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Fashion Files ~ The Case The Color Rush



Laundry Day  

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  1. 1. Which Look Do You Want To See?

    • White on white
    • Burgundy on burgundy
    • Gold on gold





It's been well documented all over the web this week that the Redskins Front Office does not want to be caught dead, much less alive, wearing the gold on gold Color Rush uniform. Last week through this past Tuesday, ESPN 980's & former Redskin Tight End, Chris Cooley had been saying the team would buck the system & wear their all white look for Prime Time in Dallas. On Wednesday, he changed his report to it being the burgundy on burgundy look at this time. Most likely because it was being reported that Dallas will be wearing their white on white look. At this time, nothing has been revealed as being the final look the Redskins will be wearing for Thursday Night Football. 


Take a look at the three options for the team to wear, then vote in the poll above for the one you'd prefer to see them wear.




In the past, the white on white look is probably mostly associated with the Gibbs 2.0 era & the "5 In A Row" runs to make the Playoffs.










The burgundy on burgundy look while seeming like a good thing on paper, when the team finally debuted it, it was instantly associated with being awful. Mainly because I don't think they ever won a game wearing it & were embarrassed by the Steelers the first time they wore it.











The Color Rush gold on gold look so far has only been seen either in promo pictures from Nike or digital skins in EA's Madden.



















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I assume whichever option is the ugliest, that will be our selection. 


But I voted.  


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History says that any time we do something funky to our uniforms, we get our asses kicked.


Better go white-on-white to earn the favor of the football gods.

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I would not mind the gold on gold as much if they went burgundy socks and black cleats so they didn't look like the San Diego Chicken. 

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I voted burgundy before being reminded of the 2005 white uniforms.  I'm now for white on white, but I feel like any team could do that and so it wouldn't be Redskins-specific color rush that they're looking to ruin our eyes with.  Gold on gold would put this game on the radio for me.

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I like burgundy on burgundy, and white on white because I've seen it and it brings back some good memories so that said I wouldn't mind at least seeing the yellow on yellow.  It looks pretty cool with the helmet but have to change up the socks and cleats.

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My husband couldn't give 2 ****s about the NFL, and he only gives one for the Skins because he knows he better.  

Imagine my surprise just now in the kitchen when he brought up our uniform color controversy for tonight's game.  :rofl89:

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I voted for Gold on Gold for the novelty and to see what it would look like. 


I think FSU has a gold coloured jersey. I vaguely remember them wearing it once. 


That at being said I would love to see it however, as per a previous post, I also would like to change the socks and shoes. 

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