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I know, I know, that's a terrible title.   However, I've only been to one game here at the Linc, and we won.  Division championship in 2015, a thing of beauty.  I'm also 2-0 while writing these things.  At the same time, I was at the Monday Night Massacre/McNabb's Payday, so don't get too ****y. Philly has been fun-ish.  We went to Geno's to get some world famous cheesesteaks Steak-Ums.  More overrated than any free agent signing we've had since, well, you know.


No matter what this turns out to be, it'll be a nice break from all of the distractions off the field.  #yourenotwinningoffthefieldbruce  It's been something that's divided us intensely, and I'm glad that we can all agree that we're scared ****less about the ramifications of this game.  A few weeks ago we are two games up, Dallas is faltering, Philly is doing poorly, and Giants gonna Giants.  Now?  With a loss today, we're in third place in the division.  I mean, that's, ouch.  Some of us can see the bright side in the deepest cavern, and others of us only see shadows while staring at the Sun (I happen to fall into the latter category).   This game means everything.  It's not a tone-setter, it's as Code Red as Tampa three years ago.


It's definitely nice to see Thompson and Crowder back.  I hope that Stroman can defend Wentz, because he's gonna get picked on all day.  And that  #86, you gotta cover him.  As @TK said, that number is dangerous for both sides.  A big problem is actually following through on that.  We knew that Cooper was going to get the ball, but our safeties (I love ya, DJ, but ugh on Thanksgiving) were more like safety valves.  We cannot let that happen, even once, against this Eagles team that has Sproles returning.


As you've already read, Inactives:










Quinn (ugh!)


Perine (forgot he was on the team)





So some hits on both sides.  Both secondaries need to really bolt down to give their respective teams a chance (don't worry, I didn't tell Philly that).  Oh, and then there's that Colt McCoy guy.  With a non-zero number of practices with the ones, hopefully he can actually do something.


With 38 minutes to go, it's not looking much better than FedEx.  I even heard cheers when our boys ran out.


Well, that's it for pregame unless something else happens.


With 13 minutes to go, the stands are maybe half full?  Nothing to Josh Norman's standards for sure.


With three minutes to go, we are at about 2/3 capacity.  All levels on the home side look full, but other than that it's not impressive.




7:31 Zach Ertz with the insane false start.  Except not.  So touchdown.


Well, looked like typical Redskins.  A little  help from the refs for the Eagles touchdown and then for two straight, and wasted, first downs.  But Doctson did something.  So at lest we have that.




McCoy hurt.  Sanchez in.  Peace out, season.


And I'm wrong.  Colt's first play after coming in, touchdown.  Sanchez's first play after coming in, touchdown.


Longest run in Redskins history.


At 4:03 - And a fourth down stop?


Sanchez with a nine-play, 40-something drive ending in three points.


At the half, the team is showing some grit.  Two bad calls by the refs led to 14 Philly points, the non-call on Ertz on their first touchdown and the ticky-tack roughing the passer by Stroman.  Moreau looking very, very good today, which is a relief.  Josh Norman needs to tackle, not strip.  It's costing us yards and on the Sproles run cost us seven.


Overall we're doing better than I thought we would.




Off to a bad start.  McCoy out for the year.


The rest of the third was also bad.  Another injured lineman, down to zero reserves.  Moreau injured after being awesome all game.


This isn't going to end in a win for us, unfortunately.




And it just keeps getting worse.  Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez.


That was awful.  In all ways.  I don't know how it could've been worse.  I'll finish this up later, emotions are too high in being too low.

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