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All offseason if you talked to Doug Williams all you heard was "We're gonna fix the run game".  And when the Draft came around, after passing on him in the First Round, all 5-11, 225 lbs of LSU stand out, Derrius Guice fell into their lap. The pick completely re-energized the team and the fans with thoughts of a legit NFL Running Back to give them the missing part of their Offense.  




Fast Forward to the first week of Pre Season in New England where Guice, six carries in, had just started to show what he could do when when he was tackled & was extremely slow to get up. His knee required season ending surgery. The fan base instantly fell into the Pit of Misery. They knew they were right back to where they started at with Rob Kelly appearing to be the lead back. But then, thanks in part to Trent Williams, the team worked out 33 year old Running Back Adrian Peterson. Many were sceptical that at 33 he had anything left in the tank. They signed him right away instead of waiting until after Week 1 where the money wouldn't be guaranteed. Then they fed him the ball for nearly an entire drive in a pre season game. On his first run, he showed everyone else to the bench behind him as he took the RB1 slot. 




Today, in the Arizona desert, Peterson took the field as the starting Running Back of the Redskins. AP would go on to be featured in the second series of the First Quarter. The future Hall Of Famer would score his 100th career touchdown in the Second Quarter, which tied him for 7th all time.




At the end of the First Half, AP had 53 yards on 14 rushes to go along with that career touchdown.


By the end of the Third Quarter, Peterson was closing in on a 100 yard day.  91 yards on 20 rushes with an average of 4.6 yards.




With two minutes left in the Fourth, 0n 3rd & 9 at their own 8 yard line, Alex Smith hit Peterson with a short pass to the right. Peterson would take it for 56 yards before being tackled & stripped of the ball, turning it over to the Cardinals.  


Peterson would end the game with 26 carries for 96 yards & 1 touchdown. He also caught 2 of 3 passes for 70 yards. That accounts for 164 yards of a total 466 yards of Offense.





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