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Preseason Week 5: The Number 9 Bowl





Tampa Bay, FL -  Welcome to the #9 Bowl, no its not named after Sonny  but tropical depression #9.  I'm Hap Haszard and I'm covering the game from the pressbox, due to the change of schedule, our fearless leader TK could not make it to cover the sidelines.

I arrived at the team hotel around 12:45, and from some of the bands of rain felt I was lucky to have made it that soon, Orlando was totally awash, the rest of the way it was bands of heavy rain then slacking off repeated until I reached the hotel, it was raining and windy when I arrived.

While I was in the hotel lobby waiting for the team to arrive, I got to sit and talk with Jay Gruden's parents, a very delightful couple.  The team was scheduled to arrive around 2 pm but it was 3 before they arrived.  Once Jay arrived I left since I didn't want to intrude on their reunion.

A shaky out of focus picture of my credentials

Just picked up my credentials

The field is covered and probably will be fairly good for the first quarter.  I haven't had a chance to go down and check it out yet.  I have a sideline pass so will go down during warmups and try and get some pictures from my fancy flip phone ;)

Field well protected



I just located my seat in the press box, I'm in the very first row right at the window, last time I was in row 3 over so far I could barely see the field. Really nice to sit with the big boys.  Brian McNally beside me, and the missing TK on the other side.

New Video Board at Raymond James Stadium

The are removing the tarp from the field now.
I think the caterers here at Raymond James produce the best media meal I have had at any stadium. Tonight I went thru the Brisket line then back to the submarine line in honor of the weather.  I even ate an extra cookie for TK, and it was good.

Time for a little refreshment

Please excuse the fuzzy pictures but these darn flip phones are hard to hold steady especially at my age.
They have removed the tarps from the field, several Bucs out throwing the ball around  no sign of the Redskins yet.  Heading down to the
field for a quick look around.
Back from the field from up here it doesn't look like its raining but down on the field its coming down pretty steady just a solid drizzle no frog stranglers like in the DMV.
A couple  of redskins slowly coming out on the field.  Dustin Hopkins is doing wind sprints for some odd reason since he is all by himself.



TAMPA, Fla. – The following members of the Washington Redskins did not travel with the team and will not play this evening:


-                      No. 8 QB Kirk Cousins

-                      No. 11 WR DeSean Jackson

-                      No. 20 CB Greg Toler

-                      No. 23 S DeAngelo Hall

-                      No. 24 CB Josh Norman

-                      No. 25 RB Chris Thompson

-                      No. 26 CB Bashaud Breeland

-                      No. 30 S David Bruton Jr.

-                      No. 31 RB Matt Jones

-                      No. 51 LB Will Compton

-                      No. 54 LB Mason Foster

-                      No. 61 G Spencer Long

-                      No. 64 NT Kedric Golston

-                      No. 71 T Trent Williams

-                      No. 73 DE Ziggy Hood

-                      No. 75 G Brandon Scherff

-                      No. 76 T Morgan Moses

-                      No. 77 G Shawn Lauvao

-                      No. 78 C Kory Lichtensteiger

-                      No. 80 WR Jamison Crowder


-                      No. 86 TE Jordan Reed

-                      No. 88 WR Pierre Garçon

-                      No. 91 LB Ryan Kerrigan

-                      No. 92 DE Chris Baker

-                      No. 94 LB Preston Smith


A lot more Redskins are on the field, Mostly seeing Tress Way and Hopkins kicking the ball around couple guys chasing the ball, the rest are playing catch.


Redskins doing passing drills at the moment. Linemen doing drills blocking view of passing drills


Redskins done with drills and warmups headed back to the locker room, Bucs still on the field


A couple of sideline shots




The flaggettes and cheerleaders making a cheering line for the Bucs players coming out from the dressing room

Pardon me I'm standing for the National Anthem



:247:FIRST QUARTER :247:

Tampa won the toss elects to kick off 

Redskins first series at 25 yl (touchback)

Kelly 2 runs for first down.  2 more plays first down  Running game is kicking butt  Line giving them big holes

I jinxed them 4th and 1 at 29

FG Hopkins


Bucs first series 25 yl (touchback)

run gain of 1

run gain of 4

deep pass incomplete



Redskins 2nd series

Big run on first play then they went backwards sack loss of down on penalty

Redskins punt



Bucs second series

Pass good, for 1 yd, personal foul Redskins 15 yards

run for 1

fumble  on sack loss of 24



Redskins 3rd series

pass complete 3 yards

Run for 3

incomplete pass



Bucks 3rd series

run gain of 1

run no gain

end of first Quarter


It appears that our run game is much stronger than the Bucs can handle, our Defense seems to be able to stop their run game fairly easy.

Sudfeld's timing looks off on his passes.  Have to see if he settles down in the 2nd Quarter.



Redskins 4

Bucs 1



Redskins 73

Bucs -3




Mack Brown 60 yard run for TD


Redskins really working on causing fumbles, going for the ball in gang tackles


Redskins FG 23 yard set up by Ihenichao interception

13-0 Redskins


Looks like for today at least Ross has punt return duties


Mac Brown is getting big chunks of yards on his carries.  Making the most of his chances


Bates and Wakefield getting some penetration into the Bucs backfield

just looking at the vast crowd of fans in the stands they actually may have more in the stands than the support people for the game


Rough half time stats not official

Redskins rushing 188 yards TB 11

Redskins passing -1 net yards  TB 33

Brown 12 carries for 130 yards

Kelly 11 carries for 58 yards



Tampa on their first series got some moxie and drove to the Redskins 32 before they were stopped, a 50 yard field goal gives the Bucs their first score of the game now 13-3 Redskins


Thorpe took a short pass and was pushed out of bounds 41 yards later.

11 yard run by Kelly then a false start penalty

Kelly is hard to bring down takes more than one person.

TD by Ross

Redskins now at 215 Rushing yards and 60 passing yards.

Sloppy play by both teams ends the 3rd Quarter


Redskins 276 yards total to 69 yards for TB

Redskins 233 yards rushing to 26 for TB



Mac Brown really really wants to play on the 53, he has done everything he can to get there this game.  End of the 3rd quarter he had 14 carries for 134 yards with a 9.6 yard average.  Wow... Kelly has 16 carries for 99 yards.


The Bucs have a nice series going nice combo of pass and run moving the sticks  Bucs 3rd or possibly 2nd string QB look a lot more polished than Sudfeld nice passing game all of a sudden.


  • Lousy tackling by Redskins   Bucs QB ran around for 5 minutes in backfield 3 Redskins linemen had a shot at him but all missed.  I'd tell you who they were but I was laughing so hard I didn't bother looking.
  • TB FG, after that nice drive that's all  they got.


Just took 4 guys to take down Mac Brown


Bucs another nice drive going, 1:59 sec to go at Redskins 38  off sides penalty give Bucs first down at 33

TD Bucs 20 - 13 Redskins


Bucs onside kick goes out of bounds Redskins ball on 49 yl


2 knees and that is the old ball game folks don't forget your hat on the way out










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FYI- I think there's a Wally World near by if you want to go grab a life vest from Sporting Goods. :ols:

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Well if my airfare was able to be moved, my plan was upon landing, taking the seatback flotation device with me. :ols:

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