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ES Coverage: Redskins vs Broncos







Redskins 27 - 10 Broncos


This is the 'late as hell' coverage of the Washington Redskins versus the Denver Broncos.


My name is JimmiJo and Spaceman Spiff is on the job on the sidelines.


I think the Broncos' defense will pose a lot of problems for the Redskins. On the other hand, their offense is pretty poor.




The Redskins declared the following players as inactive:

o   No. 13 WR Maurice Harris

o   No. 23 S DeAngelo Hall

o   No. 30 RB Kenny Hilliard

o   No. 52 LB Ryan Anderson

o   No. 53 LB Zach Brown

o   No. 67 G Kyle Kalis

o   No. 74 C Demetrius Rhaney


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After three anemic drives, the Redskins woke up and scored 10-points on back-to-back drives to take a 10-3 lead over the Denver Broncos.


Meanwhile; Denver’s offense is everything we expected. CJ Anderson is a dangerous runner.


But then there’s Denver quarterback Brock Osweiler. He must have grown up a Redskins’ fan because with a fumble-for-loss and interception that had to be intended for DJ Swearinger, Osweiler is turning out to be Washington’s best weapon.


Still, the Redskins have eight-losses for a reason and with only a 7-point lead there is a long way still to go.


See you after.




The Washington Redskins started slow. The offense was anemic and the defense allowed CJ Anderson to get loose on a couple runs early.


Denver took an early 3-0 lead and it sure looked like the Redskins were in for a long-day.


But after three drives, the offense woke up. And what followed was 27-unanswered points hung on the Broncos before Denver added a meaningless touchdown and 2-poinnt conversion.


Along the way were a sack-fumble the Redskins forced and consider recovered and also an interception by D.J. Swearinger. The interception could only have been intended for him, given no-one else was around.

Many players contributed to today’s win.


Kirk Cousins had a solid day. He logged 19/37 for 399-yards, 3-touchdowns and 1-interception for a quarterback rating of 94.3.


Ryan Grant had a career-day. Grant caught 4-passes for 85-yards to lead all Washington receivers.


Samaje Perine impressed in the second half. He tallied 53-yards on 16-carries before a late-fumble put a blemish on his effort.


Defensively, Washington tightened the ship significantly following the early drive for field goal by Denver. The created multiple turnovers. The sack-fumble on Brock Osweiler, an interception by DJ Swearinger, and the last fumble caused with DeShazor Everette tackled Devontae Booker, dislodging the ball recovered by the Redskins.


Preston Smith had a fantastic day, he posted 5 tackles, 2-sacks and a forced fumble.


Ryan Kerrigan logged 4-tackles combined and 2-sacks.


The Redskins needed this win to close out the season at home. This was a nice early holiday present for the fans who showed today. Though this team was out of any postseason action some time ago, the players are playing with a lot of pride. They also want to prevent a losing season.


A win next week in New York ensures an 8-8 season.


When all is said and done this year was about injuries. Finishing the season strong, as the Redskins are doing, sets them up well for next year. But they have some questions as well.


None bigger than the quarterback position.


Was today Cousins’ last game at FedEx Field as the starter of the Washington Redskins? Who is the starting running back going into training camp next year? Though head coach Jay Gruden’s job is probably safe, can the same be said for all of the position coaches?


There will be lots of changes on the roster. But first they have one more game to play.


This was my last effort of the season. I’ve had a fantastic time covering this year. I will see you next year for sure.














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Yep....another useless win only to drop from the 9th pick to the 15th in the upcoming draft....Now that they choked and blew the leads and wins against the Vikings and Saints that would have given us a wild card, we shoot ourselves again by winning meaningless games to drop further down in the draft order.  This team can't do anything right year after year.  Lets see how we lose Cousins next year when we could have signed him 2 years ago for a lot less money.  B Allen and Snyder are a complete joke....lets give Pryor a contract extension for 10 mil a year and sign Johnny Manziel to replace Cousins.  This would be par for the course for this franchise...we seem to be Cleveland wannabe's.  Lets go for that win next week to see if we can drop even further down the draft pick order...lets help as many teams that we can, to get better.   Thanks for another sucky season of excuses and stupidity.  Redskins have the excuses portion. I have the stupidity portion for being a fan for all these years....time to stop buying tickets and supporting this insanity.

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PS.  JimmiJo.....your statement "Finishing the season strong, as the Redskins are doing, sets them up well for next year.".....what the H are you talking about?  Winning these games does nothing for next year except lower our draft pick.  It only hurts the Skins...these wins came way too late and why bother when the coaches choke when it matters.  By the way, Gruden didn't even seem concerned last year when the field goal was missed and they tied the Bengals in OT in London.  I realized right then that we would miss the playoffs somehow by that tie as it really is a loss when it comes down to tiebreakers.  Gruden did not realize the impact it would have on the standings.....A tie is a loss   Go back and look up his interview after the game.  This franchise is not a sinking ship....it's the Titanic and its been resting on the bottom for decades.  Hopeless until new ownership comes along.  I think its time to start lowering the attendance at the games to the point of the stadium being empty.....Franchise not worth wasting another penny supporting this Hog slop year after year.  Wise up and don't fall for the preseason hype anymore.

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