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There is nothing to watch. I was a season ticket holder and Redskin fan since Marvin Bass, Monte Coleman, Darrell Green, all through the years. The Redskins refusal to stand for the National Anthem has brought me to the reality that I do not see them with reason for respect, nor the bond of being American any longer. What has the NFL come to? No longer the American game. The NFL declared this without knowing it themselves. No longer the American game. Can you even name more than a handful of players, currently active, that are worth watching? No. I am here to say that there is no team of Redskins any longer. Just a bunch of young men who have not learned to have the courage to stand up, nor the wisdom to not participate in Black Lives Matter issues (who advocate shooting police officers. Because of the NFL's press, condoning (by their inaction and the action of a third string San Francisco quarterback) this issue, police officers have died by the effected people! A young black officer, mother of a family shot while she was sitting in a police van. What did she do? Why does the NFL say nothing to separate themselves from these murders? NO ONE IN THE REAL WORLD WHERE WE ARE NOT CUDDLED, WHILE ON THE TIME-CLOCK OF THEIR EMPLOYER, IS ALLOWED TO DEMONSTRATE. THIS IS NOT THEIR OWN PERSONAL TIME. The owners are really afraid of the few players because they may be called racist (by racists).

My season tickets can be had by any fool. The Redskins need a leader like Kurt Cousins, who is a man of God and has no racism in his mind whatsoever. I have not seen him lead. This was never a smart way to address the issue of equality. Stupid! It started with a third string quarterback who was wearing "pig cops" socks. Not to stand for the National Anthem is not to understand about the Americans who died during the War of 1812 against the British. Would our country EVEN SURVIVE AT ALL IS THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. WOULD COLIN PUMPERNICKEL EVEN HAVE ANY RIGHTS, LIBERTY OR JUSTICE?

As written by an American who was on board a British Ship attacking his own country at Fort McHenry in Baltimore after the British had burned city to city to the ground. They burned down the White House in Washington D.C. The words of the National Anthem are literal.

>This was before we even had a country in which to be discontent and so agree to wage war back against the police. 

At this time there were white slaves working the fields in the colonies. Yes! If you know your history the slaves of the plantation first came from places like Ireland, all were white slaves. The difference yes, is that they were not taken against their will but conditions for the poor in Europe were just about the worst in history.

The Netherlands at a later time in history went to Africa to start the slave trade. Learn your history! The trip to the colonies from the UK, Ireland and Europe was so treacherous that up to 50% of the European indentured slaves died before they even made it to the colonies. The trip by sea from Africa by comparison lost very few lives during the journey. But of course, I do not condone men being taken against their will and having their families separated. Brought into bondage by the Netherlands shipping trade industry, which was the largest in the world. Captured by their own African brothers to be sold into slavery to the Dutch.


Players of the NFL, it is too late to return to the veil of us thinking that you are a team of our city. You are only very athletically talented and financially fortunate Americans. Without, not your fault, the experience that only years can give. You are young. You are foolish just like we were. Your veil of being our team has been lifted by yourselves. Pierre Garcon goes to San Francisco. With the salary cap there are no longer the "secondary" players like Monte Coleman who made the game of football truly a professional sport with incredibly high skill play EVERY game. YOUR EGOS DO NOT MATCH THE AMAZING TALENT OF PLAYERS PAST.

Now we have the "stars" (who even knows their names any longer? Aaron Rodgers and ????) who are paid a salary that is unfair by any measure. And the cap only allows the remaining players to be the lowest salaried, lowest skilled in the history of the NFL. The NFL has been declining and now you, the players, made it find it's final fall to the bottom. It is no longer worth watching. Our time is better spent doing anything else. On Sunday we should be watching the Redskins? I spent a whole lifetime doing this already.

Since the days of Joe Gibbs we can not any longer love a team that had virtue and knew the commitment to win. Now players win with their agents before they even play. No wonder the games are not worth watching in this "all about me" era. Since Sean Taylor we will never again see a man who God created to play the game. The days of being a Redskin fan ended some time ago. We held on because of being sentimental. Your recent actions this year have brought us to the reality that we do not wish to watch young foolish men who never live up to their pay.

How can you be a Redskin fan when Jerry Jones tells his team "if you don't stand for the National Anthem then you will not play!" An owner who has done the brave and right thing! How can we be a Redskin Fan if we respect Jerry Jones more than Dan Snyder? "Mr. Snyder" (as he demands that he be called by other owners). We waited for you to say something and you are afraid. You should know to enforce the laws that are ALREADY IN THE RULES OF CONDUCT FOR NFL PLAYERS. What are the point of laws any longer? In a lawless society no one has liberty or protection of their own home, their own land, their family.

Read the attachment to educate yourself about the National Anthem. The men who died deserve that you know their story. "WHAT EVERY NFL PLAYER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!"


If you know what it means you will Stand for the National Anthem.jpg

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