff. That guy is simply a mauler when he's out in space to open up the second level in the run game. He's showing why Scot McCloughan took him in the First Round last year. 

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Happy with initial start of Atlanta game both offense and defense, but the secondary looked like it was being coached by Haslett et.al.after that.  Little worried this year as Norman's strength was from how well the Panthers secondary worked together.  Will be interested to see how well our secondary plays by the 1st game of the season and boy you couldn't ask for a better test than Antonio Brown and the Steelers passing game.  Like I said, I am a little worried especially with our schedule this year.  Having incurable cancer (multiple myeloma) that I have been fighting for 7 years, I pray to see another Super Bowl but I'm running out of time.  Went to every game from 1961 to 2001 and FINALLY we have a great GM who will build this team like Bobby Beatherd  (sp?) did.  I hope I'm around for a couple of years to see the fruits of his labor.   No more Shanahan and it takes 5 years to build a team attitude. Scotty is a guru when it comes to judging talent and he knows what it takes to win   All Super Bowl teams have a great defense and monster offensive linemen.  The Lombardi trophy comes from the trenches.  Rypien wasn't a great QB, but the O-Line was tops and there is a good example.  You are right about Scherff....and Scotty  The Skins will get better every year.

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Lichtensteiger looked rusty out there. Struggled getting to second level. 

Im not sold on any of the OL sans Williams and Scherff. I'd say Lauvao, but coming back from that injury is a process.

we need upgrades... Specifically at center.

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The O line is not very good, KC masks many of their deficiencies and I wouldn't be surprised if KC had to put the team on his shoulders for one more year.

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8 hours ago, KDawg said:

Lichtensteiger looked rusty out there. Struggled getting to second level. 

Im not sold on any of the OL sans Williams and Scherff. I'd say Lauvao, but coming back from that injury is a process.

we need upgrades... Specifically at center.


4 hours ago, jschuck12001 said:

The O line is not very good, KC masks many of their deficiencies and I wouldn't be surprised if KC had to put the team on his shoulders for one more year.


13 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

Trent might help some...  LG, C are both positions of concern.

8 runs in the First Half.

They went left on the first run & that was the only time. Either because the left side backups were atrocious or they decided to work the the right & the middle. They hit the middle 4 times & the right side for 3 runs. I'd like to think they new the left side was bad & said no more of that tonight, let's work on the middle since we had issues with it last year.

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    Gruden after today's practice:


    On mistakes in the running game in Atlanta:

    “There’s one run in particular – we mis-targeted it. We left 10 men on the line of scrimmage free. That’s a tough down for the back. A couple times we ran a draw into a loaded box and it’s one guy that’s unblocked and the guy made the tackle for a gain of three. There’s a couple issues where we mis-targeted our runs and that’s a tough deal. Atlanta gave us a different defense and, quite frankly, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time game-planning. Still no excuse. We’ve seen enough of this stuff where we should be able to count in our sleep who we’re going to. We just mis-targeted and backs might have missed a cut. Like I said before, many, many times, the running game takes all 10 guys, 11 guys for this to be successful. Quarterbacks have got to get us in the right run, number one. We’ve got to get it counted out right and we’ve got to stay on our blocks. If one guy misses a block or lose a block or we miss a cut, this looks like a bad running team. We’re going to keep with it, man. I feel very positive that we are going to have a very successful running team.”


    On if the running game looked better during practice today:

    “We worked on it good today. I think we had 12 straight runs today in a period but we’re going to keep working on it. We’re not going to panic after the first preseason game, but we also understand that these games, you are what you are based on what you put on the tape. We have got to make sure we continue to work on it and get better at it – that’s all you can do. Our backs have got to continue to see it, but we have got to give them more opportunities. With Matt [Jones], it would be nice to get him two, three, four carries in a row to get a rhythm going and see how he does then. That will be our intent next week – to try to get him going – and see how he does.”

    You can find the rest HERE.

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    The run game looked like it could have come from any of our games last year (after the Rams game, of course). Then again, I'm not sure where we are expecting the improved production to come from. We have the same OL and same starting RB. I don't believe this team will be significantly different in any aspect of the game...I think we'll look great passing the ball, we'll struggle to run the ball, we'll struggle to stop the run, and we'll be aggressive on D. 

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    I missed most of it, but from what I saw, Cravens was flying around. On one play he flashed into the screen and shut down the play like another guy that used to wear that number...


    Nowhere near the calibre of player, but I like this new #36 guy.

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