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Week 15 Eagles at Redskins



The home team fans are at home, these games no longer matter, and it’s probably better for the team to lose than it is to win.  It must be December in Washington.  Welcome to week 15!

Redskins Inactive: 
Colt McCoy  
Trey Quinn 
Quinton Dunbar  
Josh Harvey-Clemons  
Ross Pierschbacher  
Brandon Scherff  
Caleb Wilson  

Eagles Inactive: 
Nate Sudfeld  
Nelson Agholor 
Jordan Howard  
Shareef Miller 
Lane Johnson  
Sua Opeta  
Derek Barnet
There are two camps for Redskins fans at this time of year.  Those that want to tank and those that want to win.  If this describes you, I want you to know something important. You’re wrong.  You should probably feel bad about it too, but that’s your business.  The right way to go about this, is simply to embrace the doublethink.  

Before and after the game it’s perfectly reasonable to acknowledge that losing has its advantages.  It does and it is undeniable.  Afterall we could be talking about the difference between Chase Young being in a Redskins uniform, or not.  What we need for that to happen is simple.  Redskins lose out.  Giants beat the Dolphins and Redskins.  Dolphins beat the Bengals.  All of these things are perfectly reasonable outcomes.  We’re that close to having an elite pass rusher.   

Before that happens, we have a game to play.  It is in this moment that we should embrace the other side of our demented doublethink.  While the game is being played, especially against a division opponent, fans should want their team to do well.  Assuming they have a soul and any decency.  There is just no way that I can root for the Eagles to beat the Redskins during a game.  If you are the type of fan that does this, I hope you find someone that can fix what has broken inside of you.   

Pregame Prediction:  Redskins 23 – Eagles 30  

More interesting game we are missing because we are still watching the Redskins:  Packers – Bears  

Things I am snacking on:  Brownie.   

Number of colons used:  Six.  (so far)  


Check back for updates.  I’m going to wander around the room for a while and stretch my legs to get away from a certain well-known ESPN Eagle fan’s boring conversations that my ear phones aren’t blocking out entirely.


1st Quarter Redskins 7 - 3 Eagles

"The Closer" Haskins showed up for work early today and hit his former college teammate for a touchdown.  He really took the life out of this crowd in *checks notes* Fedex Field. 


2nd Quarter Redskins 14 - 10 Eagles
This quarter was defined by penalties.  The Redskins made the mistake of lightly hitting an Eagles tight end on the shoulder, and then another by tackling the Eagles QB around the waist.  Refs clearly didn't appreciate the Redskins playing football.


This is the best half of football of Haskins pro career.  The Redskins passing offense as a whole has looked impressive, which... well it just shouldn't be.  Right?  Feels like a trap.  As soon as we start to feel good about it, BOOM they'll tear our hearts out. 


I'll say this much though, Redskins receivers have been running around wide open throughout this first half.  The Redskins should have scored more than 14.


Halftime:  If you had a choice between standing in a relatively long line for ice cream and cookies or nachos and hot dogs which would you choose?  I would go with ice cream.  Unfortunately I didn't realize there were two separate lines, and so I ended up with nachos and disappointment.  Also, I should probably mention Urban Meyer is here.  I bet he got the ice cream.   


3rd Quarter Redskins 14 - 17 Eagles

Wentz made a good throw, giving his team the lead, and it reminded me that Wentz was once a pretty good QB.  Hasn't looked like it often today.  The Eagles really haven't had a lot of open players for Wentz to throw to, but there is more to it than that.  Wentz looks slow. 


Haskins has out played him through three quarters, and we haven't even reached Haskins best quarter. 


4th Quarter Redskins 27 - 37 Eagles
Some drunk Redskins fans sitting in front of the press box have recognized a Eagles fan that appears often on CNN and have started knocking on the glass to wave their hands and smile at him now the the Redskins have the lead.  These fans have apparently never learned not to tempt fate.


Redskins defense played fairly well all game but picked the worst possible time to give up a long drive for a touchdown.  The Eagles offense came off the field with a four point lead and less than a minute left in the game.  The fumble return for a touchdown on the aborted hail marry attempt just added insult to injury.  Redskins come up short, for the eleventh time this season. 


End of game thoughts.  Haskins actually looked like a real NFL QB for an entire NFL game.  Not just a drive here or there, but for an entire game Haskins looked like he belonged.  He looked like one of the reasons the Redskins might win the game.  He's shown flashes in the past but nothing like this.  A very encouraging sign for fans that believe he can be a part of the future here. 


The Giants did their part to fall back in the draft, by absolutely dismantling the mighty Dolphins.  May the Giants be victorious, at least one more time this season.  We just need to lose to the Giants and have the Dolphins beat the Bengals, and the Redskins will be sitting alone at 3 wins.  Chase Young could happen.




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This is where your comment about wanting to lose is wrong and that wanting a loss shows we don't have a soul or decency.  We do have a soul and decency for the very reason you stated...  We want our team to do well and to do this, we need the higher pick as the season is lost and meaningless except for the outcome of the final 2 games.  This is the only thing that will have an impact our team, not an Eagle win just for pride.  We lost our pride and became a joke halfway through the season and all the years before with Allen.  Also stop playing valuable vets we need next year to prevent them from getting serious injuries. If we would have lost to Detroit and Carolina, 2nd pick was a lock right now.  Now we need to lose and get help to get Chase Young or get more picks for a team wanting Tua before the Dolphins scoop him up..  Stop shooting ourselves In the foot every year and go back to the losing ways you gave us most of the year for just the last 2 games. Allen already wasted our 2nd rd. pick In 2020 and 2nd rd. in 2019 for Sweat when we could have used those 2 picks plus kept Preston Smith who played lights out this year with GBay and will probably make the Pro Bowl.  Very bad move again especially since the 2020 2nd rd would be close to a bottom 1st rd. pick. Put that up there with the Josh Norman pay vs. his worth as another brilliant Allen move.  Add Reed and what expensive bench warmers we have.  Pride?  What does any Redskin die hard fan have to be proud about?  Start winning next year by preparing right now and that is focusing on replacing Allen, getting a coach and good talent in the draft to fill the weak spots.  That starts with losing the last 2 games. We all know this...it comes from years of making the same mistakes.   

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